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August 15th, 2012

Another open letter to the Midgardians. @ 07:02 pm

As the Colonel's mutant Midgardian chicken seems to have done little to ingratiate me to you, I have decided on another avenue. Perhaps processed vehicles of tooth decay are more to your liking. Please, partake. I have, by way of commandeering these orthodontic monstrosities from very small Midgardian children, amassed quite a collection.

I took it from babies.

I trust we will from this point forward have no more reason for animosity.

August 8th, 2012

An open letter to the Midgardians. @ 11:32 pm

Ever so sorry about trying to enslave your world and all that. No harm done, yes? Look, I have brought you a peace offering. It is a dismembered fowl with a disproportionate number of legs dipped in some sort of hot oil and then arranged in a red and white bucket created by your Colonel. Truly this is the height of Midgardian cuisine.

KFC heals all wounds.

So we are, as you mortals might say, "all good" now, correct?

After The Battle OOC Community