Nov. 22nd, 2011



Hello everyone! My name is Shar and I'm new to these parts. I've been a friend of Erin's for a little while, and she directed me toward her game, and I picked up the resident High School librarian, Susan Daniels. She's also a Watcher in need of a Slayer. She's free and up for play, so feel free to plot with me about her.

As for me, I've been RPing for a number of years, either online or in tabletop RPGs like Vampire the Masquerade and DnD (3.5, for those curious). Been married for two years, and now, like so many other people in the U.S., am looking for work in hopes of making a decent living. Right now, though, I'm unemployed with wretched amounts of time.

I can't do aim, as I can't really sit in one place for long periods of time that it requires, but I love to play through either email or just through threads on the community. I'm happy to work out anything, plotline wise. Feel free to email me or just contact me on this post!


Apr. 12th, 2011



I'd just like to say a quick thank you for having me in your community! I actually prefer doing in-character introductions, so my boy Diego will be posting one to his journal but I wanted to slip a note here too since it seems to be the norm.

Anyway, he's readily available for scenes and I look forward to writing with everyone here!