May 24th, 2010

[info]alexarcher in [info]ainsworthu

Lets get this party started

Who: Open to everyone
What: BBQ Party! Formal invitations had been made by some of the underclassmen Sigma brothers a few days ago, but unfortunately had been lost by Alex Archer. Fortunately, word of mouth worked just as well.
When: Tuesday the 25th, from 5pm onward.
Where: Sigma Phi Epsilon House and around the vicinity
Warnings: Anything goes! Please include warnings in header if possible/applicable
Note: This is an event thread. For those who don't know how these work, there will be several different threads going on at the same time. Please remember to include the name of the characters involved, the approximate time, and any warnings (if any) in the header of the comment. Remember to tag! :)

Giving 'party til you drop' a new meaning )