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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

    Time Event
    Who: Tracey Davis and Sara Moon
    What: Sara knows a secret…
    When: February 26th
    Where: Near the Slytherin Common Room, near Tracey’s secret lab.
    Rating: R
    Notes: Back to “modern day” in our SL with them.

    Tracey was astoundingly happy. She felt the weight of the necklace Heidi had given her around her neck and she loved it. She was still touching it all the time and thinking about Heidi giving it to her.

    Things were going well for Tracey. Things were going better than, perhaps, they had ever gone for her before. She had a girlfriend and her potion business was beginning to take off. School was even pretty good. Being happy had improved her grades, even in classes she didn’t normally like. It seemed Heidi had a good effect on her…

    She had been hiding in her lab most of the morning filling orders for potions. Tracey had been working hard to make some extra money. After the wonderful gift, Tracey wanted to get Heidi something.

    Ducking out, she looked around to make sure no one saw her. Tracey was in her school uniform, shorter skirt and all, with a bit of soot smudged on her cheeks from a small measuring error.

    Moving out into the hall, Tracey was tempted to skip back to her room. Chuckling to herself, she rolled her eyes and wondered what had gotten into her.

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