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I'm the one without a s o u l [userpic]

The last 'add me' entry on here was what? 3 years ago? But how about we bring it back now that half the world is locked inside. I am hopeless with self promotion though; I'm probably not the best person for the job to make this a thing again, but sometimes we don't get the heroes we want.

I am Australian. I am studying fitness with a focus on personal training. I hope to expand my studies into nutrition once I have completed my fitness studies. I was working at an all women's gym until the lockdown of all 'non-essential' services came into effect. Now I am just running the bakery that I own. Bit of a riddle there, right?

I have a major interest in criminal psychology, Nordic mythology and reading crime fiction.

Music wise? I'm a metal, industrial, alternative and rock kinda gal (With a little bit of a mixed bag of other genres - Throw the song/band at me and I'll listen and make my choices from there). Nine Inch Nails would be my stand out favourite.

You don't have to add me, or even read this... But I reckon I'd be better if you did.

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