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Who: Sam Winchester; OPEN (Callout to Dean Winchester however.)
Where: The ballroom
When: 2:00 pm
Rating: TBA
OOC: Please to be in a posting order.

After Sam had left the kitchen, he'd once again found himself wondering the halls in confusion. He still didn't know where he was or what his purpose in being here was, but for a brief second Sam feared that someone who'd they'd just defeated wasn't so defeated and once again causing chaos with starting the same battle royale scenario over. It couldn't be possible though, for one, none of the people he'd previously met in the kitchen had any connection to his dreams, and two, that bastard was destroyed; the colt wouldn't miss.

An eerie presence continued to linger down on Sam as he'd ventured forth and soon found himself in a spacious and exquisite ballroom. The cold that followed him only grew as the empty air expanded with the airy room. Whoever owned this place wasn't cheap on the furniture either; the place was filled with antiques that could be worth thousands of dollars if auctioned. There was a sudden chill in the air just then and worried as to what might have caused that feeling, Sam knew he wasn't alone.

yo. [userpic]
A nap. Or something.

Who: John Constantine, Chas Kramer
Where: Upper hallways, bedrooms
When: around 2:00 pm
Rating: TBD (Maybe asleep they won’t cuss…)

Watching John head towards the stairs and wondering for a moment whether he was going to make it as far, Chas decided to follow him as well, because even though he’d settle for the floor at this moment, a bed did sound just terribly inviting. And in case, he decided to keep behind John … not that he’d be much of help if the exorcist did opt for toppling over, but still.

Yeah, the bird attack had been certainly stressful – or more, the trying to get the hell away from them – but in the end, the overall exhaustion in his case was more to be blamed on the shock, he had to admit. Wasn’t everyday some birds decided to go all Alfred Hitchcock on him, now that was for sure.

He was surprised, really, that he could even muster the strength to go up the stairs at this point. Well, no bets on whether or not he would make it up to the top of them at this point, but it was a start that he didn’t fall backwards down the first steps again already. Or fell asleep on them, for that matter. After what had just happened, it was the small things he had to be glad about, certainly.

Who: Spence and Rain, and Alice.
Where: To the kitchen, away!
When: 1:30.
Rating: Rated Aaaarrrr (R. for language)
OOC: Posting order you *$$%^^%##@!!! (Some what.)

Sitting up on the counter swinging her legs back and forth had Rain stared at the old coffee pot, sure that it could do the job. But something else was on her mind. Guilt? No. Alice? No. It was Spence, he was plaguing her thoughts. The woman huffed silently as she jumped down from the counter and took a stance against it, rolling her eyes back a little into a slight glare.

"Why'd you do it?...for her?"

Still Day One?! WTH?! xP

Who: Alice, Spence, and open
Where: The Main Hallway...and beyond!!
When: 1:15pm
Rating: R, because we like to swear dammit!
OOC: Posting order please.

Alice made her way up the stairs from the basement, nibbling on the cookie she'd stolen from Spence as if to savor it as much as she could. She kept the blade on her shoulder as she paused, wondering where Rain had gone off to. She turned to make sure Spence was still behind her, because if she had to go find him and he was in the clutches of some zombie thing, that would just be too much work. Smirking, she continued down the hall, hearing voices of some nature. Maybe it was Rain?

She put the rest of the cookie in her mouth, just to hold it as both hands went for the hilt of her blade. She must've looked ridiculous.

Day One

Who: Alice, Spence, and open
Where: The Basement
When: 12:45pm
Rating: TBD
OOC: Posting order please

Spence had been very quiet the rest of the way down the steps. Maybe his feelings were hurt. That seemed just like him. After all, consequences for his actions? Impossible. He didn't deserve any of that. Not at all. His shoulders had loosened up by the time they had emerged into the basement hallway nonetheless.

Spence shifted back, looking both ways, and his eyes lingered where the hallway bent around the corner to the right before turning them to the doors. He fidgeted uncomfortably, and his eyes darted up to the ceiling as if it would suddenly collapse in on him. There was just something about being underground...even if it wasn't far under ground.

His eyes shifted then to Alice, his coat first and then up to her face. He still hadn't been sure he trusted her not to shove him down the stairs--but she hadn't. Was she that altruistic? Somehow that didn't seem right either. Neither of them were the good guys, exactly. They'd both worked for Umbrella, even if she'd wanted to take it down. And he...well, he had--probably. There was no way they could cover up something like that. No way.

If anybody was alive.

Spence, after his little contemplative moment was over, walked forward, curving widely to the right. He stretched his head out to see down that little piece of hallway around the bend without having to get too close. And he listened as hard as he could. With all his luck, there was some giant, mutant creature with an enormous tongue clinging to the ceiling, waiting for him. Or something.

Day One, the never ending

Who: John Constantine, Rain Ocampo, Chas Kramer
Where: The forest and Hallway
When: Around 1 p.m.
Rating: R for language (...surprise, surprise!)
OOC: Posting order, please.

Now lined up in front of the main door, the freezing wind and grey sky didn’t make the view of the equally grey and dark forest an any more pleasant one. Still, even if the sky had decided to clear up just that very moment, Chas doubted things would have looked any more brighter. Actually, he doubted anything could make the view before them any less glum and uninviting.

“I’m not liking the looks of it.” Chas stated, needlessly. The eerie looks of the forest worked better than a keep out sign and spring guns, in his opinion. Had he mentioned already how really, really not keen he was on entering the forest? Yeah, he really wasn’t – at all. If not for the looks of it already, the complete and utter lack of sounds coming from it just put the cherry on it. “Nothing against the gardener, but this? Is horror movie material.” Which summed up the overall feeling of the place only all too well, in his opinion.

Glancing from John to Rain and back again, he stuffed his hands in his pockets. “After you.” No way he was going to be the first one to set foot into that forest. For some reason or other, he seemed to lack all his adventurous drive today. He suspected he’d left that in Los Angeles, somewhere with reality and common sense.

Day One

Who: Alice & Spence; open
Where: Around the second floor
When: 12:15pm
Rating: TBD
OOC: Posting order please

Alice walked slowly up the stairs, back up to the second floor. She had her arms folded across her chest once more. She felt a little nervous with everything that was going on, but in the back of her mind, she knew she could handle pretty much anything that crossed her path. She wasn't entirely sure how, but she was sure nonetheless. She paused at the top of the stairs, looking around to see if anyone else was in the hall. Seeing the coast was clear, she started walking towards the room she had woken up in.

She let out a sigh as she cautiously pushed open the door. It seemed it was all clear too. She went inside, leaving the door open in case Spence was following her, and found Spence's jacket lying on the back of a chair. She bit her lip as she picked it up, putting it on with only the slightest hesitation. At least she had her arms covered now.

Day One

Who: John Constantine, Chas Kramer, Rain Ocampo and open to all.
Where: Kitchen
When: 12:30am
Rating: TBD
OOC: Posting order, if you please.

"How many eggs do you want?" He glanced up over his shoulder at Chas. John had decided on eggs, since he missed breakfast, and since they were quick and relatively easy. He'd decided this sometime between the bathroom, stairs and the kitchen, and so now had slipped open the door to the refrigerator. And sure enough, there, eggs. Judging liberally, he took out one of the cartons of one dozen eggs, without waiting for Chas' response. These he settled on the counter before he went about pulling open cabinets and searching their contents for a frying pan. Belatedly he thought of bacon.

There was an odd energy to John. He even looked a little healthier, despite the square of gauze that covered his cheek and his usually pallid complexion. There was no coughing. More importantly, there was no brooding to be done right now. He had a task to do. Something. Make eggs. He had motivation; he was hungry. The man had stripped off his jacket and tie, folded them sloppily on the island in the middle of the kitchen. But the moment he'd rolled his sleeves up past those odd tattooed symbols on his arms, he gotten to work. But then, maybe he was just really hungry.

At last finding a frying pan, he clanged it unceremoniously up ontop of the counter beside the stove, closed the cupboard, and set to poking around drawers for a spatula. This creepy house, that redheaded monster girl, and the rest of the God damned world could wait until after lunch. Right now? John was cooking. And then he was eating. And then the world could have it's turn.

Someone is watching.

Who: Nancy Thompson, Tagging, any of the ghosts.
Where: Her Bedroom
When: 12:15pm
Rating: TBD
OOC comment: Posting order, please.

A chill swept through the air once Nancy left the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around her chest and rubbed her arms for warmth. Obviously someone found the air conditioning She quickly found the staircase and took the steps two at a time. Upon reaching the 2nd floor, she walked past each of the bedrooms, stopping only momentarily to glance inside the room Brigitte,Ginger and JD occupied. "Ew", she said loud enough for them to hear.

Shaking her head she made her way down to her own room. Stepping inside she looked for a light source, spotting a window on the opposite wall, she skipped over and jerked the curtains open. No light came through the window, for it was being blocked on the other side by a solid object. A solid object with...eyes.

Taking into consideration she was apparently on the second floor, she doubted whomever, or whatever was standing there, was not of the human variety. Stumbling back with fear she landed on her bed.

((ooc: if any of the ghosts would like to be that "figure" now is your chance :p ))

Day One

Who: John Constantine, Chas Kramer
Where: Bathroom 1 on the second floor.
When: 11:45am
Rating: R for language.
OOC comment: Posting order, please.

John had found the bathroom, or at least a bathroom, up on the second floor. It just so happened to be almost directly across from the bedroom he'd woken up in. He could have kicked himself for stumbling around like an idiot when he'd had that coughing attack, and bloodying his hankerchief for no reason. Even so, the past was the past, and John couldn't change it. Besides, the cloth would have gotten bloody anyway thanks to that redhead. The important thing was, that he'd found it. It hadn't even taken him long, after he'd climbed the stairs. He'd only tried a few doors, really.

Now the door was propped open to the blue tiled bathroom, and the medicine cabinet had been flung wide. John wasted no time in imposing himself upon the contents of the well stocked cabinet, his fingers pushing and nudging bottles out of the way. At last he came up with clean gauze, antiseptic wash, and a possibly expired bottle of cough syrup. He settled his pillaged supplies on the sink, and closed the medicine cabinet again. He was leaning forward, over the sink as he upended the antiseptic onto the gauze set against the top. This was wonderful, just wonderful. Probably the cut didn't even need to be washed, it was bleeding rather freely--too many blood vessels in the face--but he was going to play it safe, for now. Although, he imagined that if there had been any toxins involved, they would have gone into effect by now.

So, John, going about the all too familiar routine of cleaning wounds, was left to think. He stared at the gash in his reflection's cheek while his mind wandered somewhere high above his head. Just who was that old man that had given him the envelope. Why was he here? And why was Chas here? Was it just to get to John? It didn't make sense. Why then would all these strangers be there, and why were most of them so young? And who was that redhead? What was she?

John could really only come to two conclusions. One, they needed weapons. Or two, they needed to get out of here. A twinge just between his eyes caused him to dip his head forward and pinch the bridge of his nose. Aspirin. He needed aspirin.

Day One

Who: J.D., Brigitte and whoever
Where: Brigitte's Bedroom
When: 12:00 pm
Rating: TBD
OOC: Posting order plz.

One minute J.D. was humming to himself in the basement of his highschool, setting up a bomb that would express his greatest plan in one big, fiery explosion. The next, he was on a messy bed in house he had never seen before in his freakin' life. "What. The. Hell?" the teenager swore as he sat up in the bed, brushing his hair out his eyes and looking blankly at the room. There were either two answers for this. A) He was dead and this was the after-life. And if that was the case, J.D. was seriously disappointed. He had been really hoping for clouds, angels and maybe even a harps to create the effect. That's assuming you're going to heaven, J.D. silently chided himself. There was always the other option of going to hell but somehow white pine and quilted blankets just weren't the sorta thing J.D. thought Satan would be up for.

Which lead to option B) A hospital. The only question was, what kinda hospital. J.D. looked down at his body, noticing that he was still wearing the blue jeans, black tee-shirt and usual black trench coat as always. "Huh", he sighed as he climbed out of bed and looked cautiously about the room. With a few quick strides, J.D. was out the door and in the hallway only to be faced with more doors...and more doors...all of which J.D. opened with little success. The rooms were empty and looked pretty much just like the room J.D. had woken up in. But this place doesn't look like a hospital, he was thinking as he opened the next door. Success! Another human life form was curled up under the blankets.

For a moment, all J.D. saw was dark brown hair which looked familiar and caused him to speak out loud.


Day one.

Who: Rain, Spence, Alice, anyone.
Where: Downstairs bathroom.
When: 11:30
Rating: TBD
OOC Note: Posting order please.


Rain Ocampo had grumbled all the way through the hallway and even passed a closet on the way to walking around in circles. Finally the young woman came upon a bathroom and closed the door. There was no lock on it, or so she had seen. Suspiciously eyeing the door had the Latina began to unzip her BDU jacket and let it fall on the floor. She looked at her hand for a moment and frowned, tears were visible in her eyes. Her arms crossed over her abdomen had she lifted the black t-shirt up and over her head and tossed that with the jacket. Her skin felt like it was crawling on her. A gash in her neck from the bite marks of J.D.

Moving the strap of her black sports bra down a little bit, Rain grimaced looking at the blood and set to clean herself up as her olive colored hand went to the mirror and opened it, finding a box of gauze and began to unravel her bandaged hand with a soft gasp of pain.

Day One

Who: Ash, Jack, Epps and anyone who wants to tag along.
Where: Outside the house/ Heading to the groundskeepers.
When: 11:30
Rating: TBD
OOC Note: Please follow a posting order.

Jack was already heading down the stairs when Ash turned around. He still a bad feeling about all this but he pushed those thoughts aside. This whole things was a nightmare, of course he was going to feel shitty about all this. He glanced at Epps, giving the curly haired woman a shrug before she headed down the stairs after Jack. Ash soon followed suit. For a moment, he thought he saw someone moving down the hallway out of the corner of his eye but once Ash got a good look, he realized there was no one there. “Screwy place”, he muttered, silently wishing he still had that chainsaw attached to his wrist instead of a metal hand. Not that the latter wasn’t useful. The metal hand was three times as strong as his regular one and made it easier to shoot a gun but…

Ash took a deep breath as he walked down the stairs, into the downstairs hallway and then found the backdoor that lead out to a wide green lawn. He paused to look at the fountain that spewed clean, clear water before looking up at the grey sky once more. “Maybe we should have took a weapon”, Ash commented out loud but he continued walking across the green, dew-covered grass which soaked the hem of his pants.

The weather two story shack wasn’t too far of a walk from the mansion and within ten minutes, Ash was up at the front door and knocking with his human hand. “Hey grandpa, you in here? We’ve got some questions to ask you”.

Day One

Who: May Canady and OPEN
When: 10:30 am
Where: Library
Rating: TBD
OOC note: Please follow a posting order.

Like others, May awoke in a simple bedroom on the second floor. However, unlike the others, May had a very distinct look about her as she was still wearing her Halloween costume. A red patch-work dress made mostly of leather, suede, and silk, her old-fashioned white and black Mary Jane heels and blood covering her forearms and hands. When May finally opened her eyes, they itched from having been asleep with her contacts on and her hands were sticky with the dried blood. She sat on the bed for a few minutes, staring around the bedroom in shock before she rose to her feet and moved with a dream like quality to the door. I must be asleep, the tiny killer decided as she reached the door. It was the only explanation, the only logical one and May just assumed she had passed once she got home with her ‘goodies’.

Convinced that it was still a dream, May ignored the voices she heard of the other house-guests off in the distance and went in search for a bathroom. She had a strong urge to wash her hands now but it wasn’t until she reached the main floor that she found the bathroom. For a few quiet minutes May washed her hands in peace, humming contently until she had that odd feeling of being watched creep over her. Her blue, nearly perfect eyes travelled up the mirror when she saw the child standing behind her. Blond curls and bright blue eyes with a shy smile, those were the first details May noticed. “Hello”, she said as she slowly turned around, drying her hands on a nearby towel. The child giggled and suddenly walked through the door.

May’s eyebrows shot up but the strange girl was more curious then frightened. After all, this was just a dream, wasn’t it? With her heels muffled by the carpet in the hallway, May followed the girl outside the bathroom. Just in time to see the young ghost slip through the library door.

“Impossible”, May breathed as she moved to follow

Day one

Who: Billy Loomis : Open to everyone.
Where: Main floor: Kitchen
When: 10am
Rating: R for language.

Billy had always been an early riser and even being transported hadn't changed that. About twenty minutes ago he had woken up in a strange bedroom in his corn syrup and blood stained tee-shirt and jeans with no memory of how he had gotten there. Correction, almost no memory. He could remember what he had been doing last, which was chasing Sidney around her house as that fucking bitch slipped away from Billy and Stu. Then a stranger appeared around the corner. Billy hadn't known the man but that didn't stop him trying to stab the son-of-a-bitch but something weird had happened. Billy flew back, unable to harm the man who approached him and dropped a letter on Billy's chest. The next thing the homicidal teenager knew, he was in a bedroom in the middle of nowhere.

Originally Billy had planned to leave the house as he headed downstairs but once he got there, he realized he would be better off trying call someone or find whoever lived here. "Swanky", Billy said to himself as he moved down the hard wood stairs and into the carpeted hallway. He poked his head into the lounge for a moment but there wasn't a phone or living soul in there. The next was the kitchen. Billy's eyes widened as he took the large room in. "I guess there are worse places to end up", he said out loud as he moved into the warm room. His eyes traveled over the walls, the steel colored appliances but they couldn't find the one thing he was looking for.

"Where's the goddamn phone?" That was when he noticed the large kitchen knives in the wooden block on the counter. With a quick glance down at his clothes, Billy moved forward and pulled out a knife with a sticky hand. Sure, it looked ominous, the seemingly blood-stained young man holding a huge knife in his hand but Billy didn't care. He could always lie about what had happened, as he was planing to, and he'd rather have the knife on him, should he need it.

As soon as he thought of that, Billy hear a noise that sounded like it was coming from the hallway. He took one step and stopped. Okay, you're not that stupid! he told himself. You know what happens to people who check out creepy noises in horror movies.

Day One {{Thread Closed}}

Who: Ash Williams and OPEN TO ALL
Where: Ash's Bedroom then Hallway on the second floor
When: 10am

“Shop smart, shop S-mart”, Ash murmured in his sleep as he tossed and turned on the bed. He had been saying that motto so often at work that it had leaked into his dreams. It was better than his more recent nightmares of deadites, freaky time travel adventures, and being chopped into pieces but the thing was, Ash wasn’t supposed to be asleep. He was supposed to be at S-mart, doing over-time to make up for all those shifts he missed while he was back in the past fighting evil demons. As if knowing this in his sleep, Ash suddenly jerked awake and sat up right in his bed. “What…who…how?” he incoherently sputtered as his blue eyes darted around the room. It was pretty, nice, defiantly a chick’s room, and certainly not Ash’s. Did I get lucky last night? he wondered for a moment. Where’s the lucky girl then? Somehow Ash didn’t think this was the case. Wasn’t I at work?

Yes, that was it. He had been at work, talking/hitting on the new girl in electronics when that old man had approached him. Approached him and tried to make him take an envelope, even though Ash refused because he had a bad feeling about the old coot. “Looks like my instincts were right again”, Ash muttered as he stood up and looked around the room. It looked like he had been kidnapped but that was stupid. Who the hell would wanna kidnap him?

Ash’s attention was distracted by the glint of light hitting off his metal hand. Oh..fuck. This didn’t have anything to do with that damn book, did it? “I’m gonna kill that jerk”, Ash swore before turning and running out of his bedroom. It was that gray-haired son-of-a-bitch who was behind this, he just knew it. “Hey grandpa, where they hell are you?” Ash yelled out as he moved down the hallway. “Yoo-hoo, anybody home?” he added with a sarcastic tone, cupping his hands around his mouth to make his voice louder before they dropped helplessly to his side. What the hell was going on here?

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