Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

Who: Bethen Avilla, Aedre, Garrett Edgewalker, Alderic Thearre, Æolyn M'Haaren, Lukaer Ledaal, the rest of G2
Where: Korcari Wilds
When: Early evening, 24 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
Summary: Two days into the forest, the Wardens meet a native Chasind and Garrett's secret is inadvertently exposed.
Rating: T? Mild violence, probably cussing, and definitely nudity.

With any luck, the only thing to be found out there would be some dried out fallen sticks and broken branches. )
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Saturday, September 18th, 2010

an extra set of hands

Who: Bethen Avilla, Jaden Tahal, Rhocanth Garal, Alderic Thearre
Where: Lothering
When: Dawn, 22 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
Summary: On the morning of their intended departure from town, the Grey Wardens convene to discuss the prospect of new party members.
Rating: K? They're just so...polite.

Bethen was completely oblivious to just how...eventful the prior evening had actually been. )
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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010


Who: Bethen Avilla, Thais Keigwin, Garrett Edgewalker, Alderic Thearre
Where: Lothering - town and Chantry
When: Noon, 21 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon
Summary: The Wardens arrive in Lothering, and it is not at all the homecoming that Bethen was anticipating.
Rating: K for now.

As much as the revelation would hurt, she had to know for certain that there was nothing left for her here. )
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Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Group Two Plot

Plot: Brothers Reunited
Who: Lukaer Ledaal, Mathieu Ledaal, Puppy Garrett Edgewalker, Group Two
Where: Along the North Road as the brothers head east toward Denerim
When: 18 Molioris
Summary: Two brothers and a stray dog wolf search for the Wardens and find more than they expected.
Rating: T
Status: In progress
Another day, another failure. )
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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Who: Bethen Avilla & Constans Ledaal
Where: Kinloch Hold, second floor store-rooms
When: Late Spring, 9:36
Summary: Forced to work together on a project, Beth and Constans learn to get along; near life-threatening situations turn out to be great bonding experiences.
Rating: T, for future violence against spiders, possible language as spoken by typical teens.
They were probably even more alike than she wanted to admit. )
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Group 2: Bandits!

Who: Cadi Seris, Wardens and companions in group 2
Where: the Bannorn
When: 9.45 Dragon; 18 Molioris
Summary: Cadi's desperately outnumbered. Fortunately, she's not the only one on the road that day.
Rating: T? for violence
The only thing left was to see how many of them she could take with her. )
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Who: Bethen Avilla & Mona Seward (NPC)
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: 15 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon. Early evening.
Summary: Bethen discovers what happened to Desiderio and tries to deal with the consequences.
Rating: G.

I can't have you distracted when you need to put everything you have into your duty. Your powers, your wits, your heart. Everything. )
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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The Art of Gift Giving

Who: Deidre "Dee" Aisli, Bethen Avilla
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: Afternoon, 15 Molioris, 9:45, after Alistair's briefings
Rating: PG-13 just in case
Status: In-Progress
Summary: Bethen stops by Deidre's quarters to ask for her assistance in getting Aurin a gift to take with him before the groups split up and head for different corners of Ferelden.

(OOC: This is Thread 3 in a series of Post-Joining threads where Dee checks on certain people)


It had only been a few hours since Alistair's briefing ended, and while she understood the parameters of the assignment, she was still in somewhat of a loss as to what a Broodmother actually was. )
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Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Two Wardens, One Bottle

Who: Savio Corleoni, Bethen Avilla
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: Night, 15 Molioris.
Summary: A bottle of wine, a couple of Wardens. The delicate dance between distrust and friendship.
Rating: Rated PG for mild peril and protective mages.
Status: Complete.

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Who: Aurin Demarc & Bethen Avilla
Where: Vigil's Keep
When: 14 Molioris, 9:45. Afternoon.
Summary: After word of assignments have been passed around, Beth seeks out Aurin for yet another important discussion. They wind up raiding the kitchen.
Rating: K/G? And of course, A for possible Angst and Adorable.
Status: In-progress

/This/ was who they'd picked to defend their nation from the darkspawn? The Commander was losing his mind. )
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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Who: Bethen Avilla & Signy Dagna
Where: The Library of Vigil's Keep
When: Before dawn, 14 Molioris, 9:45 Dragon.
Summary: After the Joining, Beth finds that she can't sleep and meets with one of her fellow Wardens.
Rating: K
This time, she'd dreamed, briefly. )
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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

A Friend In Need

Who: Aurin Demarc, Bethen Avilla
Where: The Keep
When:9:45- Three days before Alistair’s arrival at the Keep. Following an run in with Thais in the courtyard.
Summary: A friend helps and old friend, and stays to catch up on times that they both have missed.
Rating: A (For Awesome, and possible Awwwwr) Otherwise - G

Aurin Demarc had gained just a bit of experience in carrying women over the years. )
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The Grand Tour of Vigil's Keep

Who:  Ordhan Wyland, Falina Byjr
Where:  Vigil's Keep
When:  12 Moloris, Dragon 9:45
Summary:  Ordhan fulfills a promise and, in the process, makes a cherished friend.
Rating:  A for Adorable

Eternal friendships can be easily forged. )
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Friday, February 19th, 2010

Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant.

Who: The Grey Warden recruits
NPCs: Alistair Theirin, Allan Maivia, Mona Seward, Aedan Maivia, Rudyerd Franklin
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: Evening, 13 Molioris, 9:45.
Summary: The Joining ceremony commences.
Rating: T.
Join us brothers and sisters. )
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Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Scene: Let the Leaves Fall Where They May

Who: Rhocanth Garal, Bethen Avilla
Where: A courtyard at the Keep
When: 9:45 Moloris, current
Summary: Rhocanth is trying to get Falina a small token for her birthday, and failing. He could really use some help, perhaps from Bethen.
Rating: G
This was all incredibly undignified. )
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Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Who: Thais Keigwin, Constans Ledaal, Bethen Avilla, Ashya, anyone at the Keep that cares to join in...
Where: Virgil’s Keep
When: 9:45- Three days before Alistair’s arrival at the Keep.
Summary: Thais, Constans, and Bethen have a bonding experience in the courtyard…
Rating: PG-13 (Shirtless Constans, cat fighting(?))

Another day, just breathe… )
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Friday, February 12th, 2010

Who: Bethen Avilla, Coan Bryland, Mirelle Leveque
NPCs: Brannan Rowe, Noa the Awesome
When: Second week of Molioris 9:45 Dragon
Where: Amaranthine
What: Coan runs into familiar, welcome faces, and Mirelle gets to meet people yayayay.
Rating: K

Are you barking at shadows again? )
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Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Who: Bethen Avilla
Where: Circle Tower
When: 9:30 Dragon; a week before the insurgency, the day of, and days later.
Summary: Young Bethen gets into a fight with a mean girl. Her wish comes true. Then she regrets it.
Rating: M. (Violence. Morbidity. Angst.)

She couldn't make any of it stop. )
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Friday, January 29th, 2010

New Arrivals

Who: Aurin Demarc, Deidre "Dee" Aisli, Alderic Thearre, Noah Durand, Constans Ledaal, Bethen Avilla, Desiderio Ledaal, Ashya Devar, Thais Keigwin, Conlan Delaine, Ordhan Wyland, Hilda Aelricsdottr, Hissra, Karashok and others that will be added when they post
Where: Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine
When: 9:45 Dragon; Summerday
Rating: PG-13 just in case
Status: In-Progress
Summary: The trek through the Bannorn takes a motley crew of mages, templars, and one adventuress to Amaranthine, a small, coastal town north of Ferelden that is busy with its Summerday preparations.


At the very end of the main thoroughfare, Vigil's Keep loomed over its surrounding buildings -- a dour and heavily fortified construct made of mortar and stone which stood in cold defiance of the neighboring revelry )
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Monday, January 25th, 2010

backscene: the young and the restless

Who: Aurin Demarc, Constans Ledaal. (Hopefully guest-starring Bethen Avilla!)
Where: Kinloch Hold.
When: The troop are 11-12ish years old.
Summary: Lil' Constans and mini-Aurin will soon hate each others' guts. Lil' Aurin feels rather differently about lil' Bethen.
Rating: C for Can't Rememeber the Rating Scale; also, Child Behaving Badly.

Some people learn earlier than others that life isn't fair. )
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