Aug. 26th, 2013


Weekly Challenge 1 @ Nerd-Icons

Come check out the first weekly challenge at our icontest!
Summer Blockbusters @ [info]nerd_icons!

Aug. 22nd, 2013


Calling fellow nerds... and icon makers.

[info]nerd_icons has officially been converted into an icontest community. The first weekly challenge will go up on Monday, but there are lots of other types of challenges and things to do, so please check it out! :D It's multi-fandom, by the way - no nerd left behind. Going to feature the following - for the competitive and the not-so-competitive:

-Weekly Challenge
-Pick My Best
-10 Variations
-100 Icon Challenge

One more time, that's [info]nerd_icons. Tell your friends. ;)

Jun. 22nd, 2013


Ad Community?

I don't want to see this community go to waste, so I'm going to open it up and allow people to post icons to it just as they would to pb_updates, etc. Post old or new icons, any sort - people, places, animals, things, stock, comics, adult content, etc. Thanks to those who tried! :D

Makers - please tell your friends! Let's get some icons up here. XD

-Beck / [info]celtic_cherokee

Aug. 29th, 2012


Our Tags System

About Our Tags

Featured/informative entries are tagged with (!).
Individual subjects/celebrities are tagged with (#).
Physical/Ethnicity tags are labeled with (+).
General tags are labeled "~gen: topic: sub topic".

0s = Children ten and under.
10s = Middle/high school and college ages.
20s-80s = Grouped by traditional, decade-long age categories, hopefully self-explanatory.

"aboriginal" = Indigenous Australian.
"african" = African/black.
"arabic" = Middle Eastern.
"asian" = Asian, Japanese, oriental.
"caucasian" = Caucasian/white.
"hispanic" = South American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc.
"indian" = People from India.
"jewish" = Jewish, Ethnic Hebrew.
"mediterranean" = Romani, Italian.
"mixed" = Any combination of two or more ethnicities.
"mutant" = Human, but alternate in appearance (superheroes, etc).
"non-human" = Mythical creatures, cyborgs, aliens, etc.
"native american" = All tribes of North American natives.
"pacific islander" = Polynesian, Melanesian, Micronesian.

"brown" = brunette, brown, light brown.
"black" = black, blue-black, very dark brown.
"blond" = blond(e), platinum.
"red" = natural red, auburn, dyed red.
"wild" = unnatural or stylized coloring.
"gray" = natural gray or white due to aging.
"bald" = natural balding, baldness or shaved.

"~gen: ______" = Icons of specific/notable archetypes or physical attributes (punk / medical professional / musician / glasses).
For specific fandoms - films/bands/tv shows/comic books/characters, start with the title and add from there. If the icons are of multiple characters, use the title if you prefer not to get nitty-gritty. If the set is of one specific character, feel free to list them. EX: "supernatural" or "supernatural: dean winchester".

Please reply below if you have any questions or comments concerning the tags!

Aug. 28th, 2012


Active/Accessible Icon Makers List

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How To Update / Drop Box / Resources / Volunteers?

Copy and paste the following in an entry to add your icons.

Comment here if you'd like to be a librarian! :D
Any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions can be added here, as well.
If you are an icon maker and have a (new/old) subject who isn't listed amongst our tags, please comment here with a link to that entry and we'll get them added in.

The Redhead Listing.
The Transgender/Genderqueer/Androgynous Listing.
The Period Costumes Listing (by [info]spacebug).
All Librarians Use This Journal: [info]icon_librarians

Icon Resources
[info]wikicon [info]pb_updates [info]find_icons [info]find_a_pb [info]jailbaiticons
The Librarians
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