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I just wanted to update you all and let you know where we are on the site move. We have moved the user databases over to the new servers, but we still have the master database to move. Also ALL userpics are now on the new servers.

Also tonight, I moved the webservers over to the new servers. Unfortunately this led to the side affect of being unable to read some of the cached style data for S1 users. Some of you probably noticed this with 500 Internal Server Errors. This has happened before when we moved webservers, but I was unable to track down exactly why it keeps happening.

The good thing is that I was able to fix the errors. The bad thing is some of your colors or overrides may be missing. I apologize for this, but there is no way to get them back. This is a very unfortunate side effect of moving to the new servers. Some of you who have been around since the initial migration (immediately after Strikethrough) may remember going through this before.

I believe that by moving the webservers and optimizing the databases that we have corrected a lot of the slowness issues with the site. The userpic situation should calm down too as the webservers are now in the same rack as the userpic servers and the site no longer has to fetch the userpics from across the internet.

There is still some work to be done to finish moving/optimizing the site, but we are getting close and hopefully we will be done over the weekend. There will be some downtime when we finally cut over the master database to the new servers, but that should be the last of the downtime.

Now I can actually cancel these old servers and we wont have to worry about the old hosting provider ever again. And just so all of you know, so far I am THRILLED with the new hosting.

On an unrelated note, you may notice my icon (if you are not reading this on the front page of the site). I am running for a seat on the LJ Advisory Board. I feel that the "LJ Clone" sites need a voice in the direction of the LJ code. And if I get on the board and am able to convince them to make some much needed changes, then we just may be able to go and pull updates from LJ once again.

If you want to support my candidacy, there is an asylum here [info]vote_squeaky and a sister community with the same name over at LJ.

If this doesn't work out though, I have some plans, and we will need programmers who believe in FOSS and the Free Software Movement to join us .. keep an eye out!
  • LJAB - user representative?

    I hear you on the importance of openness of LJ code - but do you really feel you would be the best user representative? I doubt very many LJ users are very concerned about the LJ code, and what clones are allowed/able to do with it.

    I am sorry to be negative, but I'd hate to see users strike out, because LJ users aren't your primary concern :o(
    • Re: LJAB - user representative?

      aside from that stuff, i'm sure squeaky will have a lot to say about openness between the company and it's users, which is hugely what LJ needs right now.
    • Re: LJAB - user representative?

      Squeaky's platform is based on Open Source, true, but it's also based on Openness. He demonstrates that openness in posts just like this one. He knows how to listen to the userbase, and how to be open and straightforward. That's why I'm supporting him for LJAB, because LJ would do well to emulate him, and IJ would do well to have the codebase open and accessible.
      • Re: LJAB - user representative?

        i think Squeaky is doing a great job with IJ and i'm very happy with his communication and running of this site.

        while all of that is wonderful, i don't think it addresses the professional conflict of interest that he has as the IJ admin/owner/[insert proper title here].

        it's a legitimate ethical concern. what say you, Squeaky?


        (for anyone reading the comment who hasn't had to think about these issues before) -- this is a common question in professional circies, and answering it is simply part of being a professional. it's also commonly understood that the question is due to competing business interests and responsibilities. it's not a question of personal character, which is understood to be of high quality.
        • Re: LJAB - user representative?

          Hmm, it strikes me as being mutually beneficial for both the IJ codebase and the LJ userbase, but I certainly understand your point. I don't want to put words in squeaky's mouth, so I'll let him address it.
        • Re: LJAB - user representative?

          Of course I feel that I am legitimate. I don't think that it represents a conflict of interset. I want LJ to do good, as the better LJ does the bigger the industry is and the bigger all the "clone sites" get bigger.

          Also by getting the codebase back open, it will help LJ as they will be getting the help of the open source community once again. That's how they got so big, and that is how all the other sites got bit.

          At its height, GreatestJournal and DeadJournal were HUGE and still LiveJournal was bigger and continued growing. I see that being able to happeng again. Also I don't see InsaneJournal or JournalFen or CommieJournal or any of the other blog hosts as competition to LJ, are just filling a niche in the market that LJ is unable or unwilling to fill.
          • Re: LJAB - user representative?

            okay, that line of reasoning makes sense, although it is somewhat a matter of perspective. i have no idea if it will be a tricky matter for other people (i.e., LJ).

            i had to ask, due to my background in other fields where that sort of thing would matter. especially in science and medicine, there are guidelines that just have to be followed about who can serve on boards, even if the nominee is a saint.

            :) in the internet business, it could be a whole different ballgame.
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