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[ Saturday
May 03 2008 @ 9:38pm


Who: Sho and Suri
What: Hooking up. :|
Where: The ever romantic practise range
When: Uh... about a week or so after The Night.
Rating: Uh... PG?

( "I can't tell you what I want to say until you put the gun out of reach." )
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April 21 2008 @ 1:33am


Who: Cian, Aiba, Sho and Suri
What: Aiba informs people he'd like to play on both teams. :|
Where: AIba's room, dorm hallway, Sho's room, then Aiba's room again.
When: A day or two after Suri and Sho have their study at the chippy. :D
Rating: Low PG. :D

( "I wouldn't mind to go riding with her, if you know what I mean." )
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Log - How to tutor a smart girl [ Wednesday
April 09 2008 @ 3:39am


Who: Suri and Sho
What: Tutoring for smart kids
Where: Library
When: After fencing practise
Rating: G
Warnings: Dangerously cute, excessive use of awkwardness.

( "...chemistry is basically just bondage..." )
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Log - A Casual ride (FIRST LOG YAY!) [ Tuesday
April 08 2008 @ 10:54pm


Who: Suri and Aiba
What: A casual ride through the forest
Where: The cross country path
Rating: G

( "...What does the chan mean?" )
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Taken Characters [ Sunday
March 30 2008 @ 2:32am


Existing Characters )
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Applications [ Saturday
March 29 2008 @ 11:30pm


Applications )
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The Rules [ Saturday
March 29 2008 @ 10:56pm


The Rules )
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Intro [ Saturday
March 29 2008 @ 8:53pm



22 Inches Higher

The distance between here and destiny

The summer of 2012, all eyes will be on London. the pressure is on, and England will rise to the challenge.

At Olympia Athletic Academy, junior world champions are made, honing their skills to turn them from world champions to Olympic gold medallists.

Learning from the Chinese Athletic Schools and the 2010 "Own the Podium" initiative, the London Olympic Committee created Olympia. Students benefit from the best technology available, the best coaches on earth, and the ability to focus on their craft. At the same time, the students will be prepared mentally, ensuring the athletes are prepared for the pressures of the Olympics.

A strong body requires a strong mind to be truly successful. The academy is one of the top schools in the country. All students are required to get their GCSD, and are encouraged to get their A-Levels. Students are prepared for life as an Olympian, not just the Olympics. Meaning, life before, during, and after the games.

Situated just outside of London, on the Thames River, Olympia is a stone's throw from the city. Connected by rail, London is an easy commute for the students, giving them the opportunity to live a life beyond their sport. Balance is key.

Students can begin Olympia at age 13 or 14, but may enter the school at any point in their educational careers. There are three ways to be accepted into Olympia:
  • Students are scouted through their sports leagues, schools, or competition
  • Nationally ranked or carded athletes that are still in school are offered a spot
  • Open call trials so aspiring students can try out.

Nationally ranked and carded athletes are often much older and make up the upper years in the school. They often compete internationally and are encouraged to take younger students under their wing in the mentor program.

The scouted students are generally younger, discovered through sports leagues, both through school and recreational. These students are in more mainstream sports that are available in a school environment.

The trials are a wild card. Students without the opportunity to compete, due to financial reasons or lack of competition in the area, have the opportunity to try for a spot in the school. These students come in at all ages, and show much promise.

On top of the school, Olympia runs a summer school program. These are to provide teens and tweens with the opportunity to learn sports that are more difficult to get into, such as fencing, archery, rowing, and other sports involving specialized equipment. These camps are also open for scouting, and aim to encourage a passion in the sports.

Olympia is a residential school. Before graduation, living on campus is manditory. After finishing the GCSD/A-levels, students may live off campus, but remain in the program so must live near by.

The academic program moves at a slower pace than normal high schools, to accommodate the athletic program. So, a student starting at the beginning of high school at Olympia may take a few years longer than a normal student to graduate.

The school is government funded, so residence and school fees are covered by the London Olympic Committee, the British Parliament, and the Royal family. The Windsor Family is keen to see the program do well for the United Kingdom.
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