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[07 Jan 2013|11:36pm]

Today marks the third year anniversary of the opening of TJS. And, sadly, its last year. It's no secret that activity has dwindled considerably, and it just isn't worth keeping the comm open anymore. However, because it is inconsiderate and frustrating when games close without any kind of notice, there will be one more game week in which you can wrap up any plots you wish. The universe will continue on as usual, no great explosion for a finale or a mass death to everyone, so if you have no plans for your characters they can just keep doing whatever they do.

I hope you've enjoyed the game, and good luck on your future gaming endeavors.

The official closing date will be January 20th.
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[06 Jan 2013|11:29am]

Week change Tuesday.
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[27 Dec 2012|04:49pm]

Nic is getting changed on Monday morning )
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Gender Switch Backs [27 Dec 2012|04:13pm]

People are going to change back to their usual selves, but it will be staggered. The change will happen when they wake up the next morning. They were all chosen at random so no blaming me that your babies are stuck miserable!




If you want any of your other characters to suddenly partake in the changes, feel free to pepper them in as you will. They can switch either Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning.
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[27 Dec 2012|09:56am]

The week is changing either later on today, or tomorrow, depending on the activity posted and/or protests to it.

The gender swap plot will be addressed at the week change.
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Transformations! [10 Dec 2012|10:41pm]

List - Completed, I think )
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[10 Dec 2012|04:47pm]

Anyone opposed to an early week change?
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My kids too! [10 Dec 2012|01:04pm]

This is a good idea! <3

Transformers )
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[09 Dec 2012|12:23pm]

Alrighty, I'm throwing my kids into the mix! Although, as an FYI, I'm going to drop Frankie. She just doesn't inspire me with this particular plot anymore, so I'm moving her elsewhere.

Now onto the PBs for the gender swap.

Maggie = Jeremy Sumpter
Nox = Leslie Mann
Denver = Steven Yeun

Remington won't be involved because he's still doing battle all sexy gladiator style... RARR!
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Gender Swap Photos [08 Dec 2012|01:41pm]

Good idea, Dems. These are all my peeps that are changing (Nic and Collette have asked to sit this one out).

The Changes )
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Gender Swap! [08 Dec 2012|11:21am]

Putting this here so there's no accidental copies made.

Kids before and after Swap )
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[06 Dec 2012|11:35pm]

So! As discussed with a few of you, we have a plot upcoming. It is the oldie but goodie Gender Swap. It's going to occur on late Saturday night, so when they all wake up on Sunday they will be switched around.
These are the rules:
- You don't have to participate, of course, but you can do as many of your characters as you'd like
- Your character doesn't have to keep the same face. This means that along with gender, your character can change height, weight, race, anything else. They could look like a totally different person, not just the opposite gender version of themselves.
- However, they do have to remain in the same relative age group. No teenagers looking like middle agers and vice versa.

If you have any questions, just ask!

EDIT: You can change your character's ethnic race, not their supernatural one.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS [05 Dec 2012|10:53pm]

First, the thing we are definitely doing: Secrets. We're doing secrets again for those who'd like to participate. They are due on the 30th so I can post them for the new year.

The thing we might do: Secret Santa. I know things have been lacking on the comm, and people are busy, so we're taking a vote on this and if we get enough people who want to do it we'll do it. Reply here and let me know if you're interested or not.
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[02 Dec 2012|02:02pm]

The week will be changing later on today, so if you have anything you need to post/app, please do so.
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[19 Nov 2012|09:13pm]

Due to a spell gone wrong (do they ever go any other way?), Nathaniel and Remington are going to disappear Monday morning and won't be back for an indefinite amount of time.
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Introduction [19 Nov 2012|09:37am]

This is Lo! He's a 24 year old half smoke demon who is starting his junior year of college (art major). Lo is a very laid back kind of guy, sometimes infuriatingly so. But he's fun and he's sweet and he's a really good listener/secret keeper.

Let me know if you have any use/interest in him. He's good with all ages.
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Character Add [18 Nov 2012|11:43pm]

A new character has been added, please run the Friend button.
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[10 Nov 2012|11:16am]

Okay so this is how Halloween works:

The Halloween dance happens on Friday, which is where high schoolers and college kids can wear their costumes and dance like fools.

Also on Friday there is a grown-up party at the Danvers Hilton (Collette throws a party every year so this is business as usual) where teachers who aren't chaperoning can put on costumes and dance like fools.
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[09 Nov 2012|01:32pm]


Read more... )
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[08 Nov 2012|05:20pm]

Halloweeeeeen )
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