March 2014



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Mar. 1st, 2014


Hey.. Bill here. I know I sort of failed with not introducing myself sooner, but here finally is Tim Drake. He is going to be operating as Red Robin while trying to fill the void left by the Batman. For those of you I played with here before, he will more or less be progressing along the same track.

So.. yeah. Brain is kind of fried at the moment but I wanted to get this done finally.

Anyone want to plot lines with Tim? Connections? I'm open to anything!

Feb. 19th, 2014


Hey everyone! My name is Rachel and I've been out of the RP loop for a while, but I'm back and excited to play my favorite character, Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress.

I'm excited to switch up her history a bit for this game. Helena has been on her own most of the time in Gotham, doing things her way. Though Batman stopped her killing streak, Helena still has a thirst of mafioso blood. That being said, Helena is now the boss of Gotham's Cosa Nostra. Bring it on! For more information, check out her bio here

I'm happy to be back in the RP scene and looking forward to playing with old and new faces!

Feb. 10th, 2014


Hello, this is Chrissie and I brought back my two.

First is Barbara Gordon, profile here. She's been shuffled around a bit regarding history. She dated Dick, very briefly, because the two were quick to figure out they were friends. She became Batgirl a little before that though and continued being Batgirl until everything went down the toilet for Gotham. She was shot during a riot and dragged into an alley by men with nefarious intentions, but was saved by her fellow officer Stephanie Brown! Since then, her paralysis is more psychosomatic, but she's not ready to get out of the chair yet. She's obviously not parading around as Batgirl anymore, but it's still her mantle to hold onto till she's ready to pass it on.

I'd like to keep her friendship with Lizzy (Lauren, you cool with that?) though they probably don't hang out to much with each other anymore. She'll be mighty pissed Dick upon his return, and is currently working a desk job at the GCPD.

Next is Vicki Vale, profile here. New PB but generally most of her history is the same. Became famous for her photojournailst work in Corto Maltese and then came to work for the Gotham Gazette. After stuff went down, she and fellow Gazette employees started publishing papers to encourage the people to take back their city. Eventually they found an old radio station that'd been abandoned for years. With funding from Wayne Enterprises (in seeeeeecret), Vicki goes under the name "V" to let the people know that there are those still fighting for the city. She's still a nosy reporter and likely a pain in the rear, but she's useful, dang it! :)

She still works for the Gazette though circulation isn't the same as it used to be. Her radio station is super seekrit and nobody (except maybe the Clocktower) knows where it's located.

And that's who I have. Happy to be here again, looking forward to seeing what we can do.

Feb. 9th, 2014


Gotham Update, February 9

Hello all!

For those of you who have been waiting for an update/feedback/you name it and aren't too busy playing the Arkham Origins or the latest Telltale Games Fables chapter, I wanted to give you a heads up!

Technically we were open on February 1. We The Mods have a little news on the background front. Silly little me, I ended up working at a place (AAA) that does emergency roadside service, and we have had a hell of a winter in the northern states that make up our particular club's footprint! Lauren has been up and all about it from day 1, though was also recently ill. Deli has had a confluence of family events, colds, and preparing for a big move for school things right around the corner.

Is the game still on? Hell yeah, and I realized very quickly that February was going to be a very rocky month. But have no fear, people are eager to play!

If you're coming back, or have submitted an app, you're in. Formal introductions aside, please feel free to accept your invitations to the comms and start writing away! Be sure to brush up on the premise page if needed, and the World page will also be updated tonight with more information on how to navigate the Streets of Gotham as they stand right now! Dick has already posted.

Friend Button:

This is a GPSL and not an open game for people off the street, but if you have a friend you know would love to play this game just pass along the request to the mods and we can go from there! Otherwise, feel free to start playing, and be sure to finish updating your old bios if returning!

And lastly, we called an audible due to a very butler-shaped hole in the current game, and Alfred is NOT DEAD. Repeat, NOT DEAD. He is alive and well, thank you very much, and can be NPCd as needed by anyone playing a Bat-Family character.

On Behalf of the Mods


Hello SoG 2.0!

I'm Lauren, and I am so excited. I am please to introduce my two characters, Lizzy and Tam, and an NPC I control Mary Beth.

First off is Lizzy - for those of you in the game previously a few things are the same. Lizzy is still an Assistant District Attorney in Gotham. She is still the daughter of a retired Gotham Knights player. She is still a liberal, tree hugging vegetarian hippy. But some parts of her past have changed. The big one is Lizzy has taken on her grandfather's mantle, and is a part time vigilante known as Red Bee. Right now, she and Dick are not together. They started dating after Lizzy came back to Gotham for law school, and then split because he disappeared for five years. A few weeks after he split, Lizzy found out she was pregnant. She has a five year old daughter named Mary Elisabeth Grayson (Named after her grandmother and Dick's mother.) She is also still in love with Dick, even if he was a dick.

Second is Mary Beth Grayson - Dick and Lizzy's daughter is a gymnastics prodigy, and has her mother's convictions and her father's wit. She's a tiny little blonde girl and she has always wanted to know her daddy. Lizzy has always been honest with her about who her father is.

Third is Tamera Fox - Daughter of Lucius Fox, Tamera has a PhD in Robotics from MIT. She is currently the head of Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences, and has her own secret workshop where she produces all kinds of interesting toys for the Batfamily. She is fun, spunky and takes no shit from anyone. She is also in a wheelchair due to an accident horse back riding. She considers Dick and Tim to be her brothers, and is the one who made Lizzy's Red Bee suit.

I am so excited to get started so lay some plot on me!