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When they left Weisshaupt, they had renounced their oaths to the Imperium. They were soldiers no longer: They were the Grey Wardens.
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Your Obligatory Hi! Post [15 Dec 2009|12:06am]
Hi kids! I normally go by Lex, and I'll be playing Ferelden's Indiana Jones.

....well, sort of. The quirky adventurer pictured here is Deidre "Dee" Aisli: scholar, world traveler, and relic hunter for the Chantry of Andraste. Orphaned at an early age, a wee bit of trouble she caused in Denerim when she was seven landed her in the care of Sister Justine. If you guys played the Forgotten Verses quest in the game, she is the one who identifies and decrypts part of the manuscripts found in the Ruined Temple which houses the Holy Grail Urn of Sacred Ashes. I guess you can say Dee is her protege... if she were a better would-be priestess of Andraste. It's hard to shepherd the meek and the salt of the earth when you're a reckless, mountain-climbing, cave-diving, tomb-raiding antiquities retriever after all!

....all in the name of Andraste, of course. >.> How did she manage to stay with the Chantry again?

She's handy with a pair of blades, a budding expert in the lore and history of Thedas, and at present she's trying to secure a position in Queen Anora's panel of scholars dedicated to learning more about the Blight and the Darkspawn...except her petition has been rejected twice due to her youth. While considered too green (still?!) by most prestigious scholars like Brother Genetivi, she has assisted and led plenty of expeditions that have taken her across Ferelden and in its surrounding countries. While not a prospective Grey Warden like some of you folks, she is a recruitable party member and she's probably not hard to convince to come with you.

Need a hook? A connection? Drop me a line! I'm game for almost anything.
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officious modly post [15 Dec 2009|12:08am]
Welcome to the game everyone! :D

We're really, really happy to have gotten so many wonderful applications and can't wait to get started. That said, much as we'd like to enact our plot, we're going to wait a couple more days until we have more of the premade roles filled out. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything to do until then!

Because Alistair can't be in 20 places at once (no matter how many fans may wish that were true), we've set up a timeline of events and an order in which the future Wardens were recruited, spaced out with consideration to rough travel time. Though Dagna suggests that the time it takes to go between Orzammar and Kinloch Hold is over two weeks, we've decided to change the scale down with the assumption that she meant by foot; presume that Alistair is on horseback, thus shortening some travel time between destinations.

The first group of events (weeks One through Eight) all occurred before the time at which the game is set to start. You are very much welcome to play out these events, or any backdated scenes that take place before then, by posting a thread or narrative in [info]thedas (our main community) while we wait for a few more characters as a fun exercise in character development. If companion characters can find a way to get themselves into the plot or into a thread at these early points, they can definitely do that, as well! So without further ado, a rough timeline:
Timeline of Events )

Consider this timeline as a rough outline -- your characters' reactions to the situations are entirely up to you, as are the details and the dialogues and whatever else you'd like to throw into a scenario (random battle encounter? awesome!). These are just goals and plot points we'd like to reach. Please get in touch with and coordinate threads with your fellow players if you are meant to have a scene together; that's what those contact posts were for! Additionally, for group scenes that require multiple characters, you may set up a post in this community, [info]weisshaupt, to discuss what you'd like to do (such as posting order, who will start, etc.), or even work it out in comments to this post.

If anything we've written is unclear, please let us know and at least one mod will be able to get back to you ASAP! Thanks again for joining us, we're really, really psyched to have such talented writers involved! :]
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Hello from Me to You! [15 Dec 2009|12:45am]
Greetings from the puppet-master behind our resident elven mercenary. It's a pleasure to be joining all of you!

Seda is a rogue (my god there are so many of us! but she's an elf so it's different ;p) who has a preference for close combat as opposed to that distant stuff. She loves the thrill that facing an opponent face-to-face brings. However, it is not just the battle of blades that she takes pleasure in. She takes an almost perverse pleasure in talking people into following her every whim or into anything really if she is bored enough.

After the death of her parents in a werewolf attack the young and naive Seda decided all that the clan had taught her was a lie. She soon left the forest and headed towards the 'real' world. After a few years toughing it out on the streets doing whatever it took to survive she caught the eye of a band of mercenaries. Forcibly drafted into joining them she hasn't exactly formed close bonds. However, they pay well and they travel so she figures they will work until a better (any) opportunity comes along.

Generally aloof and sarcastic Seda secretly craves the close companionship that she had when her parents were still alive. She has learned that acting sweet and innocent (and a little clueless) often wield better results than her usual attitude. Strangely she also acts this way when she is angry (passive agressive much?).

- She has a (secret) fondness for stories and gadgetry/toys.
- She can cook (decently) as long as it is over a fire and not some weird human contraption.
- while no connoisseur she does enjoy imbibing in spirits and loves a good drinking game.
- Is still occasionally baffled by the culture around her.

any plotting is welcome... she could use the adventure
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introducing she-who-breaks-the-laws-of-nature-kind-of [15 Dec 2009|11:00am]
Hello, everyone! I'm Alice, and I'll be bringing you the Dwarf Mage premade--y'know, the one who really shouldn't exist naturally? According to all recognized facts about magic and dwarves? Yea-p. That's her.

Her name is Signe [pronounced sig-NEE or sig-NAY, as near as I can tell, though if anyone is much up on their Norse myth and wants to tell me the correct pronunciation I would be forever in your debt!] - she was once Signe daughter of Orsin of the Smith Caste, but when her distant cousin Dagna was made a Paragon for discovering how to make dwarves into mages, Signe was raised (along with every other good-for-nothing person who could claim feasible relation to the new Paragon) to the nobility and made Signe Dagna, or Signe of House Dagna. Of course, now that she's been exiled from Orzammar and made Casteless, she's right back to plain ol' Signe.

She's a young, clever girl, if a little bit withdrawn; but she's never been to the surface, and only left Orzammar once or twice in her life (and that, recently)--she's got a lot of those troublesome dwarven superstitions about the surface and topsiders. Like, are you definitely sure that we're not going to fall up into the sky and burn to death on the sun? ..... can you check? Just to make sure. She became a mage mostly because of peer-pressure and nepotism--the extended family pressured Paragon Dagna into "doing some good for us for once" and administering the Lyrium Treatment to at least one family member. Conscious of this, Signe has been working her butt off to prove that she's not just another good-for-nothing member of the newest and probably least worthwhile noble family in the Diamond District.

I'd love to plot with you guys~! Establishing any common history with her might be tough, if you're not the Dwarf Commoner or Orzammar Noble or someone else from Orzammar, since Sigs has been underground her entire life, but we can always plan something for later down the road!

edit: I think there is a reason that I should never be allowed to do anything after waking up at 6AM. It's actually Signy and I have been writing Signe all day and oh god I do not have a brain I need to go smarten up or something.
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[15 Dec 2009|01:51pm]
Hello, hello, one and all! I'm Kimberly, and this fellow right here is one Jaden Tahal. He's filled the "Dalish Elf" premade. And he is, in fact, a Dalish elf. As such, he's lived most of his life in the forest with his clan, away from cities and humans and other various creatures. The first Blight occurred when he was still a child, which lead to his being taught how to handle a sword, which he's pretty handy at. He is now on the run with his old friend, the Apostate Mage, trying to escape some pesky Templars who wished to bring his friend to the Chantry.

Personality-wise? He's as loyal to his friends as can be, though it's slow-going to win his trust. He's wary of 'outsiders', which includes just about anyone but other Dalish elves, and even them he'll keep at a safe distance. His little ideal life has been torn apart, and he's none too pleased about this, so he's a bit of a hot-head (not that he wasn't before) with a habit of acting before he thinks. He's not stupid, however; he just tends to act with his heart rather than his head.

So yes. This is turning out awkward as my brain proceeds to stop working. Currently, he and his friend are traveling the countryside, trying to keep out of reach of the Templars (who might be a bit bitter because of the way Jaden and Faer escaped them). I'm open for plotting and the like. Can't wait to get started! Dragon Age has got to be one of the MOST badass games I have played in my many years of gaming!
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modly post #2: thread/scene posting format [15 Dec 2009|07:13pm]
Because we've seen this happen a few times already, and it's our fault for not explaining it before, we'd appreciate it if all narratives and threads involving your characters could be posted in the main IC community, [info]thedas, rather than in individual journals, so we have all character activity and story archived in one convenient place. If you need a reference for ratings, look here, or follow the usual film ratings. And to make things even easier on coding, the following is a general header format with the basic elements we'd like to see:

Thanks, guys! And great work, to everyone who's written something so far. We really look forward to reading more.
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