May 10th, 2008

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Squeaky Answers Question About Conflict of Interest

Squeaky has answered a very important question regarding his candidacy and whether it poses a "conflict of interest." I knew this would come up sooner or later, and his reasoning makes sense. This is something that we, as supporters, should be expected to answer if the question/criticism comes up, so please take note of his response.

To summarize, mimesis posed this question to squeaky:

Re: LJAB - user representative?
mimesis 5/10/08 05:08 pm
i think Squeaky is doing a great job with IJ and i'm very happy with his communication and running of this site.

while all of that is wonderful, i don't think it addresses the professional conflict of interest that he has as the IJ admin/owner/[insert proper title here].

it's a legitimate ethical concern. what say you, Squeaky?


(for anyone reading the comment who hasn't had to think about these issues before) -- this is a common question in professional circies, and answering it is simply part of being a professional. it's also commonly understood that the question is due to competing business interests and responsibilities. it's not a question of personal character, which is understood to be of high quality.

To which squeaky responds:

Re: LJAB - user representative?
squeaky 5/10/08 07:31 pm (local)
Of course I feel that I am legitimate. I don't think that it represents a conflict of interset. I want LJ to do good, as the better LJ does the bigger the industry is and the bigger all the "clone sites" get bigger.

Also by getting the codebase back open, it will help LJ as they will be getting the help of the open source community once again. That's how they got so big, and that is how all the other sites got bit.

At its height, GreatestJournal and DeadJournal were HUGE and still LiveJournal was bigger and continued growing. I see that being able to happeng again. Also I don't see InsaneJournal or JournalFen or CommieJournal or any of the other blog hosts as competition to LJ, are just filling a niche in the market that LJ is unable or unwilling to fill.

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