Jan. 14th, 2011


Database Update, The Ad & Slayers

With the exception of the Locations post, the Database ([info]tvdreturninfo) has been fully updated. However, since I am human, everyone needs to double check the following posts to make sure I've added the correct people & information:
  • The Lore.
  • Reserved & Taken PB's.
  • Players & Characters.
Since the Database is now fully updated with the pertinent information I wanted, everyone can start pimping the game to whatever rpg ad comm you'd like. The code for the ad is below. All you need to do is copy and paste the stuff from the text box into the posting area and you should be golden! :)

Regarding the Slayers: I need to clarify what I said in a previous update. Included in the 5 Slayer cap is 2 officially recognized Slayers and 3 Potentials. All 5 five girls will be assigned Watchers. The status on the cap will be included in the Players & Characters post of the Database.