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7/20/10 10:46 pm - [info]_lilies - ITT: adorable engagement shenanigans

[who: lily potter, scorpius malfoy, and the collective families. weasleys etc welcome in the brawl
what: lily&scor's engagement party
when: an hour beforehand, right now]


I really hope people actually show up for this, Scorpius.

7/6/10 11:01 pm - [info]eldestson

So, Snape, I heard the, ah, awkward news.

Congrats, mate!

10/20/09 07:59 pm - [info]shinigami_

You know what's the best thing in the world?


That's right, hair.

So if you took mine, I'd like it back please.

5/6/09 09:48 pm - [info]floatingorchid - [new arrival]

... well, this is weird.

Where is this place supposed to be?

3/23/09 03:04 am - [info]golden_raven

Just got back from Europe again. Just took a rucksack and my guitar.

Anything exciting going on around this place?

3/12/09 05:39 pm - [info]yoro_shiku - YOOOOOO COMBO BREAKING!

Haaaa~ That was a good party! Next time, I'm definitely gonna win the drinking contest, no matter wh--



Haaaaah? Where am I now? ... I didn't drink that much, did I?

11/10/08 10:10 pm - [info]rabbitrabbit

Whoever put a dead mouse on my doorstep, you are SO not funny. Sure, sure, blame the rabbit for being a rodent. But really, people? This is getting disgusting! If whoever's doing this doesn't stop, I'll fuck you up.

11/6/08 09:11 pm - [info]gidtotheprew

Gideon Prewett lay in the middle of the hallway. Seriously. Just lying there, looking up at the fifteen foot ceilings that were in the corridors of Hogwarts. Thinking about everything. Thinking about nothing. Mostly people just stepped over him, occasionally people would ask him to move and he pretended he was hard of hearing. Because Gideon Prewett was currently operating under the philosophy that no classroom could contain him.
No uniform could contain him either. And so he was shirtless. And shoeless. The shirt was by choice. The loss of shoes just sort of happened. He really wondered where they were because his feet were getting a little cold.
Oh well. At least he had trousers.

10/23/08 09:22 pm - [info]ex_islander371

The flask hangs heavy in her hand, dangling between two fingers, and Cassandra smiles lazily, letting it bob. It threatens to fall, the liquid inside cold as ice even behind the thick glass. She won't let it, though; it has much better uses than to coat the top of her desk.

She sits, quietly enough, looking up every so often at the clock to check the time. He isn't late, yet, but Cassandra is not one to wait on appointments. Not today, anyhow.

9/30/08 10:47 pm - [info]madashats


I need a hero.

8/31/08 02:34 pm - [info]head_boy_w


As Head Boy, I demand that you meet me after hours by the kitchens.

8/19/08 04:28 pm - [info]apollodorian

To sleep, perchance to dream. It would, of course, be helpful if one's roommate didn't snore like a damn wildebeest in heat if one wanted to sleep or dream. Either would be nice. Granted, dreams typically just lead to even more confusion and general displeasure, but I would certainly take a few hours of sleep here or there.

In other, slightly less tramautic news, I have discovered a new use for an off-block. Getting sleep. I know, I know, it's a highly original idea that the many generations of past students would have been thrilled to learn about, but it solves my dilemma quite effectively. Of course, I can't use my one lone off-block for sleep all the time, or I'd never get any of my work done. And naturally, an Agathon student must always complete their work.

You students out there who think I'm kidding? I'm not. Welcome to school, ladies and gents. Also, the production of a Midsummer's Night Dream is quickly coming together. I think, if the set designers really pull together and make this work (I'm looking at you, Anderson), Puck will really have a fantastic playground to frolic in. And, of course, the other, unimportant characters may join in as necessary. The costumes are gorgeous as well, all thanks to our brilliant seamstress whose name I have forgotten. An unfortunate accident, but I'm sure reading their name in the program- yes, the program will get finished. It will.- will refresh my memory.

8/9/08 11:09 pm - [info]fabulosofabian

Molly? Molly? Where are you? Are you alright? I came as soon as I could.

8/9/08 09:38 pm - [info]yesbutwhy

I wasn't even listed on the girls list, apparently. I am in no way considered attractive. I find this extremely upsetting and I will now throw a fit.

7/29/08 11:48 pm - [info]atwatersedge

date: october 17
time: 11:45 pm
place: ravenclaw tower, seventh year boys' dorm

The sky was black, almost pitch-black... )

7/27/08 11:02 pm - [info]ginga

Really, brother. Headmaster? You want to become Headmaster? Who on earth would vote for you? And what is this business about Sirius Black being Deputy Headmaster? What happened to Fabian being your partner-in-crime?

...You're not, er. You're not with him or something, are you?

7/22/08 05:36 pm - [info]sovane


...where's Harry?

7/22/08 08:47 am - [info]whatjanewants

I have tree sap on my hands. It's so repulsive.

And sticky.

7/21/08 11:45 pm - [info]atwatersedge

I could go with a bit of distraction. Studying is all well and good, but I've been reading the same four books on medieval weaponry for four days and until Madam Pince gets the order in I requested, there is nothing else to look through.

7/20/08 05:55 pm - [info]chamberland

Where am I?
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