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3/5/08 08:50 pm - [info]the_archivist - FYI

This game is suspended till further notice due to lack of something or other. Thanks everyone who participated!

1/20/08 05:59 pm - [info]i_am_milan - [in progress] the next thing

When: evening of day 6? or possibly day 7
Who: Milan, maybe Gerald, open
Warnings: none yet

he decided to seek out the one whom he had a chance of tracking down )

1/20/08 08:20 am - [info]the_archivist - ghost in the machine

When: Day 6
Who: ?

Far below the great City of the Krell, the Thought Projector hummed, making power, storing power, maintaining itself, as it had done for millenia beyond counting, as it had done since the wise, and peaceful Krell had created it, and set it running. It did not think, had no sentience, not even as much as the limited Artificial Intelligence of the houses, the repair robots. Its only directives were to make power, and manifest thought - a sentience of its own would have been counter-productive. Would have interfered with the pure detection of sentient life - originally the Krell - and their wants, their directed desires.

It had only operated at full capacity for a little more than one full roation on the plaent's axis, before the Krell who had made it were abruptly, and violently no more. It was during that time that the Reclamation Machine had been, incompletely, created. Noble intentions - the hallmark of the mighty Krell - yet interrupted by a chaos inimaginable.

The Reclamation Machine was functioning now. Not fully. A bare, infintesimal fraction of its capacity had been completed in the millenium, by faithful Fabricators who did not have enough sentience to use the Thought Projector. All they could do was follow the plan, and the plan was incomplete. But they had done, and continued to do, what they could.

And, with the presence of sentient life returning to the planet, the Thought Machine was ready.

Of course, the sentience was very low on the Krell scale. Barely that of idiots, or children. It lacked the focus and discipline of the Krell. Weak minds... ironic that some of them were among the strongest in current existence within their own worlds. But the collective want of them had brought the Thought Machine into action, though only a flicker. The collective want of those few, weak minds, to communicate.

A flicker of the Thought Machine's unimginable capabilites stirred a ripple within itself. Just a ripple. Nothing more.

The great Machine's unexpected flaw was not activated by so small a ripple. Not the first one. Perhaps not the next. It would take more.

The Id still slept. For now.


1/14/08 06:18 pm - [info]yojimbo - Silent Spirits (Open Thread)

When: Day 6
Who: Akama and...?

Silence )

1/6/08 07:10 pm - [info]the_archivist - mod nudge

I know we have 2 (or 3?) in progress scenes:

http://asylums.insanejournal.com/the_archive/2415.html - day 4 (Braska & Milan)
http://asylums.insanejournal.com/the_archive/3533.html - day 4 (Albel & Lavi)
http://asylums.insanejournal.com/the_archive/2977.html - day 6ish (Gerald & Orha)

As soon as reasonably possible, try and bring your character up to at least Day 5.

You don't need to abandon in progress scenes! but be aware of time movement. Thanks!

FYI Treize's arrival scene is also in progress off journal (for the moment) for about day 6/7 and still looking for someone to encounter the naked general ;D

AND we have a new character arriving soon, details to come.

Everybody wang chung! ;-D

12/24/07 01:14 pm - [info]albelnox - Exploratory Boys

When: Days 4-5
Who: Albel Nox, Lavi

Edited: Since everyone else is already ahead of us, we're bringing Lavi and Albel to day 5 so they can get the patch thingy, and then when we finish this scene we'll probably skip ahead again to try to meet up with other people XD

Let's go outside. Explore )

12/18/07 09:35 pm - [info]the_archivist - Attention! Day Five

The following event, small and quiet, happens on Day 5. When your character wakes up on Day five, there is a small, flat, triangle on the nearest surface to your dominant hand. It's about 3" across. Color is variable, but general a non-color, like gray.

If examined, one side will adhere to skin.

If adhered to skin, like a "patch" type drug, it has the property of allowing a character to understand other spoken languages.

Don't ask how it works, the ways of the Krell science are mysterious. But something has placed it there. Only it may take trial and error on someone's part to discover what it's for. ;-)

If lost or thrown away, it, or another one, will reappear in 2 days.

12/17/07 11:42 pm - [info]orha - Two Hens

Who: Orha Duren, Gerald Tarrant
Where: Outside the city
(When: TBD, probably around day 6-7ish)

After his initial day of exploring the city - and encountering its various new, human inhabitants - Orha did what any sensible Yason in his position would have done. He left. )

12/17/07 08:23 pm - [info]ex_lavi118 - Lavi Awakes

Who: Lavi, Albel Nox
Where: The park, street outside the park
When: Day 3

The end of the world wasn't just near, it was right on top of them, and he was about to fall into it. )

12/15/07 01:05 pm - [info]lord_braska - Day 4: Arrival of Lord Braska

Who: Braska
Where: The park
When: day 4, morning

Sleeping summoner )

12/13/07 09:20 pm - [info]i_am_milan - light and shadow

Who: Orha Duren, Milan Trane
Where: somewhere in the city
(When: Day 3 - Tues. 11 Dec. after this scene)

Gerald Tarrant had been right, that exercise would be the only way for Milan's walking skills to get stronger. )

12/12/07 05:43 pm - [info]i_am_milan

Who: Milan Trane, Gerald Tarrant
Where: City Section 1
(When: Later Evening Day 1, Sunday, December 9)

Is it common in your world, men surviving bullets to the head? )

12/10/07 11:33 pm - [info]i_am_milan - Arrival - Milan (Gravity is a Bitch)

Who: Milan Tran, Gerald Tarrant
Where: City Section 1
(When: Evening Day 1, Sunday, December 9)

The man was obviously addled. )

12/10/07 10:33 pm - [info]orha - Arrival - Orha

Who: Orha Duren, Albel Nox, Gerald Tarrant
Where: From outside the city to within its fringe
(When: Day 3 - Tues. 11 Dec.)

The emptiness was shattered as something cried overhead. )

12/9/07 10:27 pm - [info]thearchivist_jr - Gerald Tarrant Wakes

Who: Gerald Tarrant
Where: The Apartments
(When: Sunday, December 9)

Aerospace. The word thrilled a shiver up Gerald's spine. )

12/9/07 10:21 am - [info]albelnox - Day 2 - The Awakening

Characters: Albel Nox
Location: Er, a park type thing
When: Day 2, upon the death of Albel the Wicked

Nngh...this...can't be! )

ETA: It's done!

12/8/07 08:54 pm - [info]the_archivist - OOC community

We how have an OOC community

The Breakroom - http://asylums.insanejournal.com/the_breakroom/

Please use!

12/31/07 12:42 pm - [info]the_archivist - Welcome Post

Hello, I am the Archivist! I'm here to present a multiverse-style RPG. I think the premise might be unique though it's entirely possible it might have been used by someone. To view the premise of this game, simply look at the the community info.

If you are interested in playing, submit a character application, format found on the same info page, to this post. All replies will be screened.

If you have a question, please reply to this post also. Your question and answer will probably be unscreened to benefit others. Character apps will remain screened however.

Thanks for your interest!

~the Archivist

UPDATE! WHEN APPLYING PLEASE NOTE: Your character dies to get here. He/She will not be bringing any object with them. Nothing comes with you that you wouldn't take into the Afterlife, with one exception: your body. Death wounds are healed when you wake up. But that missing limb you replaced with a cybernetic arm? Still gone, and no prosthesis. No swords, no guns. Special arrangements will be discussed for special situations on a case by case basis.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: If the character you want to app dies in canon and comes back, please clear it with the mods before apping. If you have a good reason, we'll try and work something out. Try. No guarantees. Thnx!


The following characters have been accepted:

Gerald Tarrant (The Coldfire Triolgy) [info]gerald_tarrant - arrived Day One

Milan Trane (Virus Buster Serge)[info]i_am_milan - arrived evening Day One

Albel Nox (Star Ocean: Til the End of Time) [info]albelnox - arrived Day Two

Orha Duren (Magna Carta: Tears of Blood) [info]orha - arrived Day Three

Lavi (D.Grey Man) [info]lavi - arrival pending (possibly Day Four-ish)

Lord Braska (Final Fantasy X) [info]lord_braska - arrived Day Four

General Trieze Khushrenada (Gundam Wing) [info]general13 - arrival pending

Akama (World of Warcraft) [info]yojimbo - arrival pending

(list to be edited ongoing)

When you are accepted, please make a journal for RP and request to join the community. :-)
It is suggested that you use your journal's profile to list information about your character that you might want other players (not characters) to know. Also please link your fav character picture there as well.

Get in touch with mods for arranging your wake up location and scene. Scenes can be played out in a journal entry or played out in aim and posted. Please use cut tags on all posts, and basic scene info (participants, any extraordinary warnings) above the cut.

I will be available to scene environment whenever you see me not away, on 'The Archivist 00' on aim.
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