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Kris [userpic]
Looking For Some More Friends.

NAME: Kris ([info]randombastary)

AGE: 35

INTERESTS: Folklore and mythology (with a special love of Little Red Riding Hood and Loki), Vikings, Germanic neo-paganism (though that's more of an academic interest than a desire to follow this particular religion), The 13th Warrior, Sherlock Holmes, "Supernatural," "Doctor Who," historical fiction (with a special love of historical war movies), alternative history, Celtic rock and punk, Queen, "Castle," "Grimm," LotR, Tom Hiddleston, A Song of Ice and Fire ... there's plenty of things, and you can get a better idea by checking out my profile page.

HOBBIES: Reading, writing, fangirling over the fandoms that I'm a part of, and thinking way too hard about things that I'm sometimes sure that the writers of the shows I watch have never considered (and sometimes some things that I think that they may have).

LOOKING FOR: Friends that make comments (it doesn't need to be on every post, or even every other, but every now and again would be nice), and I would prefer people in the mid-twenties or older. Also, as someone with a BA in English, I would prefer people who are able to write complete sentences (without putting everything into 1337 speak, or the like).

ANYTHING ELSE: I also get rather geeky on my HubPage, and you can check out things that I've posted on there. I use this particular blog for fandom-type posts (making lots of reviews on episodes of the shows that I watch, but also talking about books and movies on occasion), so you should probably be prepared for that if you want to friend me. I'm an agendered aromantic asexual who doesn't really care for kinky-type stuff (as a general rule) ... however, I am a total Nagron fangirl, and I want to draw hearts all over their faces.

Current Mood: calm
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