Aug. 28th, 2012


How To Update / Drop Box / Resources / Volunteers?

Copy and paste the following in an entry to add your icons.

Comment here if you'd like to be a librarian! :D
Any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions can be added here, as well.
If you are an icon maker and have a (new/old) subject who isn't listed amongst our tags, please comment here with a link to that entry and we'll get them added in.

The Redhead Listing.
The Transgender/Genderqueer/Androgynous Listing.
The Period Costumes Listing (by [info]spacebug).
All Librarians Use This Journal: [info]icon_librarians

Icon Resources
[info]wikicon [info]pb_updates [info]find_icons [info]find_a_pb [info]jailbaiticons
The Librarians
[info]celtic_cherokee [info]italian_jew