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    Saturday, December 6th, 2008
    9:50 am
    *pulls self out of bed*

    *trips over several bottles of “Elixir of Energy”*

    *kicks away more than a few boxes of “Pepper Up Potion – Now in Easy to Swallow Pills”*

    *dons biohazard suit*

    *drags self into CW office*


    Doncha wanna know what happens next? )

    So there you have it, folks…

    And don’t forget, Real Life and Holly Daze are still on the loose.  It seems the law enforcement agencies (both Muggle and Magical) do not consider them criminals.  In fact, they seem to have encouraged a couple of other associates to silence us crafty types.  They are known as Football Season and Hunting Season.  They may also be working with their sister, the lesser known,  Shoppin’ and their mean old Granny known as Cold. 

    May your week be as crafty as you can be!!!!

    Friday, November 28th, 2008
    1:00 am
    *It Are Update Tiem*
    Halp!!! There's a Cat macro in my update!!!!

    *pins glittery note up on door*

    *dashes back down the stairs before anyone sees her*

    The note reads:

    Off getting dazzled.  Be back soon…

    *a mound of glitter starts forming on the floor under the note*


    The updates are hiding under the cut... )

    And don’t forget to check Leaky ( for the winners of our costume contest!!!  Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all participants for entering!!! They were just MAGICAL!!!!!

    Please note that the magical maintenance staff will not be happy if this glitter continues to grow….

    Current Mood: creative
    Friday, November 14th, 2008
    7:42 pm
    *realizes its Thursday agan...*

    *rushes around trying to keep things in order*

    *avoids towering pile of supplies balancing precariously*

    *attempts freezing charm on them*

    *grumbles at the now ice coated supplies*


    Greetings and Happy Thursday Updating to one and all…  We has your updates, yes we do, preciouses….

    Okay, first and foremost!!! The Craft-Along!!!  And we have an address now.  So get thee to crafting and help DorisTLC have a very Harry Christmas!!!  The deadline for mailing ornaments to the address on the forums is December 1!  We want to have enough time to package it up and get them to DorisTLC for her tree in time, right?  So come by the forums, say hi, show off your handiwork…and see if there’s anyone hanging around that may be stumped or troubled.  We Crafty Witches will be on hand to help…but you can be there to inspire us too!!!

    *looks at updates*

    *makes note to have a talk with other CWs about the slighting of crocheted goodies…*

    *mutters about knitting conspiracy again*

    *sorts out updates and leaves ‘em to ya*


    Updates of the updating kind... )

    Well, there be yer updates, my lovelies.  Stay tuned for next week as I’m sure Real Life will be around again…this time hanging out with his co-hort Holly Daze…

    7:41 pm
    *dashes up the stairs*

    *rushes in and ducks under desk*

    *drags bag of crochet supplies in front of her to hide from Real Life*

    Hey guys! Did you miss me?

    *smoothes back tangled hair and disheveled clothes*

    Sorry today’s update is running late. I’ve been trying to get here all day, but Real Life insisted on tagging along and I’ve only JUST escaped.

    So, some updates…

    First, the Crafty Witches are busy narrowing down the entries for the winners of the costume contest on Leaky. It’s been very exciting!!

    Second, I heard my doppelganger was around posting for me. I’m VERY excited about helping out DorisTLC. We even have a shipping address now!!! So check out the Leaky Lounge for all those details. Stop by and have a cuppa with us and show us what you’re working on!! You know inspiration comes from everywhere and your project could inspire others!!

    Okay, what have we added to our section of Leaky this week….


    *summons updates under the desk with her* )

    And I think that’s it for today! Now, I’m going back to barricading myself in here, okay? Don’t tell RL that you saw me!

    *goes back to crocheting a fortress…*

    Monday, November 3rd, 2008
    3:39 pm
    Craft Along with the Crafty Witches
    *trips over leftover Halloween party mess in Crafty Witch office and totally faceplants the floor*

    Dang…I hate when that happens.

    *picks self up and dusts self off*

    *banishes all Halloween crafty stuff to expanded Halloween cabinet*

    *turns to second favorite cabinet*


    *is immediately covered by a mountain of various crafting gear for everything (and we do mean everything) she could think of for supplies*

    *digs self out of pile, painfully…hey, there were loose knitting needles in there*

    *quickly sorts and arranges supplies out over the crafty tables*

    Okay, finally…here we go…

    *takes a deep breath*

    Almost anyone who has ever visited Leaky Lounge knows of DorisTLC. Leaky's very own Project Manager, she is known far and wide as one of the most helpful, generous, and all-around nicest people you can ever have the pleasure of knowing. *bows to DorisTLC*

    DorisTLC lost all of her material belongings in Hurricane Ike this year. (*shakes fist at Ike*) Her spirit, though, remained strong, and even in the midst of her own personal tragedy she was giving to others by finding volunteers to donate time and school supplies to Operation C.R.A.Y.O.N.. (How awesome is that?)

    Because of this, the Crafty Witches have decided to dedicate the November Craft-Along to Doris. (And she can’t stop us.) It will be called "Craft a Christmas Ornament for Doris TLC", launches today and all ornaments will need to be received by December 1st. A shipping address will be announced as soon as possible.

    Which tutorials will we be using? What supplies are needed? That is up to you! Print off a picture and decoupage it onto an ornament, make a stuffed snitch out of felt, knit a mini-Weasley sweater - whatever tickles your fancy! (Ahem…wait! *glowers suspiciously* Are there no crochet tutorials? *goes back to making knitting conspiracy theories*)

    As always, the Crafty Witches will have their wands at the ready should you need help, and discussion threads are set up here for picture posting, questions, and general merriment. The holidays, remember, are supposed to be about giving after all. And with someone as giving and generous as DorisTLC, how could we not? We hope to see you there - Happy Crafting!!

    *hums to self as she starts in on designing and preparing ornaments for DorisTLC*

    PS: To all my regular readers of my updates? This is my doppelganger, the Princess wannabe…hp5freak is still “stranded” on a deserted island with a hot pale Cedric look-alike…

    Current Mood: creative
    Thursday, October 30th, 2008
    3:25 pm
    Today's update from a different perspective....

    SuperJenn (aka As_Weasley_As_I_Wannabe) drags into the office looking sad and a bit wild-eyed.

    She looks at the Missing Witches and Wizards board and tears well up a bit when she sees the new sign posted only a week old. The Wizarding photo shows a flashy, klutzy witch wielding a hook and a tiara.

    “Have You Seen This Witch?

    Crafty Witch [info]hp5freak , aka Princess, has disappeared. Was last seen last Thursday as she did her updates for Leaky Cauldron. Foul play suspected. The Malfoys have been interrogated, but there is no reason to believe at this time that they are involved, despite the fact she is deemed to be Weasley-ish. May be unwillingly in the company of known fugitive Real Life. If you SEE this witch, please contact the Crafty Witches of The Leaky Cauldron immediately. Possible reward for safe return.” </lj>

    Reminder: Only one more day to enter the Leaky Cauldron’s Costume Contest!!! Check out Leaky for all the details!!!


    Even though we are searching for our Princess, we still have work to do.... )

    SuperJenn finishes the updates and checks voicemails, emails, tip line, MoM updates, websites, and Floo Network for any updates on the Princess.

    Meanwhile, on a deserted island, late at night, the Princess sits on a beach talking to an unnaturally pale, very good looking man with golden eyes and bronze hair…

    To Be Continued….

    Current Mood: creative
    Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
    6:45 pm
    I have the feeling this can only end in tears...

    *strolls into TLC’s Crafty Witch office and stops in her tracks*

    *stares at the MESS in the CW office*

    Someone’s been here….

    *looks about the room*

    *sadly notes all the MISSING and Have You Seen This Crafter? posters that have been added in the last couple of weeks, as well as an ENLARGED poster of Real Life, and his known associates*

    Real Life is still on the loose, folks.  And it looks like he’s enlisted the help of our favorite poltergeist….Peeves.



    Now, don’t forget!!! Just over a week to enter the costume contest on Leaky!!! It’s going to be FABULOUS!!!!


    *hears faint stirrings on steps*

    *looks up to see shadow of Real Life*

    *jumps into Floo, yelling ….something*


    *pops out ….somewhere…*

    *gapes in horror as the Floo she popped out of disappears*

    *takes in her surroundings*

    *does NOT recognize this place*



    HALP!!! I are gone MISSING!!! HALP!!!!


    Current Mood: creative
    Thursday, October 16th, 2008
    9:06 pm
    *is wishing for a house elf*

    *finally clears our September birthday bash debris*

    *brings in October birthday bash supplies*

    *glowers at WANTED poster*

    Real Life is still on the loose, my fellow crafties!!! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!

    This week, Super Jenn has managed to sneak out a few updates while we continue to make escape plans.

    Remember, folks, when possible, do NOT engage with Real Life. It’s hazardous to your crafty health. When you can, remember to carry some crafty weapons so that if you find yourself overwhelmed by Real Life, you can at least pretend not to be completely taken in by Real Life.


    New tricks for avoiding Real Life.... )

    And don’t forget!!! The COSTUME Contest is underway at The Leaky Cauldron!! Check it out!!!

    Sunday, September 28th, 2008
    10:04 pm
    *checks calendar, groans*

    *lets self into office*

    *looks around at further birthday wreckage of the office and various musical instruments strewn about*

    *makes note to clean up office before we get to Cat’s birthday*

    *rifles through inbox*

    Huh….small update…oh, well…

    Hallo fellow crafters!!!  Welcome to our update!!!  We’ve got a small one this week…but that’s because we are gearing up to have all kinds of fun.  And with Halloween coming up, I know there are going to be a LOT of stateside crafties breaking out their tools and supplies and going all out.

    Forum Updates:

    ·        Knitting

    o       Purses, Pouches & Other Bags

    §         Double-knit House Bag

    *notices the only update is another knitting update*


    Not fair.  I call shenanigans.  There is a conspiracy! 

    *brandishes hooks and hunkers down in the office*

    Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
    8:23 am
    This week's update with a special guest!!!

    *rolls over and shuts off alarm*

    *shuffles through morning routine sluggishly*

    *pats kitty on head while passing to the Floo grate*

    *floos to the Crafty Witch Office, too tired to apparate properly*

    *enters security code for floo alarm* Can’t be too careful these days…

    *stumbles out of floo*

    *feels pain in the leg area*

    *looks down to find one very traumatized kitten*


    Oh dear...there's a cat on my leg... )

    Friday, September 5th, 2008
    10:27 pm
    Never a dull day at the Crafty Witch Office!

    *walks up to Crafty Witch office, a bit preoccupied*

    *looks over list of projects she needs to do by September’s end*

    *trips over threshold*

    *lands in pile of yarn and fabric*


    Who let the shenanigans out? Who? Who, Who? )

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Friday, August 29th, 2008
    8:10 am
    *skips up the steps to the CW office*

    *levitates a can of lavender paint to the CW office*

    *covers ears as the banging noises from the CW office get louder*

    *shouts over the noise*  OY!!!  I’m trying to CRAFT here!

    *silence falls*

    *climbs up ladder to do some painting*

    *directs wand in jabbing motion to corner*

    *blasts Wrock music at high decibels*

    *falls off ladder*

    *picks self up, straightens tiara, glowering at now-silent wireless*


    Okay, WHO turned up the Wireless? )


    Current Mood: creative
    8:01 am
    *unlocks door to Crafty Witches' office*

    *stumbles in*

    *grumbles about Terminitis not mixing with sinus infections, tiaras and hangovers*

    *tries some simple remedies for headache relief*

    *annoys self by sprouting tentacles*

    *reverses “remedies”*

    *removes tiara*

    *reaches for Tylenol instead*

    Gotta say, Muggle remedies are sometimes for the best.

    *sifts through the updates*

    *summons a coffee, a breakfast bar, and some energy*



    What's been done THIS week? )

    *gets up and finds she has a tail sprouting from her*

    Hmmmm…didn’t know about that side effect…

    *wanders off to get remedy for tail*

    Current Mood: creative
    Sunday, August 17th, 2008
    8:45 am
    All reports of my goings-on at the Terminus conference are greatly exaggerated….I think.


    *rolls out of bed much too early, falls on floor*

    Ouch.  Not supposed to do that.

    *apparates to Crafty Witch Office, snapping up a copy of the Daily Prophet as she unlocks the door*

    *reads headline* “Blue-haired, tiara’d fan at Wrock Chicago falls through floor due to jumping fans.”

    *examines bruise on leg*  Oh, so that’s how that one happened.

    *reads more of the paper*  “Terminus fans watch in horror as HP fan in a tiara tries to lead a crochet workshop.”

    *blushes about that one*

    *reads further*  “Battalion of Molly Weasley sweaters takes over HP convention in Chicago…” 

    That wasn’t me, I SWEAR!!!

    *flips to next page* “L. Malfoy accuses Princess of assaulting him with Weasley Bling…”

    *giggles*  Okay, that may be true….

    *reads last little bit*  “Convention taken over by Trevor the Toad.”

    glances at Trevor, who is still asleep…the lazy frog*

    Hallo Crafty folk!!!

    We are returned from Terminus!  Did you miss us?  Since half the Crafty Witches took Chicago by storm (literally…it was so cool, lightning and thunder EVERYWHERE!!!), we didn’t have an update for last week. 

    And because so many of the Leaky Staff were there, the Galleries felt it couldn’t go on…and tried to kill itself.  This is being remedied as I update.

    So, we have little in the way of updates today because we are waiting for the Galls to get out of rehab….but we have them.

    Main Site Updates:

    Forum Updates:


    As a final note:  did I get to meet any of you at Terminus that I didn’t already know?  Did any of you get to go to the crafting presentations at Terminus?  We are taking over the conference programming…one craft at a time!!!

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Thursday, July 31st, 2008
    7:35 pm
    ACK!!! The update!!! I need to write my update!!!!

    *runs into room*

    *trips over suitcases lying on the floor*

    *mutters “Bugger….stupid suitcases*

    *flips through updates*

    *sits down to type ‘em up*

    *jumps back up and removes tiara from seat of the chair*

    *checks for any other painful seatwarmers*

    *remembers important thing that needs to be packed for Terminus*

    *runs off, knocking over pile of fabric*

    *comes back a moment later with wrapped bundle of ….stuff*

    *hears tapping at the window*

    *receives owl that her Wizarding Wardrobe is ready at Madam Malkin’s*

    *packs a few more things*

    *remembers she’s supposed to be updating her Weekly Update from the Crafty Witches*

    *runs back to computer, tripping over suitcases again*

    *checks over updates*

    *remembers she needs to pack her supplies for her crocheting presentation at Terminus*

    *runs out of room again, nearly skewering herself on a knitting needle*

    *comes back with two canvas bags of supplies, and trailing yarn*

    *gets tangled up in yarn*

    *yells for help getting untangled*

    *hears sounding call for …duh, duh, daaaaaaaaaaa!!!! SUPER JENN!!!!*

    *is released from bonds and sets off to do updates again*

    *starts thinking about something with her swap stuff*

    *yells for Rowan Redmoon (aka Dragonsinger)*

    *wibbles to her minion about her presentation worries*

    *remembers needs to type up away notice for while she’s gone at Terminus*

    *goes back to updating*

    *catches note from Quietish about Craft-Along stuff*

    *is reminded by Super Jenn to do update about blog*

    *makes note to get Terminus souvenirs for Cat, Jenn, and Josée*

    *goes back to updating*


    Alright? Who gave me the klutziness potion? )

    Current Mood: busy
    Saturday, July 26th, 2008
    9:42 pm
    *trips up the stairs*

    *stumbles into Crafty Witch office, rather frazzled*

    *flops into chair*



    Memo to me:

    Going to a meeting where you listen to “experts” talk about STRESS for two hours can REALLY stress you out.


    *sighs again*

    *flips through updates*


    A pinch of this and a dash of that... )

    *checks calendar*


    Oh my WIZARDS! 

    *dashes off to do more Terminus preparations*


    Current Mood: cheerful
    Saturday, July 19th, 2008
    4:25 pm
    *locks self in Crafty Witch office while everyone is out*

    *hears fellytone ringing*

    *stands up and starts looking for it*

    *trips self up with yarn laying around*

    *mutters “Dangit”*

    *hears message thingy go off*

    *blushes furiously at message*

    *listens for person to leave message*

    *hears hooting and whispering*

    *is confused*

    *finds machine still recording*

    *plays back message*

    *starts shaking*

    *drops machine*

    *runs screaming from the room as the message plays again*


    ““Oh, bugger…the machine is still record—“ BEEP!!!!”

    “Terminus is in less than 3 weeks…are you done with your swap pieces yet?”


    *pokes head in room, sees machine off*

    *grabs her swap stuff and runs off again to hide in the basement so she can get all her work done*

    *tosses out updates and runs* )
    Thursday, July 10th, 2008
    5:14 pm
    *tumbleweeds roll through Crafty Witches' Office*
    A fellytone rings in the CW office.

    And rings.

    And rings.

    An answering tone picks up.

    “Hello! You have reached the Crafty Witch Office at the Leaky Cauldron. We can’t come to the fellytone at the mo’ as we are not in office. However, if you speak to the machine after the obnoxious beep, you may leave a message, and one of us should be able to figure out how to retrieve it. It may just be easier to catch us by owl---“ *muffled bangs and noises* *whispered conversation* “How did that sound? Do you think that will buy us some more time for our update without the Crafty Community getting upset? I mean we are planning to update later this weekend, but we want it to be a good one…Okay, yeah…okay…okay…yeah, that should work …so I do that and then…Oh, bugger…the machine is still record—“ BEEP!!!!

    Current Mood: creative
    Friday, July 4th, 2008
    7:02 pm
    **goes to CW office on day off*
    *puts signed tardy slip in Jenn’s in-basket*

    *wanders over to desk*

    Okay, so, it wasn’t MY fault that this post is a day and a half late. I blame MUGGLES!

    *pulls up chair*

    Due to the American Muggle holiday, known as Independence Day aka 4th of July aka “The Fourth,” the weekly posting is just a bit late. My muggle job required me to work a day shift rather than my usual Thursday night shift. And then, I think someone in the area purchased a box of Weasleys’ Wildfire Whizbangs, because there was an AWESOME, explosive display last night. Poor Dr. Filibuster won’t know what hit him.

    *hears crickets chirping*

    *sniffs disdainfully*

    Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    *crosses arms and nods*

    *tries not to look at unmade bed*

    *looks for updates and finds tiny pile*


    *looks at wand curiously*

    I said, ENGORGIO!!

    *shakes wand vigorously*

    EN-GOR- GI-O!!!!

    *is knocked over by growing ball of yarn*



    Hmmmm…I guess that’s it for this week.

    Gallery Updates:

    Craft Alongs

    May 2008 Simple Wand Craft Along

    Potter Parties

    Party Costumes

    Adult Costumes


    Wizarding Devices


    *finds little package under updates with Embroidery Floss*

    *reads note*

    “For a Freaky Craft Princess! --Quietish”

    Ooooh!!! Are you signed up for the latest Craft-Along on Leaky? We’re making friendship bracelets. I gotta get started!!!

    *takes out strands, begins to weave*

    *finds self increasingly tangled in floss*


    *looks for scissors, sees across room, can’t move*


    I wanna go see fireworks…and I’m stuck…

    Current Mood: creative
    Thursday, June 26th, 2008
    5:18 pm
    *dances up the stairs to the Crafty Witch office*

    It’s THURSDAY!!!  You know what that means!!!!

    *enters CW office, ready to battle any and all problems*

    *notices office is rather tidy*

    *treads carefully to desk*

    *rifles through small stack of correspondence looking for any Howlers*

    Nothing but memos, updates, and fan mail.

    *is a bit disappointed*

    Fine.  We have a calm week.  No battlefields.  No tricks. 

    *looks around*




    Come see what we've done this week!!! )

    *checks clock*

    OH, dear!  Running late again.

    *dashes out the door*



    Current Mood: creative
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