01:04am 26/08/2012
  Jacob has a secret soft spot for outcasts and people feeling unpopular. I expect all of you to exploit it.  
05:51pm 22/08/2012
  Hey kids! Demi here! I am apping another kiddo. His name us Greg and he's from California with a Benedict Cumberbatch. He was hit with the sickness that hit TJS ten years ago. Now he's at TJS for misbehaving at his old school. He's actually 15, but looks mid to late 20s. He's half a smoke demon with the other half being human. Would someone like to be a friend of the dad that's helping keep an eye on Greg? Any questions just hit me up here or aim!

EDIT: Kelly has come to the rescue with one of her kids.
08:25pm 20/07/2012
  And the big plot strikes! Okay kiddoes, Demi here and I was telling Jacqui about a plot I was going to offer up to people with my kids about a love potion. Someone accidentally puts it in someone else's food and chaos happens. Well, she liked it and I asked if maybe I could have more people involved and I got the green light!

Plot: A love potion is mixed into the school lunches by accident. Someone wasn't paying attention and oops! So know, whoever eats the meals falls in love with the first person they see. It could be someone they know or have never met before and the other person doesn't have to have taken the potion either. It's just puppy love, not scary passionate love that ends in death. It wears off after a few days. It's in the lunches Monday and ends Thursday.

So, if you feel like participating, it's easy and if you don't, it's easy to avoid. Just comment here with who you want falling head over heels for someone and then say who you want someone falling in love with. If you'd like to do a drawing, put DRAWING in the subject and if you just wanna team up with someone put TEAM UP in the subject so everyone knows. I'll update later with who's doing what so everyone knows. If you do pick drawing, I'll do it either Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe earlier depending on how many people comment with wanting to do it.

ALSO! This is next game week, so there's plenty of time to sort things out.

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10:03am 02/07/2012
  Since this place is a ghost town, save for the "Here are my kids in the future" posts...

TJS is officially (and temporarily) closed.
We will be accepting applications for the reopening starting Friday, July 6th. Please make sure that you update all current characters and that ages/birthdays accommodate for September 1st of 2019. **I am purging the friends list, the community members list, everyone is getting deleted so you must reapply if you want your characters in the game!** (Shoot me a note if you have any NPCs that you want friend added, so PCs can read emails/letters/notes from them.)

If you have ANY questions, please contact the mods through email:, OR you can simply comment here. Please run the Friend Button to remove everyone.

Game reopen date is scheduled for July 16th.
08:45pm 13/06/2012
  Okay! I'm thinking of bringing in a new girl. She's from Hawai'i originally, a native there. She'd be about 19-21 range, bi-sexual, and a water mage. She'd be coming to TJS because her father got a job offer he couldn't pass up and she'd go with him, but would want to be around other supernaturals. While she does have a fairly good grasp on her powers, she's not very good at interacting with other supernaturals and be there to learn about them. So, she'd kinda be staff as a gopher/teacher's aid possibly.

She's not apped yet or anything set in stone, so if you have anyone of your kids in mind just leave a comment here or im me!

PS here's her more than likely pb
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08:58pm 08/06/2012
  The vampire abductor is starting his rounds at TJS this week. He'll only be taking about one of two people a day, so be sure to stagger your peeps if you have more than one getting abducted. Also, maybe make a post about who is going and when, for other peoples' sake, and talk it out with those close to your kids. A girlfriend is likely to notice her boyfriend suddenly going missing.  
05:11pm 05/06/2012
  So, Demi and I have created a little storyline for ourselves, but there is an aspect of it that we thought we could extend to the rest of y'all if you're interested.

There is a vampire in the Danvers area that is kidnapping people, chaining them up in his basement and using them as a blood supply. [If you need a visual, think the beginning of True Blood's season two with Lafayette chained up beneath Fangtasia.] He is very old, very strong, very clever and criminally insane. There is a null spell in his basement, so after he knocks his victim unconscious, he chains them up down there where they are essentially human beings (meaning pretty much defenseless). Thereafter he will forcibly feed on them or, when there are guests over, cut them and drain them into glasses or a bucket or what have you. This process does kill some people, so there might be a dead body or two in the basement.

What is being offered to you:

We already have a set way for this to conclude, and your characters won't really be a part of that. Except, of course, for being there when everyone gets found and released. Basically this is an offer for some lesser-played people to have something to do, and be forced into a confined space with other characters. Sometimes great frienships blossom from forced encounters, and what better way to create that then to chain people up together in a huddled, bloody mass and make then think they're going to die? I can't think of one.

If you're interested, reply here! We don't have all the details ironed out yet (like a when or how long it'll go on) but it'll be soon. Here are some things you need to know:

- He won't take vampires. [Because of obvious reasons.]
- Your character will be knocked out before being brought to the house, so they don't know where they are. You can decide how the kidnapping goes- chloroform, bat to the head, struggle, poisoned dart, whatever.
- Being down in the basement will mean being in a magically nulled environment, which means your character will have NONE of their abilities. Therefore, if your person is only alive by magical means, I recommend they not participate, as they will be dead as long as they're in the basement.
- Cell phones will be taken and thrown in random dumpsters around the city, so no tracking
- The people in the null cannot be magically found. [No magic in, no magic out, see?]

I'll post more as I know it. Thanks!
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10:08pm 23/05/2012
  Okay, since Myron's going crazy with not having sex, who wants to be a friends with benefits? Everyone loves a guy who can go all night and then some, right? Right? . . . Right?  
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Ability Swap Plot 
10:06pm 10/04/2012
  As voted, here is the list of abilities swapped so you may research them and plan accordingly. I tried giving players abilities that none of their characters possess to spice it up a bit. If you have questions on an ability, ask the player or a mod!
[Edit] Or check the Race Guidelines page.

Xander - angelspawn

Riley - telekinetic/werelemur
Trevor - shaman
Candi - dryad
Harlow - ice mage

Rorie - vampire
Finn - werewolf/clairvoyant
Keely - witch
Lil Adam - clairvoyant/empath
Sim - succubus
Myron - empath/telepath
Spooky - electricity demon
Misha - vampire

Penny - healer
Ari - chaos demon
Kennedy - incubus
Beth - dhampir/werecoyote
Nicanor - witch
Max - dryad
Lily - succubus/empath
Shelley - regenorator
Godric - medium/shapeshifter

Malakai - angelspawn
Fox - empath/telekinetic
Declan - werelion
Bastian - banshee
Lupe - werecoyote
Jason - air sprite [with wings!]

Tiger - witch
Wesley - nature sprite
Berta - hellhound
Lincoln - vampire

Ava - pixie
Cassie - werelion
Kate - animator
Lu - hellhound
Mia - teleporter
Pearl - fauna
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Candi's sire plot conclusion. 
07:11pm 10/04/2012
  So on Wednesday morning around 5 am, Cassie will be showing up at Mal's house to stay near Garret.

Mal and Candi drove to Voluntown, CT to rescue Jason. After waiting until Thursday evening, 15 vampires were killed, 5 of which were 'babies'. Wolf was killed halfway through the battle, staked by Candi. Matthew (Wolf's favored) was spared by Jason and left to his own devices.

The trio came back Friday early morning, arriving just before sun up.

So mental states for them:

Mal is his usual self, though a bit more chipper from being able to bask as himself for awhile.
Jason is all sorts of mentally screwed up, from being with Wolf for 24 hours, having his sire killed and just dealing with the aftermath of it all.
Candi is feeling empowered, but worried about her son. She's thrilled Wolf is dead, and is more concerned about Jason than herself.
The Summation of the Riley/Godric/Jane scene 
10:25pm 12/01/2012
  The scene was gonna take too long, so we summed it up. Original scene can be found here.

Oh, and while I'm at it why don't I just set the entire world on fire, because that's the damage you do. )
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08:21am 12/01/2012
  Hey guys!

I'm bringing in a new kid next week, Trevor; he's Rez's nephew, Adam's big brother. He is a were lion and basically a cocky little shit. He likes to get people riled up and doesn't give a shit if people like him or not. He's straight-ish, he loves women but likes a few men and hates himself and them for it.


You have any thoughts, ideas, or you wanna take him for a test drive let me know!

01:02pm 28/12/2011
  Hi guys,
It's Shy again, I am in need of new kids, but I'm hoping that I can fit into some of your kids lives! I have a few pbs I'd like to use and maybe we can brainstorm to see if anything works.

So here are the pbs I want to use: )
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02:04pm 11/12/2011
  Hey guys,

So [info]dr_rileyquinn is back and he is in need of things/people to do. =) 

-It would be kind of awesome if he had his sister and brother show up, I’m going off of his mother’s family was super but no one ever knew. He hasn’t seen them since they left their small town and him behind. Brother enlisted in the Marines and his sister got married and ran off to NY.
-A guy he went to highschool with who was the quarterback and they had some nights together that the guy regretted/couldn’t handle. He’s a big question mark about what’s going on with him.
-His baby momma who at the moment lives in his house with round the clock care because she is “crazy” and constantly trying to kill herself but Riley is staring to realize it might be because she’s super and it’s messing her up. The only thing that’s a must for this character is red hair/ginger, and she needs to be young, like early 20’s.

Just comment here or hit me up on aim if you’re thinking about it. SugarQuinn

<3 Shy!
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Dance Card 
11:28pm 01/12/2011
  I think it's time for one of these, if only to put in perspective how many characters I have and the madness I've signed on for.

Ari )

Godric )

Lyle )

Garret )

Max )

Blue )

Kennedy )

Penny )

Mandy )

Billy )

June )

Lily )
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Tuesday Feb. 23rd 
05:21pm 22/11/2011
  Who: Penny and Spooky
What: A lazy ass aimscene
When: Tuesday Feb. 23rd, midday
Where: A hallway

Securing a fake date and getting a real one )
School Wide Plot 
09:25am 31/08/2011
  On February 6th, 2009, a virus is going to break out at TJS. What is special about this virus is that it skips humans completely and only affects those with supernatural DNA. The more human you are, the less affected you are. The virus works much like the flu virus- aches, fever, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, vomiting, etc. The further removed the DNA from human, the worse the symptoms will be. Lycans, vampires and full blooded demons will suffer it the most. Anyone who has yet to reach puberty will be rapidly aged 5-7 years, depending on race/human mix. It is possible for someone to die from the sickness.

But that's not all! Right before the outbreak, Danvers is going to get a huge snowstorm, which will lock TJS down so no one can leave or get in. The official virus begins on the 6th, and outside help with a cure will arrive on the 13th, though it doesn't work instantaneously and some people will need a few days to recouperate (estimate until the 16th for those who were more afflicted). Yes, this may ruin valentine's day, sometimes these things happen.

What you need to be aware of/plan for:
- Younger characters will age! Unless your kid has hit puberty already, they're gonna grow older. Either get them off campus (and keep them off) during the duration, or find them an older PB.

- There will be NO LEAVING CAMPUS throughout the storm/sickness. If you don't want your characters affected, get them off campus before evening of the 6th. They will not be allowed back until after the storm passes. Characters living off campus will either stay there, or they need to find a reason to be on campus that night.

- The phones/internet at TJS will work, but sporradically. Power failures are likely.

- Cold and flu medicines might help alleviate some peoples' symptoms, but not by much. They're just gonna have to suffer this one out. Withes may try to find some remedies, but since they don't know how the virus works it's unlikely they'll get anything useful, especially since they'll be sick themselves.

If you have any more questions, please post them here so we can be prepare answers before the plot arrives.
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Tuesday January 13th 2009 
04:37pm 19/08/2011
  For those who went to Lyle's apartment at 9pm on Tuesday evening... )  
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08:27am 19/08/2011
  For Pearl and Aisling )  
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07:52pm 05/08/2011
  Hello all! Demi here! I have a story line that needs help being filled. Spooky, my anti-social teleporter, is in need of someone to maybe play his daughter, Lily. She's a teleporter as well and is also Blue's niece! So if anyone's got the hankering for helping me out, that'd be great! If you wanna know anything else, hit me up on aim or ask here!