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When your muse strikes...
... be sure to listen! Striking Muse is a free-creativity community focused on giving artists of all styles, genres, and mediums a home to call their own.

December 2008
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My introduction.


Hey everyone!

So if you've checked out the userinfo page, you can see I finished the first banner. If anyone wants one for their journal/website/to promote, whatever, the link is below to where you can find it on photobucket. If anyone wants to get creative and make some as well, go ahead!

the Striking Muse banner

Happy Monday -

- DM

ivylady [userpic]

Hello All! I thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a little about my writing.

Name - Ivylady
Age - 26
Short Bio - I'm a scientist by education, training and trade. I spent most of my college/post-graduate career thinking that I was going to medical school, but it was a little too restrictive for me, so I turned down my acceptance and started working. Around this time, I also started writing creatively again. I'd stopped for a long time, but decided to pick it up again. I have original works and fanfiction, but will only be posting the original works here. I don't have much uploaded yet, but that should change in the next few months.

quick mod update

Hey guys -

As the comm is still very new, I'm still working on the rules and info and such. I added a definitive note about posting - nothing big. See it below.

Note - When Posting

Large pics and fics need to be behind a cut - when displaying work, post a small description of what it is you're posting. If there are any warnings, please make them known and bold. Anything explicit needs to have a very clear, bold warning, and must be behind a cut, no matter the length.

erisreg [userpic]
sketch/ Black dragon

i'm an artist and story teller, my stuff is all original, well, as original as one can ever get,..

Mod Update - edited

Happy Sunday guys!

First official mod update. Yay! I have a couple things to go over, nothing serious.

Looking to kick things off with a contest or challenge, something to get content stirring - but I want some input first. What would you, the member, like to see? I've got some ideas, but I'm gonna keep the question open until further notice - [info]ketchupblood had some good points, and I want to check out the other contests and challenges going on before I make our first event official. Plus, having a couple more members would probably be a good idea. ::wink::

Next, a bit of a plea - promote us! I'm doing all I can to make some banners and such to use to promote, to get some more members. The more members we have, the better the content, which is really what we're all about!

Also, if anyone wants to design some banners, or better yet, a custom layout for the comm, let me know! I'm pretty new when it comes to HTML and designing and all, so if someone wants to step up, please do! Let your creativity show - or, if I may, let your muse take over! :-)

Thanks everyone, hope you had a great weekend.

- DM

edited from original post for new info

ketchup [userpic]

N a m e

A g e
Seventeen years

O u t l e t s
Writing and drawing, occasionally

J o i n e d B e c a u s e
Because it sounded like a lot of fun and because I really do need to poke my original story muses a bit more. The (eventual) challenges and the (eventual/maybe) exchanges sound like something that I would love to do as well.

C u r r e n t W o r k
Two unfinished 'novels' and several unfinished stories, most of which are medieval fantasy, one or two of which are modern-day. And fanfic. Of course.

O t h e r
I'm a bit spazzy sometimes. Expect spazzy comments. I also have a smiley addiction that I'm trying to curb.

Current Mood: rushed
Introducing Myself

Hi! As I'm the mod, makes sense I should be the first to make an actual post. So, here's my completed survey! If you want to know more (being pretty full of myself now, heh) you can check out my journal, or my livejournal of the same username too. My website is listed in the Member Showcase, too. So anyway, here we go!

name: call me DM
age: 21
creative outlets: fiction writer, singer, actor, editor(website, newsletter), sometimes-artist, tailor...
why I joined this comm: I created this comm to have a place to go when my muse strikes, where I know I'll be accepted and can talk and rant and post til my heart's content. I sincerely hope others find a home here, too.
Current work: a novel described by my friend as “retro-femme”, and a historical, not-so-historically-accurate, fantasy novel
anything else?: Only that I made this comm for the same reasons everyone joined, so you’ll often see me acting like just another member.

Welcome to Striking Muse!

Welcome to Striking Muse! )

Rules and Info

Rules and Info for those interested in joining Striking Muse )

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