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Friday, July 4th, 2008

    Time Event
    Who: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and eventually Ginny Weasley
    What: a 2nd night meetup brings another old friend to the mix
    When: July before 7th year. Monday, August 3, 1230 am
    Where: Grimmauld Place. Regulus’s old bedroom.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Het.and threesome

    Hermione could hardly wait for that night to begin, she and Harry had been stealing kisses and caresses for the last 24 hours and it had felt like a million years had gone by in that time. She knew that they should keep their minds on the war in front of them but it felt so good to cling to something happy she just couldn't help herself.

    She had nearly triple checked the upstairs for people as she made her way to the floor where Regulus' room was. She had worn a favortie nighty that she thought that Harry would like, it was a dark, nearly midnight blue with silver lace embellishments along the low cut neckline and the short hem at the bottom. Underneath, she wore silver lace knickers. She felt very Ravenclawish as she admired her figure in Regulus' vanity mirror as she waited for Harry, her hips curved out in a nice way and her breasts looked perk and cute. She had pinned her dark ringlets up int a loose twist, some dangled around her shoulders.

    Clucking her tongue at her reflection, she looked away and cast an eye on the bed, it was nicely made with fresh linens, she wondered if it made Kretcher cross to know someone had been on his favorite Masters bed. The old elf was so misguided she still felt bad for him.

    Pacing around the room, she realized she needed to light somewhere and stop making noise walking across the floor. Hermione retired to the bed, her heart beating wildly as she waited for her "secret" lover to arrive.

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