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Saturday, July 19th, 2008

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    *locks self in Crafty Witch office while everyone is out*

    *hears fellytone ringing*

    *stands up and starts looking for it*

    *trips self up with yarn laying around*

    *mutters “Dangit”*

    *hears message thingy go off*

    *blushes furiously at message*

    *listens for person to leave message*

    *hears hooting and whispering*

    *is confused*

    *finds machine still recording*

    *plays back message*

    *starts shaking*

    *drops machine*

    *runs screaming from the room as the message plays again*


    ““Oh, bugger…the machine is still record—“ BEEP!!!!”

    “Terminus is in less than 3 weeks…are you done with your swap pieces yet?”


    *pokes head in room, sees machine off*

    *grabs her swap stuff and runs off again to hide in the basement so she can get all her work done*

    *tosses out updates and runs* )

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