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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

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    *groans loudly and winces*
    *rolls over in bed…and falls off couch in the Leaky Lounge*


    *stumbles to feet*

    *checks calendar, sees note*


    Great party last night. Don’t forget to clean up. And make sure we have an update for today. Oh, and the tiara was fantastic!!! Be sure to put it somewhere safe.

    OMGosh! It’s Thursday. I’ve gotta get my update up.

    *holding aching head in place, makes way to Crafty Tower*

    *trips over party paraphernalia, empty butterbeer bottles, dragging streamers and strewn wrapping paper*

    *finds note next to Floo*

    Good morning, Freak!

    Sorry I had to Floo back to Oz before you got up, but party was fun last night. And you and that tiara! Wow. That was something else. Way to go, Princess!

    *pokes head in crafty kitchen and snags some leftover birthday cake*

    *sees note on table*

    Hey, Princess—

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday! Don’t forget your update! I will see you all next week when I get back from vacation. LOVE the tiara!

    *trudges way upstairs and does all the required movements, gestures, etc*

    *sits down at desk*

    *finds birthday tiara and note*

    Oy! Princess Freak—

    Watch where you be leaving your birthday tiara! I almost stepped on it!


    *admires tiara, then puts away safely*

    *checks desk*

    *checks under desk*

    *checks computer*


    *finds one little note buried under birthday cards*


    Do me a favor and put up announcement about the new Craft-Along we’re going to do on TLC, please? I’ll have the details up soon, but let everyone know they are coming. Thanks! Oh, and great party last night. I think you left your tiara in the lounge.


    The Leaky Cauldron’s Craft-Along!!!! That’s right, TLC is going to have it’s very own Craft-Along, run by Crafty Witch Extraordinaire, Quietish!!!! Details will be out within the next week or so about this exciting new event. It’s going to be all kinds of awesome!

    Let us know so that we can fix it or address any questions you may have. Have a craft that you want to share with us. Again, Give us a shout and we will be more than happy to hear your crafty ideas.>
    Okay, that’s it for this week.

    *magics desk into opulent four-poster bed with silk hangings*

    Even birthday princesses need to sleep off the birthday hangover.

    Happy Crafting!!!

    *passes out*

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