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Jul. 29th, 2010


Sorry I disappeared for a bit there. Some family stuff came up and I've been out of town for the past few days. I'll be back at home tomorrow and will get the replies I owe to Neve and Katherine done Saturday or Sunday, as well as being back on AIM.

I see we've gotten a couple of new people, and hallo to them! I'll comment on intro posts when I'm home as well. ♥


I'm back from my leave and I would have been back a little sooner if I didn't need a C-section. Either way I'm back, my little one's soooooo beautiful and sleeps alot so I should still be able to play a decent amount. I won't be on aim until I get back to my place since I'm staying with my parents until I heal more since it's easier then having my husband do everything! :)

I tagged back my thread with Angelo and if anyone wants threads with Manny, let me know.

Jul. 27th, 2010


Hello all! I'm Bri (or B if you're feeling as lazy as most of my friends do) and I'll be playing Dracen Malfoy.

Dracen's still sarcastic, bratty, spoiled, and completely and utterly loyal to her family above all else. Her time as an active Death Eater did a lot to mellow her out from the bitter and jealous teen she was, but the experience is also one she'd like to leave behind her for good. Escaping imprisonment went a long way toward helping her with that. Unfortunately, not everything's coming up Malfoy anymore so she's taken a job she hates to try and do her part to restore the family name. So far she's still a nobody at the bottom of the International Magical Cooperation totem pole, but she's going to make sure that changes soon.

All of her info can be found here and I'm working on her wanted scenes. In the meantime, I'm QAngelLda on AIM and you can catch me on there pretty much always. I'm looking forward to any and all kinds of plot so please hit me up!
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Jul. 21st, 2010


I'm going to be taking a small hiatus of my own starting tomorrow for roughly five or six days, I'm going into the hospital tomorrow to be induced, hopefully giving birth tomorrow :) After having baby I'll be in the hospital for 48hrs and then I'll need a few days to get things into a routine around here but I will be around when I get home. Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.
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Jul. 20th, 2010


I hate to do this but as of tomorrow I'm going to be on hiatus for two weeks. I knew I would have to take this weekend away from the game since my mother's coming back on leave from Afghanistan but I now they want me to go on vacation with them and I'm not about to say no. I'll attempt to stay semi-active while I'm away but I cannot promise anything. I won't have my other app done before I leave so I'm going to drop my hold and if she's still open when I get back I'll finish it.

- Tifa.
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Jul. 19th, 2010


A few notes!

EDITED to mention TIME and ACTIVITY.

1.) Please post your wanted scenes in one journal only. For the reason why, please check here on the FAQ. It has been a rule/guideline since before the game opened.

2.) Please condense your multiple wants on the WANTED page. When each character has a list of 3+ wants, it gets too long to scroll through and people get buried. So, feel free to list multiple desires, but please condense them with commas or slashes - it'll make other wants easier to see. Everyone who has a wanted page has been linked to, thus far. :D

3.) If you're commenting to tell us that you've made or added to your wanted scenes list, please comment on the contacts page, which is where we list those, not on your applications, the application page, or elsewhere. It gets confusing and adds more work for Abii and I.

4.) TIME! Please keep track of the dates! Time is explained in the FAQ here. The game and real life share days of the week. Today it is Monday in real life, and Monday in the game. Threads that were posted earlier than today and are unfinished are frozen on the day they were posted - that way we have time to finish them without having to hurry and write a thread within 24 hours. If you need to know what the date was in 2003, just add two to the present date. This day in 2010 it is the 19th, but in 2003 it was the 21st. Both were Mondays. This time schedule was chosen to be less confusing. Lol. Please utilize your desktop calendars if you're unsure. But the best way to remember is "Same day of the week, add two days for the date".

5. I'm going to start activity checks on Friday (unfortunately they're already necessary). Until then, individuals who haven't been heard from will be contacted on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks you guys!



Hola! I'm Lee, and I'm new, bringing to you all Ms. Michelle (Michael) Corner, aka the girl who dated Potter's exes in opposite order. But hopefully that isn't her defining trait. As per canon, she's your typical Ravenclaw in terms of wit and intelligence, though somewhat temperamental and impatient. She's charming and affable, but has a tendency to come off as slightly condescending and insensitive at times. As a half-blood and victim of torture by the Carrows in her 7th Year, Michelle harbors a deep hatred toward blood purists and DE sympathizers. Needless to say, she's got plenty of issues and baggage. After the War, Michelle signed up for Auror training, dropped out six months in, and went through a rough period before pulling herself together and eventually becoming an Obliviator. The TL;DR version of her bio can be found here.

All that being said, I would love to work out connections to other characters, especially her fellow 'Claws and other former DA members, though anyone else is just as welcome. I took the liberty of mentioning her two most significant exes, G. Weasley and C. Chang, but it would be great to work out details with their players. Her rather vague wanted scenes are open for perusal. I'm a bit scarce on AIM, but if you see me at antikytherawreck, feel free to holler. I'm more easily reached via journal comments or at Looking forward to playing with you all! :]
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7 New Characters

Please don't forget to update your f-lists!

We now have:
Tanith (Terrence) Higgs
Kit (Katie) Bell
Michelle (Michael) Corner
Amandus (Mandy) Brocklehurst
Hamish (Hannah) Abbott
Alec (Alicia) Spinnet
Leigh (Lee) Jordan

Thanks guys! :D Look for their intros soon.

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Jul. 18th, 2010



Hi guys. :) I'm posting an OOC with holds that are about to expire or already have, instead of commenting back on the holds page, mostly because some of the comments got deleted and I have no idea who held who in a few cases. If you had an extension and it expired as well, the holds page dictates that you must wait 2 days before replacing that hold.

Expiring... )
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Jul. 16th, 2010


HELLO PEOPLES! I'm Kris and I bring you the ever dreamy, if you ask me in both senses of the word, Ladon Lovegood. Ladon doesn't have a home unless you count his wizarding tent. He travels too much for a stable residence and if he is in town he might just crash on Hailey's couch if Row lets him. He hasn't changed much since Hogwarts still the lovable and dependable eccentric he ever was.

I can be reached at ancientnnoble but I need to add everyone cause of my settings but I look forward to playing with all y'all!

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