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Jul. 20th, 2009


Does anyone need any lines filled? I really like this SL and what to make a few new ones and figured ... I'd ask. So, shoot me an IM or comment if you'd like any roles filled.

Jul. 10th, 2009


Hi guys.

So my parents are dragging me off to North Carolina and Tennessee starting on Monday. I have no idea how long we're going to be gone, sadly. It's possible we're going to drive around until we start killing each other. Oh roadtrips with your parents when you're almost 30, fun times. Considering we're going to be in the car most of the time, I'll be generally not around except for whenever we stop for the evening (wifi permitting).

If you guys need me, best bet is to email me cause I can at least get those from my phone.

- Jewels [Cassie, Paige, Audra, Adelaide, Reagan, Bailey, Leticia, Elisa, Amelia and Cole]

I have to many frickin characters.

Jul. 6th, 2009


Hi guys. I know this is really really REALLY hard to believe, but it's Jewels.

And yes, he's male. Let's hope this doesn't hurt my brain. We'll see. Anyway, this is Cole Patton and he is the Cheshire Cat. Lives in New York and owns a strip club called Bottoms Up. I'm kind of proud of that name myself XD Anyway, um.. he has a tendency to do a lot of crazy shit and then blame it on other people. He's incredibly charming though, so watch yourself.

All his stuff is here and he's pretty much open for anything and everything. Try not to die of shock that I'm playing a dude. It's weird, I know.

Jun. 23rd, 2009


And, so ... this is Psyche. She's a NYU grad in medicine and a licensed Psychiatrist, so ... she'll be taking patients as of now. No, seriously, I think that's a pretty cool idea -- I'm sure a lot of your characters have issues they need to get rid off, things to get off their chest and she's a pretty good at her job ... being the Goddess of the Soul and such.

She's very friendly, very trusting and very open to new things. So, she's open to all sorts of plots.


Hey, Ryan's first kid in Seattle..!

This is Ashley Morris, 32 years old, Toto from Oz - PBed by Adrian Grenier. He's a playful guys who likes to make others happy, and he can telepathically communicate with animals. He's single, tho he used to have a girlfriend (who I am in the process of apping...) and the two of them have a son - Gabriel - together. Ashley works as a chef at a restaurant when he's not busy taking care of his son or his three rats. Oh, and his father lives in a cottage on his ex-girlfriend's ranch (technically it's hers AND Ashley's) so that's fun...

I love to play. I know I might not be the most active person around here, but I'm always up for play. :D Ashley needs friends, non-friends, lovers, anything you can think of - hit me up if you feel anything! I'm on ChicagoForLovers.

[Anton, Zev, Nathan, Joel, Gregory and Ashley]

Jun. 22nd, 2009


just follow the yellow brick road...

This is Sara again with ANOTHER new charrie. Are ya sick of me yet?

Please meet Glinda Boyd, former Good Witch of the North and current assistant pastry chef at Miss Elisa Miller's pastry shop, Humble Pies. :] She is 31 years old, Scottish and single. She's also bisexual and kind of out of her mind. But that's always fun, right?

She also brings about pleasant things. Bubbles tend to appear around her, most often. And she can make snow fall gently on poppies. All that fun stuff.

She's in Boston and she needs friends, possible lovers, people to annoy, etc! Have at her!

[Harrison, Iryna, Tonia, Mitchell, Dalton, Cadence, Lucifer, Jacqueline, Spencer & Glinda]

I've never played so many characters in one game. Now I know why people do! It's addictive!

Apr. 9th, 2003


Hey, my name is Mel and I bring you the character Melody a.k.a. Arista. Her talents are similar to the ones in the fairytale The Little Mermaid, she loves to sing and plays several instruments. She works with children in physical therapy. She parties hard and loves taking Meredith's stuff. I have never played a character with such a big family so this will be fun!

Get in touch at puts out the light.

Jun. 17th, 2009


And, I'm back again ... with another application sitting in the Mod's email and another character in thought. This SL is kinda addicting, no? LOL, nonetheless, this is Aquata of the Little Mermaid, Meredith of the Anderson girls. She's the second eldest and kinda the overachiever and "mommy" figure, now. She's also an Olympian.

Any ideas? We should definitely plot, sisters.

(OH, yeah, us new sisters ... for some reason thought they lived in New York? I asked the Mod to change it to Boston, though. ;])


Hello everyone! My name's Alyse and I'd like to introduce to all of you, Laci Anderson, also known as Princess Alana from The Little Mermaid. She currently resides in edit: New York City Boston and works as a make-up artist and a model. Much like her fairytale, she ever so much, the girly-girl who loves the glamorous life that the fashion industry has to offer. She's a very friendly girl who loves to go out and have a good time...just as long as it doesn't involve her getting dirty.

I'd love to get in touch with everyone involved in The Little Mermaid! And on top of that, I'd also love to get some lines going for this girl! Friends from other fairytales, people she's met at parties or through networking, other people who are in the fashion industry would be awesome, and anything that falls in between!

If you'd like to go over details, feel free to reach me over at peaceful air or leave a comment!


In which Sara intros another new character...

I am addicted to this game. Just putting that out there.

Allow me to introduce my lucky number 9TH new character! This is Spencer Collins, formerly known as Wonderland's very own March Hare. He is in New York for optimum Wonderland shenanigans and he is a psychiatrist in Manhattan, specializing in anxiety-related problems such as irrational phobias, obsessive-compulsive problems, etc. He's a pretty calm, rational guy most of the time, unless he's around anyone from his past life and/or anything that triggers thoughts from his past life experiences, such as tea or birthday cake. When around anything like that, he completely becomes a nutjob like before. Yeeeah.

He needs Wonderlander BFFs, other Tale friennies, people he can annoy, people who annoy him and romance would be awesome!

You know where to find me. ...And, if you don't, I'm posthumorously on AIM and also if you have urgent plot for me (please!) and I'm not around AIM. =:3 <-- that's a bunny because Spencer is a bunny.

[Harrison, Iryna, Tonia, Mitchell, Dalton, Cadence, Lucifer, Jacqueline & Spencer]

P.S. You can and should IM me if you have or want plot with any of my other charries, too. I'm sorry I haven't been around AIM as much as I used to. It's a long story, involving chinchillas.

Jun. 4th, 2009



Okay, now that I let that out ... hello, I'm Ace, and glad to be here with all of you fine people (or ... at least, I'd hope so! LOL.). I bring you ... THE BEAST, or simply Gerald. He's a music producer and pretty much a grouch, as he should be. He's just moved to Washington from New York and ... grouchier then ever because of it.

I'd love to plot with some of you all, IM me, PM, comments. Whatever works best for you.

Jun. 1st, 2009


Hey guys, just putting the word out there: I'm home, got the day off tomorrow and I'm totally up for RP. And so are my kids. Hit me up on ChicagoForLovers if you wanna play something, I'd love anything, seriously. :D

Kids at my disposal at current (I THINK I didn't forget anyone):

Anton/Pinocchio [info]enchantedboy
Zev/Steadfast Tin Soldier [info]wellbalanced
Nathan/The Tortoise [info]thetortoise
Tobin/Maurice [info]reinventive
Joel/Big Bad Wolf [info]wolfgonebad
Gregory/The Crocodile [info]dodgyticker


May. 29th, 2009


Sickness :/

Hey guys,

I didn't mean to disappear without a word, but I also didn't expect to come down with mono. That's what happened though and thus I've been home for over a week and been totally wiped out. Still not all healthy, still exhausted and my throat's sore. Hopefully it's getting better though, so I'm hoping I won't be gone for too much longer. I'm sorry I haven't said anything to anyone, but getting on the laptop has been the last thing on my mind (writing this on the iTouch). But now I can eat again (partly thanks to hxc pain killers), so it's working out.

Hope you're doing better than I am, and I'll see you in a while, I hope!

May. 25th, 2009


It is I, Jacquimo! Swallow Extraordinaire!

:D This is Sara again! I can't stop being hit with characters.

This is Jacqueline Tommelise aka the Swallow from Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina. She is 41 years old, in Chicago, a writer who runs her own bookstore, and she lost her fiance to Iraq in 2004 so this weekend is not her favorite.

She needs supportive friends and even family would be nice. She could have siblings if anyone else is interested in being a Thumbelina charrie. ;D "Tommelise" is the original Dutch for "Thumbelina". Of course, any romance is also greatly appreciated!

[Harrison, Iryna, Tonia, Mitch, Dalton, Cadence, Lucky & Jacqui]

P.S. Ryan, I partially blame you for this. :P

May. 19th, 2009


Stealing Away To The Boonies...

Hello my friends!

So, I know I've told most of you (but possibly not all of you?) so I thought I'd make a little posty-post. [I also have to say that the word 'posty-post' reminds me of 'texty-text' -- anyone watch How I Met Your Mother and giggle at that? Yeah].

I'm going on ye big olde summertyme hiatus, which lasts from this Thursday (eek!) until July 20th at the earliest. What this means is: I'm working at a summer camp up in the mountains with very limited internet time -- no access to AIM, a 2-hour break each day during which I usually have to shower and do other things besides check my email and reply to tags -- SUCK.

Don't be too sad. It's a lot of fun, and I've been doing it for going-on nine summers now, and I'll be happy as a clam. But I will miss everyone so much! I feel like this game has gotten a new life breathed into it and so much is going on that I hate to leave!

But here's my proposal: I've got plenty of characters that have plot with plenty of yours. Please, feel free to use and abuse them while I'm gone, in a couple of ways:

A) If anyone's interested in threading at snail-speed (aka scening but knowing that it might be a few days between tags on my end), I'm interested! I know this can sometimes be trying on a person's patience.

B) If you just want to NPC any of my pups (like, just say that they attended some event, or witnessed something) that's totally cool with me, too. Maybe you could drop me a line in THIS POST so I can keep up with the action, since who knows how often I'll be able to check my friends' list?

OH. And please, anyone who knows Duncan... come to his birthday party! Or anyone who wants to know him! Everyone can come. EVERYONE SHOULD COME! It's open to multiple threads, so if you just want it to be a place where two of your characters can meet, that's fine, too!

This thing is getting really long. Can you tell I'm not ready to leave? Yeah? Yeah.

EDIT: I'm dropping Brian [info]notso_brianless and Jamie [info]of_the_jungle. At least for now, since the characters they have major plot with are inactive. Putting them on a shelf to maybe bring back out later.



May. 18th, 2009


Hello! It is I! Dan. I am amazing...though not AS amazing as Ryan and Jewels and their bring ing 3 characters each. Like whoa. Lol. Anyway. I have this boy here. He comes in already seeing someone, sorry ladies.

His name is Ethan Lovett. He is orginally from Boston. He is 33 years old, and very much your typical fun loving happy go lucky kind of guy. Always talking, mostly because he loves the sound of his own voice. Though don't worry, he is still a lier. He lies and cheats and steals from anyone he wants. After all, he is a professional thief.

Though right now he is in Seattle. Now if you want some sort of play. BY ALL MEANS, talk to me. i love people and attention. <3 My aim is shinrapower.



It's Jewels. I might have gone overboard.

This is Bailey Anderson, eldest of the Anderson gals. She's an advice columnist, who is kind of nosey but sweet and sentimental. She's very loyal to her sisters, and if anyone says the slightest thing about them, she'll beat them up. No really. A couple of years ago, her long term boyfriend asked her to marry him, and then three months later called it off. For now he will be NPC'd by Paul Rudd, because I can XD Though if someone wanted to pick him up, y'know, sure :D Anyway, she's still kind of in love with him, and he keeps kind of dragging her along.

Then I have Leticia Delgado (Nyx) - [info]wingsofblack PB'd by Jordana Brewster. She likes to steal things with her boyfriend Ethan. They're a team, and yeah. Stealing. Woo! She's very straight forward, doesn't talk much, only a couple of words at a time. She doesn't beat around the bush at all.

Finally I have someone that some of you will know. Her name is Elisa Miller and she is the Queen from Snow White [info]bringmeherheart. PB'd by Kylie Minogue. She owns a bakery, because I am just ironic that way. Mostly she just makes cakes. Think Ace of Cakes on Food Network, that sort of thing. She's a little rough around the edges, and she's older, in her 40s. But she is.. a total slut. I can't even try to deny that she isn't. She'll sleep with anyone, pretty much, and she loves it. But she's actually one of the villains that is trying to make up for the things that she's done. So she's not all bad.

They all need plot, so anyone who wants to have known them, or already know them or .. anything. Yay :D

May. 19th, 2009


A crocodile and a wolf...

It's three o'clock, I haven't done tomorrow's homework and I feel sick as a dog, but whatever - intros to do! Two of them, one streetwalking crocodile and one wolf mobster.

Let's start with this guy here first. Gregory Lovett, 53, Boston, PBed by Tim Roth (who is awesomeness personified). Reincarnation of the Crocodile from Peter Pan, he's the father of Dan's new kid, but he hasn't seen his son since the morning of his high school graduation. Happy families abound. So, what's the deal... Greg used to be a cop, but unfortunately he turned to the dark side. Meaning he became a corrupt, untrustworthy, shady kind of cop. Got away with this for many years, but eventually got busted and did prison time. Got back out, basically lost most everything and is now living on the streets. Still not very trustworthy, and his trust is very hard gained in return. I'd love for him to have some play, so feel free to step up. ;)

Second kid is Joel Callaghan ([info]wolfgonebad), 42, also Boston, PBed by Quentin Tarantino (who is almost equally awesome). Reincarnation of the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs story, this is your mafia boss..! Irish, too. Third generation, tho. Not the sensitive type, has got great lung capacity and can out-scream anyone. Quotes Resevoir Dogs as a natural part of his vocabulary, loves to play Othello. His whole family has basically cut all connections wih him, except for his little sister Dara. Joel might be single, but he's got two kids from past romances. He's been the head of the Irish mafia since the age of 38, so you could say he's still fairly new on the job. Comes with the job not to be too friendly, but he's a good guy. Or well, you know...

So, that's that! Adds make me hyper, thus my intros turning out like they do. Hit me up on ChicagoForLovers for plot ideas, or comment. Would love to get these guys into play! :D


P.S. Where are the older characters in this game? Trust me, they're great fun to play..! ^^

May. 14th, 2009


Mobsters, your attention, please..!

While I am simultaneously preparing to catch up on Lie To Me, eating chocolate chip cookies and being annoyed with Twitter, I thought I'd just get back to you guys on the mafia idea.

Seems there's an interest in it, which makes me happy. :D Next question is: In which town should the whole thing be based? Cuz I imagine it easier to run a mafia if the involved persons are in the same city. :P I was thinking Chicago or Boston, but I'm totally open to suggestions (especially since I noticed I have no kids in Seattle XD).

So, your thoughts? :)



Okay, someone tell me about all the Andersen kids, and whose timelines I'm supposed to be going by and what?

Cause if I app the eldest or second eldest one, Rashida Jones is like 33, and she .. at least in my own opinion can't pass for much younger than that. Like is that okay? Cause all I see is conflicting timelines and that just makes my head hurt.

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