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Both Epps and Ginger are stuck, I'm going to take a little hiatus till this game comes alive again. :(

Week Hiatus

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that starting tomorrow (Sat. Nov. 10) I'm going to be gone for a week (until Sat. Nov. 17) and unable to access a computer. The reason being I'm going on a cruise to Mexico.

¡Hasta Luego amigos!

Ok so I'm still really kinda stuck and bored...
If anyone wishes to entertain me, do it up good.
If I can't move in another week I think I might pull out of the game.
<3 Not like a threat or anything. Just a heads up in case you miss me.

yo. [userpic]

Dear Haunted House,

I know, I know, not everyone can deal with the fact
that I was on vacation and I'm sure you missed me all ... not.
but hell, that's no reason for the community to commit suicide! D:

Alas, I would request you all come back to life now.
Because I can, pffcha.

Much lvoe


Stuck in place! RAWR! Someone entertain me

You think it's over but it's just begun.

Two things, real quick:

First off, today's episode of when nice guys join the ranks of evil, featuring Amanda Young from SAW I - III! Maybe IV, who knows, I'll tell you when I find a cinema in London. They gotta have those, right? ...Anyway. Amanda, [info]nobody_learns, is not the most stable person nor necessarily nice, but she can put up a great act - I'm sure you'll get along just nicely.

Second thing, I'm leaving on Friday evening for a five day trip to London, alas, I'll be gone from the 26th until the 1st of November. Wish me a nice time and cross your fingers we'll make it out alive.

Much lvoe and I will miss you all~

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Hiya, it's Jesseca, aka Alice, here again. I'm a Bad Guy now!!! Haha
Yeah, so Severen is from a lil movie called Near Dark. Not many people claim to have seen it though...sad. But yeah, he's an evil vampire with deadly spurs...so you best watch out xP

Introducing myself

Hi! I’m April and I’m playing Sam Winchester from the TV show “Supernatural.”Thankfully, I can participate a lot sooner than I thought (I didn’t think I’d have internet until Friday the 19th, but because I’m at my mom’s for a couple days, I do. Otherwise I’d be at my house without it and unable to play until the cable man came.) But thank you to the mod (Annie) for understanding my dilemma, even though it didn’t happen. I appreciate that you understood regardless.

Anyway, my timezone is PST and I’ll more than likely be available in the evenings after 6pm, unless I’m not working four days a week. If you guys want to contact me, I have AIM and that’s darko crumbles.

Uhh… Don’t have anything else to add, so I guess that’s that.

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I'd just like to point something out.

Even zombies have feelings too.


Hi Everybody

*Cues hi Doctor Nick'

Evan here again, just letting you all know that I'v taken on a third character: Jason Dean or as he prefers to be called J.D., from the black-comedy Heathers. A great flick from the 80s for those who haven't seen it. And for those who have and are thinking 'Gee, this character is a lot like Billy Loomis who Evan's already playing', I assure you they shall be different from one another. Jason is a wild-card, not a villain. He generally wants to be liked and get along with people and will try to do so at first. It's only when he meets assholes that murderous thoughts dance through his head like sugar plums are wont to do (Remember that christmas rhyme? Yeah, lame joke #33030821)

Anyway, if any of your lovely characters would love to meet, talk with, or bitch-slap J.D., just let me know XD

Contact info is the same as before and for those who don't know it, check out player contact list because I'm too lazy to repost it.


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Another notice

Again with the notices :)

Some of you may have seen Nancy's suggestion on [info]hauntedhouseooc (if you haven't, check it out) about having hints and clues being introduced into the game. Well, I do have plans for such things that will be brought into the game via the NPCs and their journal [info]hhnpc. While players are still free to deal with NPCs on their own without permission (for small things), larger interaction will be done in the form of this journal. I will have more details about the NPCs posted in [info]hhnpc but for the moment, there is information about them at HERE.

I will also set up a post or message box in the NPC journal where players can comment if they want interaction with the NPC journal (i.e- you want me to come into a thread as the NPC).

Any concerns, questions, suggestions or comments? Please post :)

[Edited: The messages post is HERE]


I was thinking, maybe one way to get us a bit more organized would be if the grounds keeper, periodically left more envelopes around the mansion or even to be found by certain players, with instructions,...maybe something simple as "gather in the living room and play the tape on the table" or "the this and that must be found in the woods" or "you must kill so and so if you want to survive to leave the mansion"...anything or everything in between.

Just a small heads up. Ginger is being a... well, a bitch and deciding to play host in the mansion. Obviously this is fake...but if you could all be naive and play along, it'd rock. Because we all know the werewolf will get hers in the end.

'Ello. Come inside and meet the Missus.

Hey, I'm Holly. I'll be playing the ever lovable Baby Firefly. Vera if you want a real name but I don't think anyone ever has much time to call her anything. Anyways, Hello hello. Alice is my BESTEST FRIEND FOREVAAAAAAAAAAA in RL(real life? What's that?) so if I do something to her character you guys think is godmodding chances are we talked about it before hand. But if I do anything to YOUR charrie you think isn't kosher just tell me. I'll fix it. Other than thaaaaaaaat.... See youz guyz

Oh yeah I guess I should put contact Info Up

AIM: katydid9875 (ignore how horrible i made it when i was 10!! way too lazy to change it now)
MSN: zombie.moon@hotmail.com (usually used for email only.)

Hi there,
Jen again. Just wanted to (belatedly) inform anyone not already in the know that in addition to playing the devious Spencer parks, I am also playing the curmudgeonly John Constantine.

Quick contact information (for those too lazy to scroll):
AIM: The Redival, FeightedDawn
Yahoo: f.aidspray
MSN: f.aidspray@hotmail.com
email: f.aidspra@gmail.com

Oh, uh, in if you have some cough syrup, I'd be much obliged.


Hello, I will be playing Nancy.
I am coming over from Livejournal, so I am not used to the Tags here yet, forgive me!

I noticed (after joining) that dream-demon, is playing Freddy, and also that you are coming into the game post F vs J, I will leave it open for your suggestions how you would like this to go with my character, since Nancy pretty much vanished from the series, after the 3rd film, or after New Nightmare, if you take that into account. I really don't want to play Nancy, as a progressed 40-something, I would like to take her back to 17-25 if that is at all possible.

I am thinking the best way to give this a go, would be...picking up somewhere after the original NOES, Nancy surviving Freddy once (ala the original film), and moving away from Springwood, Ohio and leading a semi-normal life, and now for some reason (which I guess you or "the mansion" can decide)...being brought back into the "world" of nightmares and this game, (skipping her death in the 3rd film, while letting Freddy advance to who he has become post F vs J) or, If you want to come up with some sort of storyline in which Freddy and Nancy haven't battled yet, maybe she was "the one he couldn't get, until now" for some reason...if you want to start fresh.

Let me know your thoughts!

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