09:37am 03/04/2010
  Anyone who is attending Syd and Mik's wedding, please don't forget to leave Thursday evening open.  I haven't decided if I want to do a post for it or not, so let me know.  The ceremony itself wouldn't have a whole lot of talking, but there will of course be a reception.  ^_^  Please throw in your opinion if your kid(s) are attending.  
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02:43pm 25/03/2010
  Okay, so, there's a new timeline for Charlie's upcoming BIG PLOT (for those who are new, his niece is going to be kidnapped by his evil sire, and Charlie will end up killing his sire and having a total mental breakdown).

If my math is right, we have our next two week changes taking place somewhere around April 2nd and April 16th. The one on April 16th will start with SUNDAY MAY 4TH (game time). THAT'S THE DAY MAGGIE GETS KIDNAPPED! I'm waiting until then to do it so that you all have plenty of notice, since this plot could impact pretty much all the charas in game (even if your kids don't care about Charlie, they might care about the fact that he kills another vampire)... and because I'm going on vacation!

I'm leaving town next Wednesday, March 31st, and won't be back until Wednesday, April 7th. My online time will be extremely limited, mostly only using AIM and maybe a few journal replies here and there using my cell phone. Last time I went to San Fran to see my family on vacation, they had me so busy that I was online maybe twice. So, feel free to pester me on mobile, and I'll chat when I can, or you can email me with plot questions/other stuff at

Did I confuse you all with a million and one mentions of dates? GOOD! Post questions here if you have any. And PLEASE let me know if the timeline of my plot interferes with anything major.. because I can alter if necessary.
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Just a note. 
04:50pm 24/03/2010
  On Thursday, per Arc's request/blackmail, Mikaela will be wearing this outfit: the top and lower half.  
08:32am 22/03/2010
  Hey, I was hoping we could all get an ooc update from you about Will. What should people know, and when should they know it?

I'm asking for myself in reference to my three authoritative dudes (Nox, Charlie, Starbuck). Curious as to when they'd notice something and act upon any worries they might have. Also, need to know if Nox is confused by this, or if he's aware of what James is talking about and already taking steps to figure out where Will went.

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09:05am 22/03/2010
  So Mikaela snuck over to Aiden's room in her PJs sometime between 1AM and 2AM Thursday morning and stayed there till morning.

Just a heads up. This type of activity will happen a lot since that's just what they do. Too many slumber parties as kids and sleeping over at each others' house has created a horrible, almost unbreakable habit for them.
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Shit hit the fizzan, yo! 
09:39pm 21/03/2010
  So, okay, Duncan and Adora talked Sunday and it won't go wonderfully well, so all week Adora's in an outrageously bad mood. She will snap at anyone and anything, and is really really not doing well. She really does need to talk to someone but doesn't have the first idea how to do that and wouldn't want a poignant reminder of all the mistakes she made.

If you ran into her, she probably snapped at you.
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07:42am 21/03/2010
  So I'm bored at work and figured I'd follow suit... I only have Mikaela here, so this should be easy to keep track of.

Other than her playing hooky with Aiden on Monday and then the Tekken tournament to the death with Jacob on Saturday, she doesn't have anything planned. I'm down for whatever, so if anyone wants to thread or AIM, just give me a pokey poke. :D
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07:08pm 20/03/2010
  So Ana and Jacob will be feeling particularly mischievous this week and want to mess around with someone's mind. Anyone care to volunteer one of their charas to be the "victim"? Don't know what they'd do to them yet, but it should make for some fun anyway. Let us know! :)  
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NOTES! (icon for attention) 
06:45pm 19/03/2010
  Some random OOCness for you all to know about it.

First of all, Cherry and Loghan's fight should be public knowledge by Monday. The screaming going on had to have been heard by several staff members, so go ahead and say that your chara heard from a friend of a friend and feel free to make up stuff about what was said since things like that get distorted the more they're told. Also, Cherry is going with a black wig this week, because she's not feeling perky enough for her normal pink hair. Anyone who knows her would be able to tell she's a little less vibrant.

Second, for the start of last week, Starbuck was really gloomy and maybe even a little short with his friends. But once he and Kim patched up their problem, he was all super duper happy again. So, consider him normal this week. Silly guy is back to being in LOOOOOVVVEEE!

Third, Frankie was a little upset last week after Nate MADE HER call her papa and break the news about the engagement. Frankie's father was NOT pleased, and it's got my little fire sprite feeling on edge. She's trying to mask it though, and she won't bring it up in conversation with most of her friends, because most of them are going through their own shit, and she doesn't want to be all "my problems are more important than yours!" Still, if your chara knows Frankie well, they could notice she's lost a little bit of her perkiness lately. She's also going to be a little weirded out this week when she sees the new boy, Aiden, because he looks A LOT like her ex-boyfriend (who was her very FIRST boyfriend).

Fourth, Pey is being reclusive. She's still reeling from learning that she's OMG PART ALIEN! Right now, the only person she's told is Lyle, and it will likely stay that way. So, other than Lyle, only Hope, Ric and Nox know her secret at school.

Finally, Charlie and Nox are pretty much the same as always. I'm still looking to put my big "Charlie kills his sire" plot into action in the near future. It will probably happen the second week of April (real time), when I get back from my vacation. Me and Monica have already started working on it in gdoc.
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10:06pm 19/03/2010
  So Mikaela and Aiden are apart of the new crowd and got in around late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Since Sunday was the full moon and Mikaela's still very new to shifting, she's very dead on Monday. ANYWAY! On to the juicy stuff. Monday's the first day of school for the duo and neither of them could be seen in any of their classes (RUH ROH!). Mikaela's very tired and poopy feeling so she decided to cut on Monday to be lazy. If anyone paid attention, Aiden could be seen going into Astrid's and her room in the morning on Monday. So...... yeah! Let the gossip spread?

Teachers and authority figures, please feel free to get on Mikaela's case for missing school. >D
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Tiny Rumor 
01:33am 19/03/2010
  Late Sunday night someone may see Nick wandering toward Rae's room. LATE. like midnight time or so. She's just giving him a bottle of Tylenol PM out in the hallway, but everyone may interpret it however possible.  
10:48pm 15/03/2010
  SO! Saturday night, there's a LOT of yelling going on in the single staff members building. Cherry and Loghan get into a screaming match outside her apartment. If your chara was in close proximity, feel free to have him/her gossip about it. Oh, and Malakai is getting involved now :)

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Cassie's Party 
09:23pm 15/03/2010
  Firstly, y'all need to post something! Charlie, are you visiting? Tags await! Secondly, Rae gets DRUNK. So anyone who wants to do a thread with her being shitfaced is welcome. Obviously the later it is, the worse she is. Suggestions welcome. :)  
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05:46pm 14/03/2010
  Just a heads up Dizzy's going to start sort of fading out of major activity. She's going to be off, up to no good. Still on campus if anyone wants her for anything, but for the most part people will only see her in classes and that's about it. She'll be spending all her time misbehaving elsewhere, losing herself in self-indulgence. Gradually she'll start to look like shit, dark circles under her eyes, wearing long sleeves all the time, and generally paler than usual. She won't be around on weekends or for much socializing and it'll get progressively worse, starting this week change. She might be that way until the end of the semester, I haven't decided yet. But I figure this is a good way to deal with my lack of play with her and explains what she's up to since Dizzy's not really one to sort of just have quiet down time. Hopefully her friends won't take it personally, but they're free to.  
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08:19pm 10/03/2010
  So, okay, so, rumor miiill! Keagan has NOT been staying in his room all week long, and has been seen coming and going from Adora's apartment most days of the week. They're also spending lots of time together, and he has been having lunch with her most days, either in the registrar's office or in the actual cafeteria.

Let the rumors fly! I would let Astrid do it, but she wants nothing to do with Keagan other than that she will be pissseeeeed oooooff.

I would love the staff to go talk to Adora about it. *coughNoxcough*
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06:19pm 10/03/2010
  This Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm, Jacob is going to set fire to Lyle's side of the room and let it burn. He'll watch for a minute before walking to the student lounge and destroying one of the sofas with his lightsaber. He's so angry, confused, and thinks he's alone. :)

So, I don't know how long it would be until security finds out about the fire. A few minutes? There won't be any proof of Jacob starting the fire until someone tells him about it and he doesn't act surprised. After Charlie leaves, Jacob is going to Dizzy's room.
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09:50am 10/03/2010
  On Friday, the 18th of April, those who had to be near Erin would notice she is irritable, snarly, and more introverted than usual. Those in classes with her --

English: Advanced
Energies & Emotions: Intermediate
Practical Witchcraft: Advanced

--- would find the temperature around here was positively FRIGID. More than likely anyone who had to sit near her would be insanely cold during class, and wishing they brought a sweater. If anyone asked her to turn the ice-factor down, she'd ignore them, or just glare.

During lunch, a student cut in front of her on the line to pay and she used a pinkie and some raw force to throw him five feet away from the line, probably into a table.

She's in a bad mood.

If anyone wants to do a thread, let me know!
07:45pm 08/03/2010
  So, some of you may wish to direct your attention to this thread. Charlie gives Cassie her bday present right at midnight. Not only does she get one seriously bad ass car, but she got a little special somethin' from Charlie. *wink wink eyebrow waggle* If you think your chara might have witnessed it, feel free to start some gossip.

Emily officially requests that SOMEONE see this little lip lock session and report it to Ava. GET ON IT, PEOPLES!
10:01pm 07/03/2010
  It's time for Maren to stir things up with her character horde! I would love to plot with people, even for the characters I have as NPCs. Here we go -

Arcelia: Throwing Cassie a surprise birthday party on her actual birthday, but she wants to talk to Cassie some time before then. Also, Arc offers to design Cissy's wedding dress for a low affordable price. ;)

Ciri: She is taking care of Onyx and super worried about Tad and his friend making attempts. Talk with Dante at one point? Maybe the Kelleys can have a family evening (or something). She'd love to be a shoulder to lean on for anyone else.

Tad: He's becoming more rebellious and is going to start commenting on everyone's journals in the hopes of befriending more people.

Ophelia: Conversation with Mandy about her mother? Birthday celebrations with Simon, and she would love to talk to Fisher or Will as well. Maybe Kindle too for roommate hanging out?

Nathaniel: Spending time with the other people in the infirmary? I think he's going to seriously persuade Frankie to tell her father, and he, Vinnie and Starbuck should all chill together sometime.

Jacob: He's still trying to find a way to feel better about himself. Expect more magical projects, though really he needs to hang out with people. Meeting Will's parents, just so I remember.
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New charie, rumors, and such 
09:45pm 06/03/2010
  Ok, this is Addie, my crazy cryokinetic. She's entirely irreverent, totally temperamental, and just plain unpleasant. She's also a dead-ringer for Starbuck's ex, Kat. In fact, if anybody'd like to be witness to some of this scene, please let me know so we can plan something out. I'd love some rumors to make Kim anxious.

Also, while she's kinda rough around the edges, she does have a serious protective streak for anyone who's unable to defend themselves. She's also an artist, welding scrap metal into sculptures. She'll probably find someplace on the roof. If anyone wants to be witness to the softer side of Addie, let me know.
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