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Monday, May 3rd, 2010

    Time Event
    Who: Megan Jones and Claire Runcorn
    What: Megan needs her best friend.
    When: April 15th. Thursday. 9pm
    Where: Slytherin dorm. Claire's room.
    Rating: PG-13 for sex talk!

    Megan had felt a lot of stress lately. Things with Hannah were good but her girlfriend had shut herself away in her room and only left it to eat and to go to class. Megan had been trying everything she could think of to help Hannah with the loss of her mother but nothing seemed to work. It was impossible to get her out and they would kiss and cuddle a little but Megan was far too gun shy to try and do anything else. Not an easy feat for Megan…

    Hannah had a lot of homework to do that night and Prefect duties she was behind on. It made Megan feel a little better that Hannah seemed to still be interested in trying to be Head Girl the next year but she didn't let her hopes to too high.

    She told Hannah that she would just spend time hanging out in Hufflepuff and just do her homework and such. She felt bad about lying but she didn't want Hannah to feel worse than she already felt. She'd always planned to go and spend time with her best friend.

    It had taken more to convince Claire's roommate than she would have suspected but eventually Megan managed to convince Sara to let her into Slytherin so she could sneak up to the room she shared with Claire.

    Walking inside, she didn't immediately see Claire. Was she in the loo? Megan hoped that she was because she wouldn't know what to do if Claire was planning to come back to her room!

    In her pjs, flannel bottoms, a tight tank top with a Care Bear on the front of it and slippers, Megan pulled off the cloak she'd used to keep warm and hide her identity and hung it over the chair before flopping onto Claire's bed.

    Dejectedly, she sighed. She tired not to get down, there was never any good that came from it, but she was losing that battle.

    Megan tried to concentrate on the fun she'd have with her best friend. She really needed to have fun with Claire. If there was anyone who could get her out of her funk, it was Claire!

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