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you WILL get lost

DARK HOUSE is a horror/survival RPG. Locked with strangers in a huge house, you must survive with whatever you can carry. Because not only is the house full of rooms & halls & secret passages, but it's also alive.

And You WILL Get Lost

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Filtered to Gabriel [25 Jul 2013|03:21pm]

Better watch out, Angel Wings. I've got something pointy with your name on it for the next time you annoy me too much.

Accidental Voice Post [25 Jul 2013|09:06am]

Мой бог.

[25 Jul 2013|01:34am]

So yeah... invisibility. That's happening again.

[25 Jul 2013|01:33am]

Hey, Dad... I got my suit. Wanna go flying?

[24 Jul 2013|11:10pm]

How did this thing get in my arm and where am I??

[20 Jul 2013|08:18pm]

Okay, I'm lost. What the hell is everyone going on about? I don't feel that different than I did last week. Maybe a little more mellow

[18 Jul 2013|10:29pm]

I don't know what you're all so embarrassed about - I had quite a lot of fun this past week. In fact, I think I'll watch one of my favourite episodes next... Might forego the ice cream now, though...

[18 Jul 2013|06:14pm]

Good to know everyone else had a really weird week too. Although I'm definitely thinking that hiding in my room sleeping for another one is sounding like a really great idea right now.

[18 Jul 2013|08:59pm]

Apparently I decided to get rid of all of my shirts last week...

Filtered to Buffy [18 Jul 2013|07:57pm]

We should probably talk...

Filtered to Oliver [18 Jul 2013|05:55pm]

Sorry I'm not sorry about last week. Not even a little.

[18 Jul 2013|03:59pm]

I also apologise for how I acted last week. I hope they're both happier

[18 Jul 2013|09:16am]

Sorry if I was, eh, inappropriate towards anyone or offended you.

Thanks. It was fun. And broke my dry spell

[17 Jul 2013|09:56pm]

...did I really spend an entire week lying on the beach? What if someone needed help? What's wrong with me?

Um. Is everyone okay? Does anyone need medical attention?

Filtered to Elle [17 Jul 2013|10:26pm]

...so...uh...do we...acknowledge or ignore?

[17 Jul 2013|10:15pm]

Um, so...if anyone met me for the first time within the past seven or eight days (Cordelia, right?) I'm really sorry; I'm usually not so...conceited. Bones, thanks for not strangling me lol :P

In other news, I found this, which made me laugh and I thought I'd share. REPRESENT! ...yeah okay I'm way too white to be saying that, but you know what I mean.

[Dr. Owens]
Thanks again for everything. I don't know, you know, if it counted when I said it all half out of it and all. So I wanted to say it again. Could you tell your cute doctor friend I said so, too?

[17 Jul 2013|09:48pm]

Guess I have to come right out and ask. Does anyone know if there are girls named Nolly or Farrin here in this house?

[17 Jul 2013|09:46pm]

I may have taken quite a bit of stuff that didn't belong to me. It's all in [Location]. I'm really sorry about that. Probably a good thing eBay couldn't really work here...

Also, I was diving for sunken treasure (don't ask) in the pool and I found this weird technological device. It looks important. If you're missing it, I didn't leave it in the other room. It's with me.

So sorry for asking if I could sell your paintings. I would never do that. You uh feeling any better? Less like cutting me?

[17 Jul 2013|09:02pm]

Well. That was...different...

That was an interesting week...

[17 Jul 2013|09:01pm]

I can't believe I got that lazy...

[18 Jul 2013|01:13am]

I am not particularly pleased at having my behaviour altered. Does this happen often?

[17 Jul 2013|05:53pm]

Well, of all the things this house has ever made me do, "be upset about bedrooms" seems like maybe the most pointless. I'm sorry if I interrogated you about your room. I don't really care.

Hey there Little Duck, feeling less like a rage monster better?

[17 Jul 2013|11:50pm]

Oh wow. Wow wow wow. Oh my god, I am so sorry. Seriously. I don't care about whether somebody has their virginity or not- I mean, shit, uh...wow. I'm so sorry. I took a shitton of gold too and precious stuff, if...anybody noticed something missing this week it might be in my bedroom and feel free to come collect it at [Location].

[17 Jul 2013|06:11pm]

...what the actual fuck...?!

[Captain Kirk]
I...am mortified so sorry...

[17 Jul 2013|01:20am]

So, this place. Does it have a basement? Dungeon?

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