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October 12th, 2010

[Oct. 12th, 2010|03:33 pm]


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Who: Tracey Davis and Padraig Montague
When: October 12th, morning
Where: A restaurant not to far from the Hospital.
What: A meeting in between jobs.
Rating: TBD, will change as necessary.
Status: Closed/Incomplete.

Morning )
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Daily Prophet: 12 October, 2003 [Oct. 12th, 2010|07:15 pm]
Magic & Mayhem
Quality Childcare, Now Interviewing

The Diagon Alley Board of Directors is proud to announce the opening of Magic & Mayhem, a quality childcare option soon to be available in Memorial Alley.

Set to open on November 1, Magic & Mayhem will is owned and will be operated by Ellie Cattermole, a Hufflepuff from the class of 1999, and will offer the following services to wizarding children ages 2 thru 10 years: assistance in potty training, assistance in learning to read and write for all children, basic arithmetic, spelling, etc. as well an introduction to small magical spells to keep the children immersed in their magical heritage.

Available hours will be 7am thru 7pm and the facility has the capacity to care for 30 pupils, of which only 10 may be between 2 - 3 years old.

Prospective pupils and parents of Magic & Mayhem will need to schedule an interview. Inquires and request for appointments can be owled directly to Miss Cattermole.
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