May. 28th, 2008


Suwanee Creek Park, Walk #4

I really enjoyed myself at Suwanee Creek Park, so I'm going back this Sunday. Friday I might as well but most likely will be too busy. Meeting a friend, going to Weight Watchers for that meeting, and then I have a tupperware party! LOL

So, maybe if I get my apartment cleaned and ready the next two nights, I'll be able to squeeze in a walk with my lil' munchkin.

Please comment if you would like to join me and I'll give you details. :)

I'm reprinting the trail map so I can walk on a different part of the trail this time.

May. 26th, 2008


Went walking at Suwanee Creek Park

I loved it! We'll be doing more walks there this sommer. I had a choice between a paved path and trails in the woods. I tried both for 40 minutes and got so much more out of my WW walking workout.

I managed 40 minutes at what is considered high intesity. I feel so good. Wish my pool was open, but not yet. Hopefully by next weekend. I'm going walking then treating myself to a light dinner of fruit, hummas, and maybe a tortilla wrap filled with my favorite salad mix. :) Then swimming! HORAH!

May. 22nd, 2008


Walk this week @ Suwanee Creek Park

Come hell or high water (whichever comes first anyhow!) I'm hitting the trail at Suwanee Creek Park at 6pm on Sunday. Join me if you will! It'll be fun!

Comment here so I'll know to wait a bit for any other walkers then Elora and I are off. *wink*

I've 100 pounds to lose and a healthier lifestyle to gain. :)