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Animes watched

Kaizoku Oujo #11:

Karin and others fought the arriving abel's troop. Meanwhile, abel found fena and yukimaru. As he prepared to attack them, image of Helena appeared. Abel died from his injury as his soul embraced Helena. His page who was actually the observer for fena's story appeared.

World Trigger 3rd Season #02:

The other team member who cared for chika finally found resolve to fight kuga's team. Hyuse officially joined in the next match in kuga's team.

86 2nd Season #03:

Fredetica became masoct for shin's team. Shin had to put his new close friend - Eugene out of misery as the latter was fatally injured in battle.

Saihate no Paladin #02:

Will who was reaching his adult stage of 15. His guardians put him to tougher test to survive and was allowed to go to the abandoned city to fight the undead demons.

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Animes watched

Blood+ #46 - #50 (finale):

Diva gave birth to two baby girls. Solomon tried to kill diva but failed. Nathan released Solomon who stopped James from killing saya. James died from curse of thorns, so was Solomon as he was later confronted by amshel. David, kai and others tried to plant bombs to destroy the satellite to prevent diva's singing from reaching rest of the world but the plan failed as the show was tapped into military facility. With diva's singing, some of the world population was awakened and turned into monsters attacking people. The American investor was aghasted and abandoned Van who was subsequently arrested. The American investor also activated option D to bomb the building.

Saya tried to stop diva's performance but amshel lured her and haji away. As haji fought and defeated amshel, saya fought diva. As diva's blood lost its power since her pregnancy, she was killed by saya's blood while saya survived from hers. Nathan asked saya to kill him and she obliged. Haji held back the returning amshel in the falling building so saya and kai could escape with diva's babies.

They returned to Okinawa with normal life. Julia married David and was pregnant. Lulu's life was prolonged with subsequent research. Saya and kai held a gathering in their cafe but that night, says collapsed and fell into her long sleep as kai carried her to the place where all happened as her wish. Years later, kai brought diva's children to see saya's "grave" and he saw a rose likely left by haji on it.

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Animes watched

Platinum End #02:

When mirai decided to live a normal life after he got his uncle to surrender for his crime and he getting back his family wealth, other god candidate killed other candidate and pledged to go after the remaining 11, including mirai. Mirai tried to hide his identity as a candidate on his first day of high school life, but the angel for that candidate saw and detected mirai as other candidate.

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Animes watched

Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni Shimashita #02:

Princess/adventurer - Rit who used to work with Red joined him to work in his potion shop. Meanwhile, the party member who made Red leave found a party member to replace him.

Heike Monogatari #05:

With passing of shigemori, his father went against the royalty and put his grandson as well as tokuko's son as the next emperor.

Muv-Luv Alternative #02:

Shirogane returned 2 months earlier in his alternate world and tried to stop the disaster of opting alternative V to abandon most mankind by persuading UN executive officer to allow him to join as cabet in training to stop the BETA.

Scarlet Nexus #16:

The human derived Others were taken out by the military and kasane tried to save naomi but the latter sacrificed herself to protect kasane. Karen found one of the dying Others was Alice. He absorbed kasane and yuito's abilities and left.

Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru #02:

After choosing his desired skills, the assassin was reincarnated to a family of assassins and was named Lugh. After being given mystic eyes through surgery as well as assassin training, his father got Dia to teach him magic.

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Anime watched

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child #01:

Daniel Kai a new member joined the organisation to fight the infected living beings as he wanted to be a hero.

Takt Op. Destiny #02:

Flashback of the past when cosette became a musicart after she got hurt shielding takt during a D2 monster attack.

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Anime watched

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen #01:

While investigating the mugen train which would be in operation the next night, rengoku saved 2 bento vendors from a demon.

Mieruko-chan #02:

Miko saw a spirit clinging onto her friend hana and tried to get it off but failed until a sexy school nurse lured it off. Miko and hana found an abandoned kitten. Based on the spirit around the interested party, miko passed the kitten to a scary looking guy.

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru #02:

Mikado was asked by a colleague to check on a fortune teller - keita and rihito tagged along. Keita was found to be sensitive to spirit and observant. He warned mikado of rihito who later tied mikado to a contract.

Tesla Note #02:

Botan and kuruma tried to get the Tesla shard from a kid with a debt ridden father but a mysterious man stole it from the boy.

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Animes watched

86 2nd Season #02:

After experiencing normal life with new friends, shin and others requested to return to battle field. The little girl who lived with them turned out to be an empress who was responsible for non silver hair people's downfall in the previous country.

Saihate no Paladin #01:

Will who had memories of previous life, was raised by three undead people - Mary, gus and blood. One day, he peeped on one of his guardians - Mary who was able to give him bread daily, he found her on fire and got hurt trying to help her. She told him she would burn whenever she prayed and got bread in the process, will asked to pray with her in future. Blood promised to tell will of his past when he got older.

World Trigger 3rd Season #01:

Hyuse officially joined osamu's team. Osamu learned of past of Border which HQ used to be the current house they were staying.

Kaizoku Oujo #10:

Fena led yukimaru and his team to the island of eden. Beyond the treasure, fena and yukimaru reached a platform where after fena danced on it, emerged stairs that led to area of eden. Meanwhile, Abel and his troops got into the island.

One Piece #995:

Orochi's followers gave in and decided to follow kaido. Momonosuke refused to denounce his identity as son of Oden. Luffy ripped off the chains from yamato which turned out to be bomb but luffy tossed it away and they got to the area where kaido and others were. The angry yamato wanted to kill kaido but luffy stopped her so the akazaya samurai could fight kaido. Meanwhile, big mom's son who faced off Marco had no intention to ally with kaido whom he saw as enemy.

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Anime watched

Platinum End #01:

Mirai leaped off a building to commit suicide but was saved by an angel - nasse. He was given power to fly and red/white arrows. With red arrow, he confirmed his uncle and aunt were responsible and caused his family's deaths. His aunt who was shot with red arrow killed herself. Nasse told mirai to kill his uncle and his children to take over the wealth. She also told him he was elected as one of the god candidates.

Scarlet Nexus #15:

Yuito's elder brother sent the mind controlled nagi after yuito. After being reminded of their past together, nagi's mind got beyond control and he died. Knowing yuito's brother was after yuito's brain to seek revenge on people still living on moon, yuito cut his ties from his brother and left with his team.

Blood+ #44 - #45:

Karman from sif was corrupted with curse of thorn. Influenced by the revived chelivalier - James, moses was lured to attack Kai in exchange to save karman. After knowing the truth from James who taunted them, karman stopped moses in time. Moses spent last moment of his life to die with karman in the sun. Saya, haji and kai had to tell news of their death to the last six- lulu.

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Anime watched

Muv-Luv Alternative #01:

1973, earth was attacked by outside force. Since then over the years, many countries were attacked by alien beings known as BETA. During an attack, north Japan was invaded and survivors were forced to evacuate.

Heike Monogatari #04:

Tokuko gave birth to a baby boy after having views of souls who held grudge against her clan. Shigeimori had held ritual for her smooth giving birth but biwa foresaw both tokuko and her child being drown in future. Shigeimori prayed not to live long and biwa saw part of his spirit pulling away. Back home, Shigeimori fell I'll and eventually passed away after listening to biwa's music.

Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru #01:

Tatare and Dia acted as undercover to intrude a corrupted noble's house and Luge with aid from Maha shot and assassinated their targets from afar. Flashback. In Luge's previous life, he was an assassin who was going to retire in japan but he was killed in his flight by the organisation that raise him. A goddess summoned his soul wanting him to assassinate the hero in his next life.

Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni Shimashita #01:

Gideon who was asked to leave the hero group, lived in a town as a D rank adventurer. One day, he helped his friend Gonz obtain herb from a burning forest to save Gonz's son and Gonz repaid by building a shop for Gideon who named himself Red. Rit a high rank adventurer was interested to know Red.

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Anime watched

Takt Op. Destiny #01:

Takt the conductor and cosette the musichart had to use piano to lure out hidden monsters known as D2 out from ground and eliminated them. They continued their journey with Anna to New York.

Blood+ #42 - #43:

Amshel took kai to see diva before her performance and she told him she was having riku's babies. At her performance, the snacks distributed by her team to the audiences turned them into monsters and they became guinea pigs for amshel's experimented army. Collin tried to shoot Julia for taking his duties but David saved her and was shot instead. Julia got David to hospital and stayed with him. Diva tried to make kai hers but saya attacked her. Nathan and amshel restrained saya and haji. Solomon went to saya's aid and took her away. Diva, nathan and amshel left. Kai went to Julia and others who persuaded him to go home to wait for saya. Haji went after Solomon to get saya back. Solomon asked saya to marry him but had to fight haji who arrived. Saya was weakened from her coming long sleep and fell off the building. Haji transformed with wings and saved her. He and saya returned to apartment where Mao and kai were waiting.

Mushoku tensei #10:

Rudeus with eris, managed to sneak the disguised ruijied into the demon continent city. There, they took up job as adventurers starting from rank f with group name Dead End to improve ruijied 's reputation. With advice from hitogami, rudeus chose finding lost pet job. During process, they came across the petnapper group P hunter. Ruijied killed one of them for kicking rudeus who tried to persuade ruijied not to kill. Rudeus threatened the remaining P hunter members who were D rank to swap jobs with them so they could earn more money. The horse face adventurer started taking notice of them.

Tokyo Raven #10:

Huruka joined harutora's school as first year and started pestering harutora. Natsume tried to hide from her as huruka knew natsume's girl identity. The plan failed and huruka pestered both harutora and natsume.

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Anime watched

Mieruko-chan #01:

Miko noticed she could see spirits when she tried to retrieve her missing items and she tried to pretend not seeing them.

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru #01:

Shop assistant - mikado could see spirits and exorcist- rihito recruited him to aid in identifying and purify spirits as well as to investigate ongoing cases.

Tesla Note #01:

High school girl Botan who was from a spy family clan had to partner with a teen kuruma to investigate Tesla related cases.

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