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Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

    Time Event
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
    What: Hufflepuff has just won the House Cup. Heidi and Tracey celebrate.
    When: Wednesday, April 20th. 9pm
    Where: Hufflepuff Tower. Heidi's room.
    Rating: NC-17

    The game had been well played. Gryffindor was always tough, but with the Cup on the line, it was rough. Any friendships between the two teams were left off the field. By far, it was the toughest game Heidi had even played. But it paid off. They won. Her team won.

    Heidi felt a bit bad for Katie as she went to congratulate the team. She knew the girl wasn't feeling her best. She could see it in the way she played. A big part of her hated that her last match against her best friend wasn't a fairly balanced one where they were both at their best. Coming up to Katie as the two captains were at the end of their team lines as they shook hands, Heidi had pulled her friend into a tight hug, promising that they'd meet on the pitch again soon.

    Now though, it was time to celebrate. Even with downed spirits, most of the Gryffindors were welcome and went to the Hufflepuff's party. Heidi, being the star, had been lifted by her team and carried through the halls to the tower, so rowdy that even Snape couldn't quiet them.

    After a while of not being left alone with congratulations and happy, some already tipsy, friends and housemates, Heidi managed to slip up to her room, still dressed fully in her gear, goggles around her neck and hair tied up and still sweaty from the game. Sighing , she flopped back onto her bed and stare at the ceiling, taking it all in.

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