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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

    Time Event
    Who: Megan Jones and Hannah Abbott
    What: Claire has talked Megan into doing something crazy!
    When: October 25th. Wednesday, 3:00pm
    Where: Megan's Dorm room
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: None

    Megan was ready to gnaw her own arm off by the time she got back to her dorm room. If she had ever been so randy, Megan couldn't remember the last time. Her knickers were soaked, she made the mistake of checking in her last class and regretted it because it made waiting all the more torturous.

    It had begun at the beginning of the day when she found Lavender Brown staring at her. She was too shocked to even smile, unsure what she was staring at or what she wanted. Lavender looked better than she even normally did. Her make up was perfect and her smile lit up the room.

    Throughout the day, Megan found that the number of smiles and glances only increased. However, she never got a chance to ask Lavender about it; even if she had managed to summon up the nerve.

    Once she got back to her room, Megan had dropped her books and flopped to the bed. Her roommates were never back right after class, so she wasn't worried about them stumbling in and didn't worry about silencing her bed.

    Megan drew the curtains about half way closed. Shrugging off her cloak, she whipped off her sweater and hiked her skirt up as she flopped to lie on her back. Reaching down between her legs and stroked the front of her soaked knickers.

    Soon, her moans and whimpers filled the room. Megan wasn't shy and she always loved when she could let sounds of pleasure escaped her; her own cries could even serve to excite her more.

    Stroking herself, erotic images came to mind in a jumble that made so sense but she didn't fight them and just allowed herself to enjoy them.
    Who: Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson
    What: Draco needs to figure something out and Pansy is the perfect person to help.
    When: January 16th, Noon 5th year
    Where: Potions classroom
    Rating: NC-17

    Millicent’s words had really cut him and he found it impossible to think of much else in the days that had followed. It was the girl that was supposed to worry about the boy’s pleasure. Wasn’t it enough that they got to please him? Why was Millicent so displeased when Pansy seemed fine with it.

    He had been tense the entire time. Draco snapped at nearly everyone and went out of his way to bully everyone he could. The tension between him and Millicent was so thick you could cut it with a knife but it wasn’t the good kind of tension like before.

    He worried about her threat. Draco had been sure that Pansy would take it out on Millicent if she ever found out and not him. Sure he would get the cold shoulder for a few days or whatever but Millicent had seemed so sure that he would pay that it worried him.

    Plus, she had said he was a bad lover. That stung. But what to do?

    Sitting in potions, Draco had given the matter so much thought over the last few days that he had come up with a plan. Pansy shared a table with him and they were brewing a potion; well, he was sitting and watching while she brewed it.

    Under the table, his hand came to rest on her knee. Studiously, he observed the potion as his fingers teasingly caressed the bare skin just above her knee high socks. After a few moments, his fingers wandered to the inside of her thigh.

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