Sep. 26th, 2011


Heads Up (Updated on 9/28/11) <--- UPDATED again on 9/28 @ 10:30pm

ADDED For reasons that are her own, Jess has also pulled out of the game. Please make sure you click the button below to remove her kids from your f-lists. Also, if anyone is interested in picking up Samuel Turner, please contact me A-sap at

Dan has informed me that he doesn't have the time to participate in the game anymore. So, if you all could click the following button, you'll be able to remove his kids from your lists:

If at any time a player drops a character or needs to leave the game, I've also added a mass remove button to the friend button post to make it easier to de-clutter your f-lists on your way out or in the case of dropping a character.

Sep. 20th, 2011


Updates & Fresh Blood

We've got some fresh blood in the game. Many, many thanks to Misty for applying for the "Mrs. Flowers" character! So, if you haven't done so already, please say hello to Misty and add her characters to your f-lists. :3

Also, I just want to let everyone know that Debi will be on a hiatus until roughly the end of the month. She's currently in the middle of a move and hasn't quite gotten her computer unpacked yet. Hopefully we'll see her soon for some Halloween shenanigans! ^^

Sep. 9th, 2011


Lots of Stuff! 8D

1. The directory has been updated once again with additional characters and some dropped ones. Harrison Bennett has been dropped from my list and moved to NPC status (anyone can play him if he's needed in a scene) and Emily Walker is up for adoption if anyone wants to play her. Let me know and I'll pass her journal on to you. In addition to the new characters, I've also added links at the top so people aren't having to scroll through the ridiculous length of the listing to find their characters. lol

2. Drabble Challenge )

3. The friend button has been updated.

4. The faceclaims has been updated, too.

Sep. 6th, 2011


Another Box O' Updates

The friend button had been updated along with the character/player listing and the faceclaims. In addition to these updates, I'd like to announce another new member, Mandy, who can be contacted on AIM at horrificxdesign. Let's give her a big welcome! ^_^

As always, if I've accidentally overlooked anyone or anything, please let me know.

Sep. 1st, 2011



The friend button has been updated.

The rest of the updates I'll do when I get back on Monday. For now, everyone have a restful and fun weekend. :)

Aug. 23rd, 2011


Moar New Blood!

I may have mentioned Toby in the past in a few IM conversations to people, but I'm happy to announce that Toby is finally able to join our RP ranks! He's got some great characters to throw into the mix, so send him an IM or shoot him an email and say hello! Since he's got new characters, that also means the friend button has been updated so click here to update all your characters.

Aug. 22nd, 2011


Box O' Updates

HELLOOOOO Everyone! :D So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. XD Now that we got that out of the way, I got's lots to say so we'll get right to it.

We have a new member, so I'd like you all to IM/say hello to Debi. She's got a great character already and several more in the works. :D Welcome to the comm, Debi! We hope you'll have a blast here. ^_^

The Holds & Taken list has been updated along with the Player & Character list. Please let me know if I need to add anyone or take anyone off the lists. A note about a couple of the holds; I need the character apps for the faces of Olivia Thirlby & Hayley Williams by next Saturday.

There are two character development questions to choose from this week. Have fun! :) )

Lastly, the friend button has been updated. Because I'm human, please let me know if I'm missing anyone, your kids or not. XD

Jul. 2nd, 2011


The friend button has been updated.

Jun. 4th, 2011


Friend Button & New Character

In addition to the friend button being updated, I have a new character by the name of Trevor Molloy. He's a pureblood werewolf recently transferred to Sunnydale after being kindly asked to leave his previous school due to being "overly aggressive" in the sports he plays. This is due, in part, to the fact that the teenager is still dealing with balancing and figuring out being a late blooming werewolf. He's awkward about his looks, but otherwise he's a confident individual despite his loner ways. If you're interested in playing with Trevor you can read more about him at his journal and hit up his drop box with any ideas.

May. 23rd, 2011


Friend Button Info. & New Character

New Character
John Underwood is formerly a prince of the faerie Seelie Court who has been in exile for centuries. He is the many times great-grandad of Baleigh Underwood, but she and her family are unaware of this. John is currently posing as a high school student who has finished his Junior year early and will be enrolling in Sunnydale High in the fall. He loves to play the violin and tinker with the spring-loaded, and sometimes steam powered, wind-up toys he likes to make. More can be learned of John by clicking here.

Wanted Characters
The wanted characters post has been updated.

Friend Button
The friend button has been updated. Just so that I know the button is accurate and up-to-date, I've provided a current list of journal names under the cut below, if you all could take a look at it and let me know if I've missed any of your kids, it would help me out a lot.

Button List )

May. 11th, 2011


The friend button has been updated.

Mar. 26th, 2011


Friend Button

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