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Thursday, September 25th, 2008

    Time Event
    Who: Ginny and Pansy
    What: Detention (sort of)
    Where: Abandoned Classroom near the Slytherin Dungeon.
    When: One week after their first tryst. Friday night, 11pm
    Warnings: Domination and submission, spanking
    Rating: NC17

    Pansy had been plotting the best way to get her hands on Ginny again. The submissive Gryffindor was going to be in for quite a pleasant surprise when they finally met up, Pansy had been planning lots and lots of things to do to the younger redhead.

    She'd been paying close attention to the talk around Slytherin Dungeon. The loss to Gryffidnor the previous day in the Quidditch match, something she didn't care at all about, meant that there was no chance for celebration that night.spilling over into the favorite snogging spot.

    Pansy drafted a note that was a near perfect forgery of McGonagall's, at least to a casual glance, and had left it on Ginny's desk. Miss Weasley, you were caught in the halls after curfew. You will be serving detention with me, cleaning the abandoned classroom on the first floor. Eleven pm tonight. Do not be late, it will only make your punishment more severe.

    Having stashed a small bag there earlier in the day, she had switched with Draco to get his rounds as well as hers right in a row. He would supposedly cover one of hers later, but she really didn't care.

    Dressed in her uniform, Pansy made a few changes. Instead of wearing mary janes, she had on tall, black leather boots with heels. Millicent had called them fuck me boots, hopefully Ginny would get the idea.

    She wore much more make up than usual, her eyes very dark and mysterious. Her uniform was crisp, but she had worn one from the year before so it was a little tight. Waiting, Pansy's heart pounded as she waited for Ginny to arrive.

    To occupy herself, she began to put up wards to assure that they would not be disturbed.

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