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Thursday, November 12th, 2009

    Time Event
    Who: Millicent and Draco
    Where: The Slytherin Common room
    When: January 20th, after 9 p.m., 5th year
    Why: Millicent has just gotten an owl from Miles with a necklace enclosed and a very sweet note, so she's in an excellent mood - until Draco shows up. LOL
    Rating: TBD, but probably high

    Millicent had just had time to open the owl she'd gotten at dinner from Miles. She knew it was odd to get owls so late, but she didn't mind. Several of her friends had tried to get her to open it at the table, but she refused. Notes from Miles tended to be on the naughty side and she didn't want to share them with anyone else.

    She grinned as she read the note, settling down on one of the plush sofas by the fire. She fingered the necklace, reading the words in the note. They were sweet at first, but the rest of the note held a very sensual tone that told her he wanted to see her in the necklace and nothing else. Well, he would when she saw him next time - which she hoped would be during her next Hogsmeade visit.

    She didn't even look up from the note when she heard someone approach. She didn't even expect them to sit down, but when they did, she folded up the note and looked over, her smile fading form her face when she saw Draco.

    "What do you want, Malfoy?" she asked, her face completely void of it's previous grin.

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