September 2014



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Sep. 13th, 2014


HOLY CRAP did my life get busy. Hope you all are still willing to have me!

Anyway, hi!! I'm Matt and FINALLY introducing myself and my character here. I've been RPing for a couple of decades now, I think, god it's been a long time. Still, love the idea of story writing and character development; probably why I love panfandoms so much, there's such an ample opportunity to really get character development. Especially with such differing characters, most if not all of them being an alpha character.

Anyway, back to the real reason you're reading this.

This is The Doctor, his Eleventh face to be precise (and 13th regeneration, it gets confusing), from Doctor Who. For those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who and The Doctor himself, he's a bit eccentric, zaney, constantly talking as fast as he thinks, but unfortunately he thinks a bit too fast and skips over details. Leads to rather confusing, but brilliant underneath it all speech from him. He's a Time Lord, an alien with two hearts from the planet Gallifrey. He loves the human race, hates their war mongering, their violent tendencies, but sees that in all races--The Time Lords, The Daleks--yet sees the humans as a potential for such fresh air of curiosity and discovery. He's a time traveler, traveling in his tiny little blue box that's bigger on the inside and saving worlds, realities, and timelines from complete and utter destruction all with the help of a tiny non-lethal little weapon called the Sonic Screwdriver, and usually with a companion or two. Generally human, usually female, quite often young...

He dresses in your 'grand dad's clothes' to quote Macklemore, but does often try to be rather hip. Even if that means he looks like a buffoon because he really just never quite grasps the nuances of human culture.

He's a complete genius, and a bit boastful about it too; he can be rude, not always meaning to, and not always really noticing that he's doing it. It's a flaw of his, big brain, not understanding subtleties, and being an alien at heart(s). He's a good friend, abhors violence, and is not shy of poking his nose into other's business if he feels that someone needs defending, help, or generally because he doesn't know boundaries all of the time.


Sep. 10th, 2014


hey there

Hey all, I'm Val and I'm coming in with two characters. One is this jerk here, better known as Loki from Marvel Cinematic Universe, post Thor: The Dark World and the other is Diva [info]haunting_aria from an old anime series called Blood +. Both are technically villains, but Diva isn't a mastermind type like Loki, she's more in your face, spur of the moment type villainy. I have info on both of my characters in their journals for anyone who is interested in learning more about them.

Seeing as both will probably being trying to get their bearings, they shouldn't cause too much trouble right off the bat...well Diva might as she's a Chiropteran Queen (technically a vampire) and will likely need to feed soon.

And for our mod, I forgot to ask on Diva's app, but would it be possible for her to have baby daughters with her? She's less likely to act out if she has her little ones to look after.

Anyway I can be reached through the contact post on Loki's journal, Private messages to this journal or Diva's or through email at ariyanarpfuntimes@gmail[dot]com. I like forward to playing with everyone. I'll just warn in advance, that I will likely be slow for a little while as I get a groove going between rl and rping again. But despite that, I want all the threads!

Sep. 7th, 2014


Hi all,

I'm Lauren and I'm bringing in Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She is coming in post her return to the living-the second time-in the sixth season. She's a little down because where she was was not nearly as bad at all as what her friends believed. She's dealing with being alive again and not really feeling alive at all...more like the walking dead. You could say she is depressed quite a bit. Buffy still has her slayer strength and enhanced senses. She's well trained in martial arts and most, if not all, weaponry. She's not a fan of guns though. The trademark sense of humor and slight sarcasm with the baddies is present too. She's down for plots of any kind. <3

I look forward to playing here!

Sep. 6th, 2014


Hello everyone!

I'm Ashley and I'm bringing in two characters: Jane Foster from MCU:Thor. She's coming in just at the end of Thor 2 but before Thor returns. I'm also bringing in Ben Braeden from Supernatural. He's coming in at the end of season 6, episode 21 after Dean saves Ben and his mother from the demons but before Castiel takes their memories.

I'm always up for plots so feel free to hit me up via e-mail at for plotting!