12:28pm 23/07/2011
  Giving you plenty of advanced notice.

Don't plan anything for your kids, specifically school related activities, from February 6th - 16th (ish). School wide plot is coming, details to be announced at a later date.
09:16pm 23/05/2011
  Okay all! I know week change is tomorrow, but I propose a slight comm wide plot, that has been okayed by a mod!

It's mostly for shits and giggle and not everyone has to participate, buuuuut. . .

How do you guys feel about a plot where there's a magic mishap, by an npc witch, and some of our kids get turned back into their teenage selves!? Of course if they're 20 and under, then they don't get turned back. But for the older people they can and it can mean before they get turned into a vamp or lycan that they turn back to human if they were turned after their teen years. There will be an antidote and the spell will wear off between a few days or at the most a week. For the aforementioned vamps and lycans, it'll take a bit longer for them to get back to normal via antidote since they're changing DNA.

If your character's off campus they won't be affected since it's just campus people, if your person lives on campus. All characters have the potential to change back to being a teen unless you wish to have them off campus at time of said spell, regardless of age. Also if your character has protective spells or wards up in their apartment on campus then they won't be affected.

ALL RACES ARE AFFECTED. Don't want your kid turned? Don't have them on campus. It could be even just going to the grocery store or the post office that they're off while the spell goes kablooy.

So, if you have any questions or you'd like to do this, reply here with the kids and the ages they're going to. You can do from 15-19, so it's broader range. That way everyone knows who's doing what.

EDIT: Okay! So everyone's got time to plot around this and what not, it'll be happening late next game week! Like Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. So there ya's go!

- Demi
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Misfit Toys Thanksgiving! 
06:51pm 15/05/2011
  I know we have a thread for the day but there are some things that don't really need playing, but might be worth mentioning so... here you go! If you tell me something I'll put it in this post for you if you want me to?

Who was there? )

What was going on? )
08:54pm 10/05/2011
  Of course anyone who saw Pearl on her way back to her room on Tuesday morning is free to have noticed a red mark, turning into a bruise, on her cheek. When she next came out of her room though there was no sign, and if you try to talk to her about it, she will deny there was ever anything there. :)  
Things to know  
09:39am 11/03/2011
  Saturday night, Godric spent a late night in his office on campus. Come Sunday morning, thanks to a stupid wish and a completely unreliable djinn of his, he will wake up looking completely unlike himself. Arrangements for a "sub" will be made, and people will be notified of his seemingly sudden disappearance. This will only last until Sunday morning of next week, but feel free to have your kids react to a brand new, pink haired sexy man/woman on campus however they might.

For those in the Big Gay House )
For those with empathic/energy related abilities )
11:38am 28/01/2011
  Okay so Spooky here's getting restless and he needs some students or staff to con. While his whole entire situation of being there is a big con, he's getting bored without some one on one time. So, for anyone that feels their character could have their life shook up a bit by something going missing or like magic tricks, hit me up so that we can plots!  
03:57pm 18/01/2011
  So I never made a dance card and I'm a bobo and don't entirely get how it works buuuuuut none of my kids are doing anything this week and I figured I'd throw them out there in case anyone has any use for them plot wise.

Abby - is going to sign up for the Responsible Feeding class and could use gossip to spread. If anyone has anything for her to make a mess of, feel free to let me know (comment/IM/PM/etc). We can plot how she finds out, too.

Leo - is hanging around campus, not really going to class. He'll have cat called some of the girls in preparation for the shitty, concealing winter clothes that are to come, he's getting his peering in as much as possible.

Mac - is around, hating vamps, doing homework, generally chillin.

Lo - is still kinda in a funk, though friendly and find with everyone. He's disappearing this weekend in the confines of his apartment. So anything up until Friday is cool.
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New Kids 
10:00am 10/01/2011
  So I'm dense and posted this in the wrong comm initially, my bad! I finished two new kids and applied them and figured while they're waiting for adds I'd toss up a lines post. Since one of them has been here his whole life for the most part. But let's start with [info]aberdeen the self proclaimed queen (aka super bitch) who's a gifted human with the gift of absorbtion (think X-Men's Rogue without the life source sucking aspect). She can steal a person's powers/abilities/talents for a certain amount of time but she only knows how to control it with regular humans, she's never really done it on any other supernatural other than her little sister - and it's done through touch. Though upon getting to TJS her new obsession is going to be becoming a vampire because she finds it entirely sexy and beautiful - and of course, it caters to her sadistic personality. So vamps watch out because she's hell bent on finding a sire and no one's getting in her way. Also, people to volunteer to have her pester, terrorize, embarrass and gossip to/about their kids would be fantastic since that's really what she's going to be known for.

Then there's [info]leosan who is a technopath and has the ability to manipulate and communicate with machines of the electronic sort. Surprisingly, although he can, he doesn't really bother hacking into the school system, because he just doesn't care enough. For those that remember Dizzy, you can imagine Leo's like a male version of her without the drug addiction. Everything's quid pro quo with this guy and he has to be bought in order to do anything for anyone. To explain for him not really knowing or being known for everyone, Leo has a problem with running away. He'll disappear up to a year or two at a time, managing plane tickets for himself for free flights, cell phones, etc through his abilities. He'll be returning home after a year of traveling the world. He allows himself to get caught when he finally starts to get a little homesick and since TJS is the only home he knows, he doesn't hate it - which his form of love. Kelly, I figured Nox would know him well and take on a father figure role with him? And anything else would be awesome, even a girl who's always been into him and he continues to treat poorly or a female friend he's known for ages and she's maybe the closest person to him and still, she doesn't get through entirely but she's always still cracking?

Anything else is awesome sauce, too.
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Party discussion. 
12:47pm 20/12/2010
  I'll put up a thread for the Saints and Sinners thread tomorrow probably because Cassie has SL progression during it, but I know party threads can die sometimes so I thought we should probably have this for plot points.

Anyone make a fuss over being asked for ID?
Anyone do anything interesting?
Anything we should be reacting to within the thread?

You get the idea.


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05:34pm 28/11/2010
  Hi guys. I'm Kait and this is my boy Tommy Gray :) His PB is the adorable Jared Padalecki.

All his bio is up in his journal, but I'll introduce him. He's 21 years old, Bisexual and from a small country town called Byers, Texas which has a population of a little over 500 people so he's a country bumpkin :3 he's been through some hardships in his life, and he's a Clairvoyant|Medium. The gift is given to the first child born in his blood line and his Grandmother has it who currently resides in an institution where her because they don't believe in 'supernatural' beings or gifts.

He's been through a lot of tough times but considering, he's a very happy-go-lucky kid who loves to just have fun and joke around. I'm after anything and everything for my kid, and I'm totally not fussed on the storyline or anything :3 I'd just love some people to play him against :D
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Friday July 4th 2008 
12:51am 30/07/2010
  Lyle and Vinnie have decided that the band (which is unnamed as far as I know) is going to have an outing.
Actual discussion here )

So to sum it up, Tiger, Vinnie and Lyle are gonna go out to some abandoned field outside town, get drunk and high and set off fireworks. Jade, Monica, feel free to post comments here for any highlights of the evening. For instance, Lyle demands that Vinnie make a flame for him so he can do a fireball. Whether or not Vinnie will agree to this, who knows.
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Since I've been super busy... 
01:51pm 19/07/2010
  Let's just discuss what my kids have been up to this week.

Myke - She's been working, getting to know the school and the job. That's pretty much the extent of it. I've yet to have time to really get to know this character or get her involved in anything, but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.

Rez - He's back in Boston/Danvers this week. He's not staying on campus, instead he's got a hotel suite that he, Fisher, and Rocky are staying in, and he's of course been spending some time with the both of them once in a while, but mostly he's been hanging out with Elle, keeping an eye out to make sure Jesse don't start shit and cooing over the baby. Jacqui and Jade, we should discuss this week's events in more detail at some point.

James - James is in NY. Lloyd left on Monday which just so happened to be the day that Will got back. He's been spending his time with his boys, basically just enjoying life and enjoying reintroducing Will to NY since it's been a while since he's been there. He had a phone call with Fisher on Friday that made him a little worried and will probably be calling him back on Saturday so I'll put up a save for that. Jade, we should discuss in more detail what's gone on this week with he and Will. Also, I need to save for a phone call with Rocky since talking to Fisher reminded him that he should maybe call to check on baby sis. (He's such a horrible big brother.)

Alex - Alex has been working and getting to know the school. I am assuming he's had NPC patients this week. He took Monday off to go pick Lloyd up at the airport and they have been spending some time together, of course. I know he stayed with him at his apartment on Thursday night but there was no sex. Jade, we should discuss in more detail what went on this week.

Hope - Hope returned to TJS this week but hasn't been in sight. She's been locked away in her lab for the most part. On Friday, Fisher joined her in her lab that evening. We're not going to write it out because I don't have the time and it would be sorta dull, but basically she killed herself and brought herself back to life. She used a machine that is designed to do blood transfusions to drain her blood and then transfused in a few liters of blood from a vampire at the school. So come Saturday, she's no longer human. But she's still keeping out of sight at least for the weekend so the only person that would know is Fisher, and he better not be talking!

Cissy - She is still in Seattle with Jonah trying to sort through what's going on in her head. She will be online more in the coming week and will probably be reaching out to some of her friends and family back at TJS a bit more now that she's starting to feel like herself again.

Ingrid - She is up to the same old same old really. She's rarely seen and is normally to be found either in her room with Reese or in Reese's room with Reese. She has volunteered to assist Peyton and is awaiting further instruction. I assume we'll need to get into that in the week coming up, yes Kelly? Also, she and Lyle should have some quality sire/childe time sometime soon.

Also, FYI, Jude and Hope got into a public fight mid-week and he took off. He may possibly return at some point in time, but for now, he's gone,
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Prank list 
01:43am 12/06/2010
  Ok this is a basic rundown of what Cassie is doing every day to be as annoying as possible. Things will be explained if they need it as time goes on but I thought I'd put it up incase it affects anyone's plots, journals, AIMs, etc.

Monday - Poster (Up)
Tuesday -Chairs prank (busted)
Wednesday - Hidden speakers in the student common room blasting "Dancing Queen" (People with children would have their rooms soundproofed by magic probably)
Thursday -Classic water above the door trick on Ric's history class (Feel free to have a student get caught by it instead by accident)
Friday - Underwear on Fox's door with a note saying "You left these in my bedroom last night. xxx" (Feel free for ANYONE and ~EVERYONE to see and speculate)
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08:27pm 11/06/2010
  Ok guys! I know we have a lot of new security characters which gives the perfect opportunity for this!

On Tuesday of this game week Cassie is going to attempt to stop finals going on and Nikki suggested that one of the security staff catch her which would be fantastic! Soooooooooo anyone want to volunteer their character?

Obviously there will be a lot of small pranks going on throughout this week by Cassie as well so I'll try to post those soon just so people know. :)

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Another one of these 
10:42pm 05/05/2010
  Ok kids, time to plan the week out. I need scenes I have, scenes I need, AIMs I've done, need to do or are in the middle of doing. Let's! Get! ORGANIZED!!!


The Plan! )
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08:02pm 03/05/2010
  Anyone want to thread with Ada? I know I've been flaky lately, school and all, but I really don't want to get in such a rut with her that I can't get out. I need y'all to help out with that! There's an open thread for her and whoever wants it that I posted yesterday,

If you want to talk plot beyond like, random run-ins, leave me a note here, IM me at "brittjannor" on AIM, or e-mail me at I wanna get involved!

Plot Proposal 
11:46pm 28/04/2010
  So, Blue has decided she wants to bone a teacher. So I was wondering if any of the male teachers (sorry, she's one of my only straighties!) wanted a tiny little redhead trying to get in their pants. She's persistant, and will send nudie photos and blow kisses in the hallways and really just be embarassing as all hell in her affections. It's up to you whether she succeeds in her mission or not, whether your character would find her amusing or annoying or mortifying. You can also feel free to lead her on, get her all riled up and then leave her with lady blue balls. (I dunno what the female equivilant term is.) She just really wants to make a teacher's life hell, and I think it could be totally hilarious.  
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IT'S NOT A RU-MAH! (Actually it could be.) 
11:05pm 25/04/2010
  On Friday afternoon, Astrid (who no longer has her arm in a cast), Jack, Nick, and Summer were having dinner together during dinner hour in the cafeteria. After Jack and Astrid left the table together, Nick KISSED SUMMER ---- gasp ---- and then they could be seen leaving the cafeteria hand in hand.  
rumor mill! 
06:16pm 07/04/2010
  Summer: Summer could have been seen walking anywhere to and from the student kitchens/pool on Sunday and Monday afternoon - possibly later in the week, too - with Nick, the new student water sprite with awesome wings. She seems chipper lately.

Rae: Rae was MIA until late Sunday. Even from AIM. Which never happens. She's signed on 24/7 normally. She had an interesting weekend. She's been wearing bright red lips and coordinating eyemakeup. Usually no lipstick. Bwuh?

Jack: Jack has been shifting almost nightly. There's a good chance someones have seen him nakie outside. He doesn't really try to hide much. He aint shy.

Erin: Erin, since Tuesday, has been almost friendly. Talking to people in class, smiling at people.

Duncan: A mess. And drunk after Sydni's wedding.

Kelsey: Boring. :( Help.
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02:02pm 03/04/2010
  Okay, so on Tuesday a stupidly distracted Astrid is going to be caught outside on the Full Moon. She's got a lot going on and is just gonna miss that big red flag.

Jack, who is not distracted but perhaps just stupid, will be out there hunting because he wants to get his mind off the human drama going on in his life. He realizes it's the full moon and doesn't care. He hung out with his lycan friends back home, he figures it's really not a big deal here. See? Stupid.

Do any lycan players want to be part of a thread where they go after Astrid so Jack -- who presumably has a better grip on the human side of his brain than a full moon turned lycan does -- can rescue her? Your char doesn't have to be after Astrid for the kill (that's fun too though), maybe just for stalking fun.

Just some points:

a) Jack's not going to be mortally wounded in this plot
b) He doesn't even necessarily have to fight your char, though I'm down for it, as long as he doesn't lose limbs/get hurt too badly
c) Jack and Astrid DO get away to safety.

Your char can remember it later or not and apologize. Maybe a new friendship (or hatred) can form? Just an idea. Any grabbers?
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