Prank list   
01:43am 12/06/2010
  Ok this is a basic rundown of what Cassie is doing every day to be as annoying as possible. Things will be explained if they need it as time goes on but I thought I'd put it up incase it affects anyone's plots, journals, AIMs, etc.

Monday - Poster (Up)
Tuesday -Chairs prank (busted)
Wednesday - Hidden speakers in the student common room blasting "Dancing Queen" (People with children would have their rooms soundproofed by magic probably)
Thursday -Classic water above the door trick on Ric's history class (Feel free to have a student get caught by it instead by accident)
Friday - Underwear on Fox's door with a note saying "You left these in my bedroom last night. xxx" (Feel free for ANYONE and ~EVERYONE to see and speculate)
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