December 17th, 2008

[info]jei in [info]weiss_kreuz


New member. Schwarz fan, as if the username wasn't blindingly obvious.

Figured I would start by promoting my own journal. It seems redundant to post my "work" in a bunch of communities since I'd probably forget to anyway. But if you just click the username over yonder, you'll be treated to some WK short fanfiction. It's all completely absurd, out of character, & updated approximately whenever I feel like it. Might be good for a chuckle, though.

Also, since Hope Forlorn went down, I find myself without any really good WK images.. without resorting to screenshotting the hell out of YouTube videos. Which is just way too much work. Anybody got any links to other WK sites, or have any images they'd be willing to share? I feel the urge to make some icons & such, which is very difficult without pictures.