September 4th, 2009

[info]spoonified in [info]tall_tales

Hey Everyone,

Just so you know, my internet at home will be out until Wednesday at the earliest. I can reply to tags via Gmail (sometimes) while at work, but my workplace has decided to block IJ (most of the time), so I can't look at my Flist or anything specific. Plus, I'll be away from a computer for most of the long weekend.

I should be up and running again by Wednesday! If not, I'll keep y'all posted.

♥ Tara (Jack, Manda, Duncan, Cody, Lucy, Gwen, and Gus)

EDIT: OH by the way... does anyone have any plotting/threading ideas? I can respond to them here since I won't have any AIM access. Jewels maybe we could do something siblingy with Cody/Reagan? Twin!Sara, maybe something with Duncan and Harri or Lucy and Lucky? Danforth we need to figure out someone we can thread!

Absolutely all of my characters would love to do something with absolutely any of your characters :D