The Dressing Room

August 29th, 2007

02:03 am - [info]she_eats_worlds - intro.

  • Interaction
    • Try to avoid wank if at all possible. I understand that characters are going to clash, but don't let it get personal. If things get too heated, one of the mods will step in and do their best to break things up.

    • More than one character is, of course, allowed. We are not going to regulate the number of Rons in the community, or anything like that. Characters encountering each other, and flipping out over all the differences between them is half the fun. But again, no personal attacks on characterization. Harry saying "I WOULD NEVER DATE DRACO, OH MY GOD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" is in fact different from a player saying "HARRY WOULD NEVER DATE DRACO, OH MY GOD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" Simply put, absolutely no "my portrayal of X Character is better than your portrayal of X Character." Just don't do it. Anyone who does that will get the Seal of Hey You're A Real Douche Bag.

    • OCs of any sort are allowed. OCs within fandom games, or OCs within all-original games, they are all more than welcomed here. I would recommend introducing and elaborating on the origin of your character a bit, because of course we won't automatically recognize them like fandom characters, but that is up to you.

    • Do not be an asshole to the OCs. I can understand that some people may not like original characters, especially OCs in a fandom setting, but it keep it to yourself, please. If an OC is breaking any of the above rules, they will be punished in the same way a fandom character would, and you are welcomed and encouraged to report any bad behavior, but absolutely no flinging around of the word "mary-sue" or attacking OCs simply because they are OCs. On the same vein, OCs, don't be jerks to the fandom folk. Do not whine about how original role play is so far superior, or what have you. Everyone is equal here, so embrace the hippie love. Embrace it or die.

  • Posting
    • There are no rules about how you post. If posting with your character journal, you are welcome to talk as yourself or your character. If your game is slow, and your character wants to socialize, that's cool! If you're stuck on what you think, say, Sirius Black's reaction would be to James Potter, I don't know, spontaneously combusting, and want to ask fellow Siriuses, that's cool too. Third person, first person, second person, no person, whatevs! It's up to you.

    • You do not have to be an RPG character to post or comment either, no. If you'd just like to talk to certain RPG characters as yourself, that is fine.

    • Your character does not have to be a member of an rpg to join. If you have random, unattached character journals lying around, they are totally welcome.

    • If your character was part of a game that has ended, died out, exploded, whatever, you may still join and post.

    • Just about the only rule about posting here is that it have something to do with RPG! That's really it.

    • You may post specifically for the purpose of talking to another character (Ginny, for example, could update with "OI HARRY, YOU GREAT BLOODY TWIT WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ME ON A PROPER DATE?" with the Harry from her game in mind), but you cannot force other characters not to comment. Any post made is free game!

    • This community is not to be used as a message board. Which means you would not post to say "hey, I'm not going to be around for X Reason so X Character isn't going to be playing in X Game for a while!" or anything similar.

    • This community is also not a place to whine about your rpg, fellow characters, or anyone for that matter. You are more than welcome to post if you're having problems with characterization, or about a problem your character is having with another character (if it's relevant i.e. "Ron and Harry are fighting, and Harry's player and I don't know what to do get them talking again! Here's the situation ... any ideas?"), but not problems you as a player are having with another player, a moderator, or a game.

    • No advertising of other communities, no matter how relative, without first emailing the mods and getting expressed permission.

  • No Smut
    • We know there are loads of adult RPGs out there, and characters from NC-17 games are just as welcome as any, but we're going to have to ask that you keep the smut out of this community. You're welcome to link to adult posts with clear warnings, but no smut in this community, please. Some people just aren't comfortable with that. If you go ahead and do smut anyway, the post will be deleted as soon as one of us sees it, and you will be warned and put on an observation list. Because if you do it again, you will be banned.

    • On the same vein of no smut, please do not use icons that aren't safe for work. You never know who has the community added to their friend list and might be browsing at work. ;)

    • If you see someone breaking the no smut rule, please alert the mod via email immediately so I can take care of the situation.

  • Banning
  • Things that will get you banned:

    • Inciting any sort of personal fight with anyone else. Again, characters may clash, but it should not step over the line of in-character interaction. Furthermore, playing a character with an antagonistic personality is not a free pass to be rude or harass another player. If you believe someone else is being excessively rude to you, email me and I will step in. If, after a warning, the person in question persists, they will be banned.

    • Making an excessively wanky post attacking any other players, characters, games, ships, portrayals of your character, etc. You get a warning and the post will be deleted. If you do it again, you will be banned.

    • Breaking the no-smut rule. Again, one warning and any repeat performances will earn you a ban.

  • If one of your characters is banned:

    • No, I will not un-ban you.

    • There's no way we can keep track of who plays whom, we're totally aware of this. If one of your characters is banned, there's no way that I can keep you from playing with any other characters you have in the community. Go ahead and go on playing with the characters that have not been banned, or create a new one, if you like, but, obviously, if you pull the same stunt that got your first character banned, the next one will be banned as well.

Above all else, have fun! And if you have any questions, you can post them here or email me at The comments on this post will be purged every so often after questions have been answered.

Original rules written by Edited and adapted by [info]she_eats_worlds.
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