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Sunday, May 29th, 2016
1:59 am - This Comm is Archived for Posterity

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
12:11 am

*pincushions the comms*
Saturday, July 19th, 2008
11:34 pm

Who: Hallorn and Gladharil
What: Gladha is healing from wounds. AGAIN. And Hallorn is visiting. Some cuddling and brief wedding planning.
Where: Minas Tirith
When: Sometime after the stabbing XD

When you are well, promise me you will find something non violent to do. )
9:14 pm

Who: Avarian, Caranthir, Gladharil, Ithiriel, and Maglor
What: Ava went crazy so we convened tehnoldor
Where: Minas Tirith, then Ithilien
When: Last week XD I is lazy

Seriously, they wanted to bugger my betrothed more than me! )
Friday, July 18th, 2008
8:24 pm

Who: Maggie, Ithiriel, Elrond, Feanor, Caranthir.

What: Maglor has an ouchie. A continuation of this log because I = lazy ass and damn proud of it! *thumbs nose at 99.9% of society at large!*

When: Sometime whenever in the past.

Its only a little scrape... )
Monday, July 14th, 2008
12:09 am

Who: Eomer, Lothiriel
What: Seekret! Reaaaaad ze link.
When: Presentish.
Where: Rohirric encampement.

See? I told you it wouldn't be so bad. )
Saturday, July 12th, 2008
10:38 pm

Who: Haladreth and Iren
What: Getting out
When: A few days ago, 'cause I thought it was posted already >.>

Then what do you want to do about it? You know can't love me as I am now. There's ono point saying otherwise. )
3:17 am

Who: Caranthir and Ava
What: Talks and dancings!
when: last night, I'm just lazy in the editing

Read more... )
Friday, July 11th, 2008
11:00 pm

Who: Elladan, Wulfred
What: 'Tis a surprise, muahhaha. But someone is sooo miserable.
When: present!

I am never going outside, again. )
5:58 am

Who: Ithiriel, Caranthir, Maglor, Grimbeorn (npc), pissed!off!orcs.

What: Talky stuff, smut is only shown in <333-meter so its otherwise nonexistently glossed over for public consumption, interuptions, more talky, then that goes downhill again, elves go to Ithilien for some keeling, bears and orcs happen, and finally ends with a surprise present at the v. v. end o' ze log! It amuses me. Greatly. Oh, and hi, but...ouch, mebbeh? XD

When: Present, after all the other stuffs.

Just...no, no thank you, goodbye...farewell...no instruments, go talk to your elf. )
1:16 am

Who: Amrothos, Zaira
What: uh.... more visits, more serious talks, more ... stuff you'll have to read the log to see.
When: Presentish!

But I ain't that stupid. You wouldn' take th'door, e'en if it were wide feckin' open. )
12:42 am - I will not push you away...

Who: Avarian, Caranthir ... again... they're loud. >.>
What: Caranthir wanders upon a much lighter Avarian in the Gardens...
When: Uh... probably, presentish!

I will not allow you to do so, either, but I cannot make you love me. )
Thursday, July 10th, 2008
10:37 pm - You are healing faster than we hoped.

Who: Caranthir, Avarian, Elrond, Zhibal.
What: Caranthir forges, Avarian fights her way out of the shadow, and Zhibal comes to visit!
When: Uh... probably during the head!Haleth log.

You are rather...shining, from within. )
8:35 pm

Who: Ithi and Celeborn
What: Ithi gets some advice on how to deal with woeful thoughts from a woeful hubbie.
Where: Citadel
when: just before the previous log XD

If someone had a wound tainted with fell poisons. And they left it for a long time. Would that change the person? )
8:23 pm

Who: Maglor, Ithiriel, Caranthir, Feanor

What: Maggie has a 'moment'. Off-kilter elves are fun. So...there's off-kilter-ness...and aftermath.

When: Recently present...ish. After the log where Caranthir sought advice, Ava was driven batty by an already batty Maglor, and after brain!Haleth tried to talk some sense into Caranthir.

That is not HIS fault, look at who his FATHER was - the High King of being PETULANT. )
4:50 pm

Who: Caranthir, Ithiriel, Maglor, Avarian

What: advice gone wrong (aka - lil' discussion about Caranthir/Avarian/past-Haleth gone awry), then trying to discuss visions gone wrong.

When: Um, a while ago, sometime before Caranthir had a Haleth poking at his brain. I forgotted t'post, so whatevuh! Ish posted nao, kthanxbai. XD

......I either want to hug you or hit you. )
1:25 am

Who: Caranthir and Head!Haleth
What: Caranthir's conscience tells him what he didn't want to tell himself.
Where: Caranthir's head
When: Sometime after arguing with his brother.

why do you wallow? why do you dwell? You should find something which gives you fierce joy and pursue it violently until the sea calls you home. )
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
2:51 am - Maybe I'll be out o'prison soon.

Who: Zaira, Amrothos
What: More visits, and in-depth discussions, plus mixed signals!
When: Present!
Where: Zaira's Citadel room.

If you let me have her much longer I may not feel like giving her back. )
2:50 am

Who: Ava, Caranthir, and more special guests who I won't share 'cause that'll spoil the last log <3
When: right after the last

.... nng. )
2:47 am

Who: Ava and Caranthir
What: Discussion. And then orcs. Meet Larry and Dick! =D
When: Right after the last one.

I never mean to vex you.... Alright, most of the time I do not. )

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