Nov. 26th, 2007


Feet tired? Wanting to sit down and rest?

Come to the [info]blacks_n_whites cafe, home of
the best coffees, the finest teas, devilishly good
cakes, and cookies you'd sell your soul for. Now open
in the World's End Mall, near the food court.

Nov. 16th, 2007


Intercom Announcement

"As a reminder of all the fine shops we have here, a list of our stores and who owns them.

The following shops are right here in our very own World's End Mall.

[info]wordsarepower- a bookstore owned by [info]dragonsanzo and [info]kitsunezack
[info]bards_n_strings- a knick knack store, run by [info]ii_xigbar and [info]iii_xaldin
[info]alightinthedark- a candle store run by [info]lyn_strife
[info]velvet_slipper- a loli-gear and specialty undergarments store run by [info]saki_chan
[info]relativepuzzles- a puzzle shop owned by [info]sparklyillusion
[info]phoenix_springs- a hot spring/spa owned by [info]maruset
[info]deaths_sidekick- a weapons shop owned by [info]rena_maxwell

Please, feel free to visit all these shops and see what kind of special merchandise they have. After all, when you are where the worlds meet, who knows what you might find?"

((Also, please make sure to join [info]wem_helpdesk to keep up to date with OOC info. FaL is updated and should have everyone and all the shops. Please let me know if I forgot anyone.))

Nov. 9th, 2007



"We want to welcome you to the opening of World's End Mall. Please, feel free to wander the shops and meet all the interesting people who have worked to help us become the best mall where worlds cross that there ever was.

In the food court, we have food replicators ready and waiting for your orders, as well as [info]wem_helpdesk, to help you if you do have any questions about our wonderful mall. Check out the directory, found here to see what shops we have to offer.

Thank you for choosing to shop at World's End Mall, and we hope you have a wonderful time here. And, please, don't be too upset if you do see someone with the same face as your own, or if someone you think you know doesn't recognize you. After all, this is the only mall situated where the worlds all mix.

Have a wonderful day."

November 2007



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