Sep. 20th, 2011


Updates & Fresh Blood

We've got some fresh blood in the game. Many, many thanks to Misty for applying for the "Mrs. Flowers" character! So, if you haven't done so already, please say hello to Misty and add her characters to your f-lists. :3

Also, I just want to let everyone know that Debi will be on a hiatus until roughly the end of the month. She's currently in the middle of a move and hasn't quite gotten her computer unpacked yet. Hopefully we'll see her soon for some Halloween shenanigans! ^^

Sep. 9th, 2011


Lots of Stuff! 8D

1. The directory has been updated once again with additional characters and some dropped ones. Harrison Bennett has been dropped from my list and moved to NPC status (anyone can play him if he's needed in a scene) and Emily Walker is up for adoption if anyone wants to play her. Let me know and I'll pass her journal on to you. In addition to the new characters, I've also added links at the top so people aren't having to scroll through the ridiculous length of the listing to find their characters. lol

2. Drabble Challenge )

3. The friend button has been updated.

4. The faceclaims has been updated, too.

Sep. 6th, 2011


Another Box O' Updates

The friend button had been updated along with the character/player listing and the faceclaims. In addition to these updates, I'd like to announce another new member, Mandy, who can be contacted on AIM at horrificxdesign. Let's give her a big welcome! ^_^

As always, if I've accidentally overlooked anyone or anything, please let me know.

Aug. 24th, 2011



I'd like to announce to everyone that I've moved the majority of the directory as well as the friend button to the Mod journal, [info]tvdthereturnmod. The only thing I have left to move is the Lore, but I'm waiting on a few changes before doing that. Please make sure that ALL your characters have the Mod journal friended and vice versa because I've f-locked the friend button for reasons of privacy. If you have comments, suggestions, questions, etc., you know what to do.

Aug. 22nd, 2011


Box O' Updates

HELLOOOOO Everyone! :D So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. XD Now that we got that out of the way, I got's lots to say so we'll get right to it.

We have a new member, so I'd like you all to IM/say hello to Debi. She's got a great character already and several more in the works. :D Welcome to the comm, Debi! We hope you'll have a blast here. ^_^

The Holds & Taken list has been updated along with the Player & Character list. Please let me know if I need to add anyone or take anyone off the lists. A note about a couple of the holds; I need the character apps for the faces of Olivia Thirlby & Hayley Williams by next Saturday.

There are two character development questions to choose from this week. Have fun! :) )

Lastly, the friend button has been updated. Because I'm human, please let me know if I'm missing anyone, your kids or not. XD

May. 22nd, 2011


Some Updates

I realized that the Requested & Taken PB List was seriously out-dated so I've updated it a little bit. The following people still need to be added (that I know of). If I've missed someone, please leave a comment to let me know:

Read more... )

Apr. 24th, 2011


Directory Tweaking

So, I've been looking at the directory here and . . . I have to admit that it's pretty damn long and you gotta scroll a lot. That said, would you all prefer me to combine the "Role-Play Groups" and "Resources & Tutorials" into one navigation section and put in tags that take you to directly to each post? OR . . . The other option is to keep the navigation as is and I can slap up a more recent post and put links in that entry that will take you directly to each post.

Let me know and I'll tweak the directory. :)

Also, the friend button has been updated.


ohai everyone!

I know I got a lot of shit to update in the directory, so please bear with me while I make a list:

To Add:
  • Dan's listing.
  • Thayer's listing.

To Update:
  • Jess' listing (?).
  • Lin's listing.
  • Luckee's listing.
  • Nicki's listing.

Lin: I would like a description of the Bronze and that garden shop your characters own, please. They'll be added to Locations post.

Luckee or Nicki: Since you two are the first players to submit faerie characters to the game, either one or both of you need to send me the lore/mythology of your species so I can add it to the Lore post.

If I missed anyone on the directory, please let me know. If I owe any tags, please let me know, I've been feeling like a chicken with it's head cut off lately, so I apologize if I haven't been around to keep in contact with.

Apr. 7th, 2011


It's All About Location, Location, Location!

For those characters that own or run a business, please leave a comment with a one to three sentence description so that I can add it to the location entry of the directory.

Character Introductions
I know a lot of us have made a bunch of new characters so this is just a gentle reminder to make sure you're introducing them here in the OOC comm. In addition to this, starting on April 15th I'd like to see journal updates (IC journal entries), which will contribute toward your monthly activity check. What I'd like to eventually see is character interaction via the journals as an alternative to sceneing if players are looking for other outlets to do something IC. Essentially, my goal is to keep the game running a good solid three months instead of the sporadic playing we've doing previously. XD

Mar. 27th, 2011


A Few Things...

1. The directory has been updated with the following:
Make sure you check those entries and let me know of any omissions.

2. The friend button will now have a single entry. That entry will be updated whenever new characters are added. An email will be sent out to announce when it's been updated.

3. To get the creative juices flowing, I'd like everyone to comment with the following information:

The above information will be used to create pre-fabricated characters for current and future players to take, make their own, and use in the game. I would like each player to submit two characters (one female, one male). These characters will be added to the Wanted Characters entry of the directory.

Added: Because you all are made of win, Lin brought up an excellent question to me via email. You may suggest OCs and Canon characters! :D

Jan. 25th, 2011


Database Update & Other Stuff

1. [info]tvdreturninfo has been updated with a Wanted Characters entry. I've updated the ad code here.

2. We've got a few additions to the character roster so please make sure you're logging into your character accounts and clicking the Friend Button in the previous entry.

Jan. 14th, 2011


Database Update, The Ad & Slayers

With the exception of the Locations post, the Database ([info]tvdreturninfo) has been fully updated. However, since I am human, everyone needs to double check the following posts to make sure I've added the correct people & information:
  • The Lore.
  • Reserved & Taken PB's.
  • Players & Characters.
Since the Database is now fully updated with the pertinent information I wanted, everyone can start pimping the game to whatever rpg ad comm you'd like. The code for the ad is below. All you need to do is copy and paste the stuff from the text box into the posting area and you should be golden! :)

Regarding the Slayers: I need to clarify what I said in a previous update. Included in the 5 Slayer cap is 2 officially recognized Slayers and 3 Potentials. All 5 five girls will be assigned Watchers. The status on the cap will be included in the Players & Characters post of the Database.

Jan. 12th, 2011


Updates & Whatnot

Things over at [info]tvdreturninfo are progressing slowly, but nicely. The Lore is almost complete and I'll be adding a few things, which I'll expand upon in a moment.

If your character owns a business, I would really appreciate it if you sent me a description of the business and who it's employees are, etc. I need this info. to fill in the Locations entry of the Database.

After some considerable thinking last week, I've decided that I was limiting the creativity of players by eliminating the position of Slayers and Watchers. Those of you who have characters that are originally Slayers in BtVS may have the option of keeping them as hunters or reverting them to their original position as Slayer.

Due to the update with Slayers/Watchers, I am limiting it in someway. There will be a cap of 5 Slayers with 5 assigned Watchers. All Slayers need a Watcher. However, since the Council is quite extensive, there can be as many unassigned Watchers as wanted or needed.

Dec. 31st, 2010


Minor Updates

I've updated/streamlined the IC comm's userinfo. It would help me out a lot if everyone could take a look at it and comment with their opinion, suggestions, and ideas. Basically, I'm asking does it look good to you all and if I need to add more information and links. :)

If you noticed in the info, I added a Drop Box to the Database. Any time someone has a question, just leave a comment there and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Nov. 10th, 2010


Sorry, Gone Fishin'! (Sort Of)

The Database

All the static information has been moved to the Database from the OOC asylum. Such information includes:
  • Current characters
  • Reserved & taken PBs
  • Locations & related information. If your character owns a business or location, please email me the description you'd like used, owners, any employees, and a picture you'd like to see used (preferably with dimensions of 175x175 or greater).
  • Rules
  • Lore
  • Character application/profile
  • Premise (coming soon)


There are two scenes at the IC asylum that are incomplete, so let's try getting them closed. If you don't think it has potential for continuation, please comment and I'll officially close the threads.