September 2014

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September 10th, 2014

[info]hisoldtricks in [info]wecollide_ooc

hey there

Hey all, I'm Val and I'm coming in with two characters. One is this jerk here, better known as Loki from Marvel Cinematic Universe, post Thor: The Dark World and the other is Diva [info]haunting_aria from an old anime series called Blood +. Both are technically villains, but Diva isn't a mastermind type like Loki, she's more in your face, spur of the moment type villainy. I have info on both of my characters in their journals for anyone who is interested in learning more about them.

Seeing as both will probably being trying to get their bearings, they shouldn't cause too much trouble right off the bat...well Diva might as she's a Chiropteran Queen (technically a vampire) and will likely need to feed soon.

And for our mod, I forgot to ask on Diva's app, but would it be possible for her to have baby daughters with her? She's less likely to act out if she has her little ones to look after.

Anyway I can be reached through the contact post on Loki's journal, Private messages to this journal or Diva's or through email at ariyanarpfuntimes@gmail[dot]com. I like forward to playing with everyone. I'll just warn in advance, that I will likely be slow for a little while as I get a groove going between rl and rping again. But despite that, I want all the threads!