August 18th, 2008

[info]chimerawinds in [info]walkingcity

I've been walking

Mostly around my house lately. I wanted to get to the mall to walk to one of the parks but I'm having a minor health complication I'll post about later. Just needing to take it easy for a few days is all. I promise.

Walk scheduled for Friday afternoon at 1:30 at Discover Mills Mall and also at 1:30 (same place on Sunday. Friday's ia good day for me.

Take care and keep walking. I'm currently raising money also for the walk in Duluth in October. It's the annual Memory Walk for Alzheimer's Research. I'm walking on a family team for our Grandmother. We're the Shiny Pearls (her name is Pearl).

I'm also going to do the Oakland Cemetery's October walk/run event called the "Run Like Hell". It's a 5k. Join me if you want!